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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Surname Saturday Beiler Family

Elic Chalker and Catherine (Kate) Beiler Coleman
my great great great grandparents
For surname Saturday I am at my Beiler Family name
Arthur R Zion son of Perry Zion and Alta Hall.
Arthur married Muriel J Day daughter of William and Grace Esler

Perry Zion born 12 December 1886 in Kansas died 21 December 1958 in Winlock Washington.
Perry married Alta Hall daughter of Arthur Hall and Mabel Coleman

Arthur Hall born 19 September 1863 in Evansville, Illinois died 08 July 1919 in Craig Colorado. Arthur married
Mabel Coleman born 01 July 1872 died 14 March 1946 in Arkansas. Mabel is the daughter of John H Coleman and Alta Cheauvront

John Henry Coleman born 16 June 1839 and died 20 September 1922 in Nebraska is the son of Elic Chalker Coleman and Catherine Beiler.
John married Alta Cheauvront born 27 May 1848 in Mt Vernon Ohio and died 28 September 1937.

Elic Chalker Coleman born 10 January 1805 in Connecticut and died 01 September 1873 in Nebraska. John married Catherine Beiler.

Catherine ( Kate) was born the 8th of March 1806 to John Abraham and Kate (Chapin) Beiler in Maryland. Catherine married Alexander " Elic" Chalker Coleman the 1st of September 1825. To this marriage 11 children born.

Jane 1826 - 1887
Matilda 1829 - 1911
Ebenezer 1831 - 1894
Mary Catherine 1833 - 1905
Lucy 1835 - 1916
William 1837 - 1915
John Henry 1839 ( my great great grandfather) - 1922
Amy 1841 - 1907
Elic Chalker Junior 1843 - 1924
Amanda 1846 - 1919
Martin Luther 1848 - 1921

Catherine Beiler Coleman passed away on December 1st 1884 in Greenwood, Cass county, Nebraska.
Abraham Beiler parents unknown at this time.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama

Yesterday would of been my mama's birthday and the 28th will be the anniversary of her passing on. She will have been gone 13 years on the 28th. I think of her daily with smiles and laughter and wonderful memories.

On This Day Mandania Saxton Dies 1855

On this day February 24, 1815 Mandania Saxton passes away at the age of 19 years old. Parents unknown at this time. Her daughter Mandania Saxton was born on the 12th of February that same year. She was married to a man by the name of Grover, first name not known yet. She is one of my fourth great grandmothers.

Little is known at this time about her.