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Thursday, March 4, 2010

March is Women's History Month ... Meet The Women In My Life # 1

I was reading a posting at Shades Of The Departed about March being Women's History Month and thought that this would be a wonderful subject for postings. I will be posting some pictures of the women in my life during March.

Number one woman in my life is my mother. My aunt Daisy was probably number two.
Mama was sweet, gentle and loving. She was always there for me from the time I was born until her last days. She never let her handicap come into the way of being involved in our school and church lives.
My Aunt Daisy took us girls ( my sister and cousin ) places where mama could not. We went to the fair and to Minneapolis on the train every year. She was always there for me and so she deserves to be here in my first posting along with mama for Women in History... My history at least.

This picture is of my mother and my aunt Daisy. It was taken in Minnesota probably Olgivee. My mother looks to be a young teenager so that would make this picture taken some where in the mid 1930's. Aunt Daisy would be in her early twenties at this time.

I love the curl in the middle of Daisy's forhead and the big bow on mama's dress.

Mama got polio in the early 1950's while we were living in Texas. That is why aunt Daisy was so close to us girls, helping to take care of us and spending time with us. Aunt Daisy never married and always called us kids her kids.

Hope that you enjoyed learning a little more about mama and my Aunt Daisy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Remembering My Family This Week

This is a very quiet week for family happenings.

February 28th is one of the hardest days for me. My sweet mother left us in 1998. She was a blessing for all of us to know and I miss her so much.

March 2nd my great x 11 Casper Henckel passed away in 1651. He was born in 1576 in Allendorf Lumda, Oberhesser Hessen darmstadt Germany and passed away same place. This line did not come to the United States till the early 1700's. First ancestor to be in the US and die in the US was Rev. Anthony 2 Jacob Henckel . He would be my great grandfather x8. He and his wife lived and died in Germantown Pennsylvania.

Thanks For Stopping By.. Grace

Getting Organized with Family History in 52 weeks Week 6

Getting Organized with Family History in 52 weeks Week 6.. Little behind on these posts. My work is getting in the way with the things I enjoy one is blogging and another is my family research.
I am still working on organizing my family notebooks and buying more and more tabs with dividers and getting everything looking nice. As I do this I spot more relatives that I have not spent any time with. So much to do and to look forward to learning.
This week we are going through those notebooks and starting to see if they are in our family program. Is their information been entered.
This is of course an on going process and hopefully once I get myself organized I will keep up with it.

Hope that you are enjoying your family research a hidden treasure.. Grace