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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On This Day Great Grandfather William Albert Day Passes Away

William was born October 15 1867 in Rome, New York to Dwight Henry and Betsy Ann Anderson Day.

He met and married Carrie Betsy Lockwood January 09 1889 in Big Stone Minnesota.
This marriage produced eight children Fairfax, Dewey, William Henry ( my grandfather ), Morris Fred, Bernard, Gladys, Grace, Lester.

His career was cut short by an early death from Diabetes at the age of 52 in Renville Minnesota. In February 1920 Sacred Heart turned out in record number to bid a final farewell to one they had learned to love and respect.

More can be read in an earlier post on William Albert one of my great grandfathers here.
Rest in peace grandpa... Grace

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On Or About This Day In My Family History

On or about this day John Hall Jr was born and Francis Burrell died

Francis Burrell is my 5th great grandfather and I know very little of him. I have not yet worked on that line. He was born the 9th of October in 1760 in Maryland and married Sarah Ward. I only know of one child Rebecca. Francis passed away on the 04 February 1852.

John Hall Jr was born February 04 in 1802 and passed away the 22nd of October in 1838. He married Sally Grimes. They had seven children with son George being my ancestor.
John is my 3rd great grandfather.