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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Favorite Song Saturday Night Fun with Randy

When I first read what Randy 's Saturday Night Fun was about, I thought of passing it by. Then I decided it would be good to see what I would come up with. I have decided it tells alot about me and I plan to print and put in my family book for generations to know what I thought and felt at different times of my life based on music.

This blog entry is on the personal side , but Randy Seaver threw out the idea of having some “Saturday Night Fun” this week by blogging about our favorite song. It is hard to pick out only one song when so many years have past.

Different songs have been my favorites over the years as a young teen to now. So I will have to tell you about a few of my favorite songs over the years and why.

I grew up in the 1950's in a family that did not listen to the radio and music.
We went to church every Sunday and at least once during the week. We did not go to the movies or listen to any popular music. The closest I came to was watching " Name That Tune " with my mother as a class room extra credit project. Move forward and I am probably 13 years old and my first song was " Piano Boy " By now I had a little record player that played 45's and I was able to play this over and over. I no longer have this record and do not even know who did it. It was about a young boy playing his piano and a girl listening to him playing this song over and over.

Then came Elvis, Bobby Vinton, Bobby Vee and Bobby Darrin . I loved them all but Elvis won in the end. My favorite at that time would of been " Love Me Tender". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZBUb0ElnNY . I would go to a girlfriend's house on Saturday, and we would sit in her bedroom and play Elvis records over and over as we got ready to go on a date with her boyfriend and a friend of his. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvis_Presley

Go to the late 70's. I am unhappy and Gloria Gaynor becomes my banner song. " I Will Survive" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBR2G-iI3-I To this day my 2 boys and some of the granddaughter's know this is one of my all time favorites.

Move to the mid 1980's, I am divorced from my first husband and single for the first time in 20 years. Tina Turner and her songs were my songs. " Better Be Good To Me " became a favorite and I would play her music over and over. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Rvxb-J-fJs

It is now 2009 and I am no longer unhappy. I am settled ,I have been married to a wonderful man for nearly 20 years, and I know who I am and happy with who I am.

Today my favorite song is " I Can Only Imagine " by Merci Me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xwzItqYmII
Gloria Gaynor is still with me and a close second. I have survived many battles over my years. But I have survived and I can only Imagine what is waiting for me.

My New Family Tree Program I Am Now In the 21st Century

I finally broke down and bought a new family tree program. The last one I purchased was in 1998.
It worked fine and I thought that was good enough.
But after visiting with Random Relatives and hearing about her family program I decided I should look into buying a new one. I love her posts and how she tells how she is related to the person she is writing on.
Now if you read any of my other blogs, especially http://www.couponloversunite/ you will know I am working on a thrifty life style. Coupons, living within my means and no credit cards. I am on a tight budget and this program is not part of my budget.... BUT I did receive a gift card from Office Depot for not only my purchases but also for turning in my dead ink cartridges. This gift card still had $27.14 left on it and my 2009 family tree program with tax was $32.46. So my out of pocket cost was $5.32.

The $5.32 came out of my grocery budget but my pantries are so over loaded from great deals it won't matter. We could probably live off what I have stocked up for a month other than bread, milk and some meat.

We down loaded it last night on to my computer We were able to put the information I already had in my old family tree into it. Best of all I can interact with http://www.ancestry.com/ and my family tree program. I love it and love ancestry.
I am in the 21st century with my family tree program now. Last night I was on http://www.ancestry.com/ and in my family program for about 3 hours.
I will some how make sure ancestry is in my budget. Gives me hours of entertainment and I have hooked up with a cousin and we email often. Her grandfather is my grandfather's brother so we are cousins some how. Can't wait to meet her next time I am in Minnesota. We lived only miles apart for over 15 years and never met.

Will post later about some of my finds. Till later thanks for stopping by... Grace

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vintage Postcard from Dad to Mom 1952

Tonight I posted a wonderful vintage postcard on my other blog site for the festival of postcards.

This post card was from my dad to my mom in 1952. Take a look at this listing to see read the story behind it.

Thanks for visiting ... Grace

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Mary Being Dedicated As A Baby To The Lord

Okay almost Wordless Wednesday. I am never totally quiet.

This is a picture of my sister Mary being dedicated to the Lord as a baby. The pretty lady is my sweet mama Muriel and the handsome man is my daddy Art. Not sure who the minister was.

This picture is late 1948. Take a look at her hat isn't that something. Wish I had that hat today.
I was born in San Antonio, Texas. Dad went to bible college to be a preacher. I am not sure if he was out of college and preaching at this time or still in school.

I know we were in Texas either San Antonio , Highland or the Bay town area. I will need to figure that out in the future if I can.
Still trying to find out how many places we lived in Texas. I asked my sister and she is not sure either.

In the religion I was brought up, Pentecostal we were dedicated to the Lord as babies and baptized as young adults.
I love and treasure this beautiful photo. My mom and dad are now gone from this place. When I have their photos around me they are still near.
This photo and a copy of this posting will be added to my family binder of research and memories.
Thank you for stopping by..... Grace