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Friday, November 12, 2010

Surname Saturday Cheuvront Family

I am up to the Cheuvront Family in my Surname Saturday postings.

(1) Grace Zion daughter of (2) Arthur Zion and (3) Muriel Day

this picture is of Arthur and Muriel mid 1940's in Texas

Arthur Zion born 30 April 1921 Craig Colorado and died 15 September 2008 in Duluth Minnesota son of (4) Perry Zion born 12 December 1886 Kendal Kansas died 21 December 1958 Winlock Washington and (5)Alta Hall born 26 June 1892 Evansville Wisconsin died 21 February 1944 Winlock Washington. Alta and Perry were married 11 June 1913 in Taylor, Nebraska. Arthur married Muriel Day born 21 February 1922 and died February 28, 2000. Arthur and Muriels married 30 October 1943.

Mabel Coleman Hall and Arthur Reynolds Hall. Alta is pictured in the middle.

(5) Alta Louise Hall daughter of (10) Arthur Reynolds Hall born 19 September 1863 Evansville Wisconsin and died 08 July 1919 Craig Colorado and (11) Mabel Coleman born 01 July 1872 Greenwood, Nebraska and died 14 March 1946. They were 28 August 1891.

(11) Mabel Coleman daughter of ( 22) John Henry Coleman born 16 June 1839 died 20 September 1922 and (23) Alta Cheuvront born 27 May 1848 Mt Vernon, Ohio and died 28 September 1937 Taylor Loup Nebraska. They were married 20 September 1922.

Alta Cheuvront Coleman is on the left back row. Sitting in front is Lemuel Cheuvront and Mary Rouse.

(23) Alta Cheuvront daughter of (46) Lemuel Green Cheuvront born 12 November 1812 in Vermont. Died 12 November 1896 and ( 47) Mary A Rouse born 30 October 1813 and died 21 January 1904.

(46) Lemuel Green Cheuvront son of (92) Aaron Cheuvront born 14 March 1780 in Fredricksburg, Virginia died 09 February 1863 in Jackson, West Virginia and (93) Sarah Richards

(92) Aaron Cheuvront son ( 184)Joseph Cheuvront 01 February 1755 in France died 31 March 1832 in West Virginia and (185) Elizabeth Ellsworth born in France and died 1800 in Good Hope West Virginia

(184) Joseph Cheuvront son of (368) Francois Cheuvront and (369) Nichole Febvre both of France

Thanks for stopping by for Surname Saturday. If any names sound familiar please let me know.. Grace

Family Funeral.. Obituary for Emma Moiser Lockwood

I recently found this on http://www.ancestry.com/ thanks to my cousin Nancy. She had been at the historical center and found the obituary of Emma Moiser Lockwood.

Emma Moiser Lockwood

4 March 1820 - 4 October 1900

Mrs. Emma Lockwood, the aged mother of Ferdinand, Fred and

John Lockwood, died at the home of the former, town of Malta

on Thursday last. Mrs. Lockwood was born in Columbia

County, N.Y. March 4th 1820, and has been a resident of this

county since 1868. The funeral occured from her late

residence on Saturday last, and was largely attended by a

sorrowful company of relatives, old neighbors and friends. Rev.

Meske of this city conducted the services and the internment was made at

Otrey Cemetery.

Source: Ortonville, Mn. The Hearld Star v22 (12) Thursday October 11, 1900

Emma was married to Hiram Lockwood 1804 - 1883. She also had a daughter Isabella 1842 - 1922 who was living in Idaho. I find it interesting and sad that she is not listed in the Obit.

I went to http://www.findagrave.com/ and found this cemetery. There is only one name listed so I have requested for some one to try to find her grave and to take a picture of it and her husband if he is there. With winter coming this probably will not happen till snow melts next year.

Thanks for visiting.. hope that you will take a moment and read some of my other postings before leaving... Grace

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breaking Down The Brick Walls In Our Family Research

We all have our brick walls in our family research. You go so far and hit the brick wall. Over and over that brick wall is does not move. Then by chance some how you crack that brick wall and hit pay dirt.

I have cracked a few brick walls just by blogging about a certain ancestor right here. Next thing I know I get an email from a distant relative and I get documented information to the Mayflower on my Lockwood family. From John Lockwood who fought in the Civil War to the Mayflower because of this blog. How great is that.

Other brick walls are unmovable. But with hints from others and continual research I may get another brick wall to come down. Andrew Daly I will not give up on you.

Tonight I visited Randy Seaver to read his post about breaking down brick walls at Genea-Musings Target the FAN Club to tackle "Elusive Ancestors" problems

Briefly from the posting we are to see our family research as the bull's eye and our ancestor as the target. As we search for information on our ancestor we may find information by moving out one ring of the target. Search for family members. Next search for those who lived in the area. Search for others with the same surname. By spreading out our research we may hit our target.

After reading Randy's post I was in search for other articles on brick walls.

All I had to do was go to http://www.google/ and post the question " brick wall in genealogy research " to come up with articles, books to buy and free charts to print.

Want to read more articles just go to http://www.cyndislist.com/hitbrick.htm There is more than enough to read for many nights.

I also found from my google search a new blog for me and this is just part of her article. She keeps it simple, brief and clear, which I like.

She writes
7 Keys to Getting Over Your Genealogy Brick Wall
By Corinne Bridgewater
Here are her 7 Key steps

Post questions on forums
If you know the area where the person lived try the white pages
Check into and then subscribe to Google alerts
Join RSS feeds from good strong genealogical sites
Put an ad in a newspaper, even overseas if need be
Put up a website about your search
Put up a hubpage or Squidoo lens about your search

She also writes...
If you need to break down the genealogy brick walls try these 6 steps
Write down everything that you know
Do not assume that you wrote it all down before. Go through your notes
Know exactly what it is you are looking for. If it is maiden names, birth, death, surnames, ports of entries then go and Google it. You may get ideas from what comes up.
Try different ways of spelling their names
Come at it from a different angle. Find a small bit of information that you are missing and follow the clue.
What about the property they owned? Follow land deeds
Read the whole article at http://ezinearticles.com/?7-Keys-to-Getting-Over-Your-Genealogy-Brick-Wall&id=2413086

And for forms to help us do our research just go to http://www.cyndislist.com/supplies.htm for a start. Or you can go to family tree for more forms .. http://www.familytreemagazine.com/info/researchforms

I have always had my research on the computer and no master list on each relative to what I have and do not have. I have time lines on some and not on others. That is one of my goals to work on. Getting time lines on my relatives to see what I have and do not have on each of them.

For tonight and for a few more nights this is plenty for me to read. Hope that you enjoy some of the articles and forms. Please look around at some of my other postings before leaving and I hope you visit again. Grace

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday John H and Mary Cassell Zion

For today's Tombstone Tuesday I am remembering my great great grandparents John Henderson Zion and Mary Cassell Zion.
John was born 28th of November 1831 in Indiania and died 22 April 1920 in Foster Missouri. Mary was born the 19th October 1834 in Illinois and died 20 November 1919 in Iowa.
John and Mary were married 8th of September 1853 and had 5 children. Mary, William, Jonathan, Etta and Annie. Their son Jonathan is my great grandfather.

The pictures of John and Mary plus the picture of the tombstone were found on http://www.ancestry.com/. They were shared by Sue a distant cousin. They are buried in Decatur, Iowa.

Thanks for stopping by... Grace

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Week in the Family History - November 7 - 13

This week in my Family History and the relatives I am especially thinking of this week

Nov 7th Anna Day was born in 1742 and passed away 3rd June 1815. She is my 4th great grand aunt and her parents are Isaac and Anna (Foote) Day

Nov 10th Flavious Millsap was born in 1832 in Indiana and passed away 10th of April 1910 in Kansas. He married Anna Woodmansee and is my 2nd great grandfather. I am related through his daughter Rachel Millsap who married Jonathan Adam Zion

Nov 12th Ephrain Lockwood was born in 1814 in New York. Ephrain was married to Jane ? and then to Katherine Philo. He died 31 May 1877 and is my 3rd great uncle

Nov 12th Reuben Asher Chapin was born in 1830 in New York. Reuben was married to Lourinda Cheuvront. He passed away 07 of September 1906. He is my 5th great grandfather and I am related through his daughter Kate. Kate married John Beiler.

Nov 12th Lemuel Cheuvront was born 1812 in Virginia and also passed away Nov 12th Lemuel Cheuvront died in 1896 in Colorado . Lemuel was married to Mary Rouse. He is my 3rd great grandfather and I am related through his daughter Alta
Nov 13 Ebenezer Coleman was born in 1831 in Ohio and died 25th of July 1894. He is my 2nd great uncle and his parents are Alexander ( Elic ) Coleman and Catherine Beiler Coleman

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace