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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Surname Saturday Grimes Family

Tonight I am reviewing the Grimes Family for Surname Saturday.

 41. Sally Grimes was married to 40. John Hall Jr on 10th of May 1825. Sally was born 18 November 1801 and passed away the 17th of January 1873 in Evansville Illinois.

Sally and John had seven children, Hepizibah, Caroline, George, John , Harriet, Mary and Sally. Their son George is my ancestor and you can see the Hall name here.

Sally was the daughter of 82.Nathan Grimes and 83. Hepisbeth or Hepzibah Lovejoy.
Nathan was born 16 December 1772 in Massachuettes and died 01 March 1856 in New Hampshire. Hepisbeth was born 24 of November 1774.
Sally and Nathan had three children that I know of, Edward, Sally and Nathan.

Nathan is the son of  164 William Grimes and mother is unknown at this time.

Not much is known about the Grimes family at this time.

Friday, April 8, 2011

On Or About This Day ROBERT MILLSAP Died On April 4th 1842 in Brown Indiana

On April 04, 1842 my 4th great grandfather Robert Millsap passed away in Brown Indiania.

Robert was born the 28th of February, 1773 in Rowan, North Carolinia to Robert Millsaps (1719-1793) and Ellender King (1733 - 1796).

 Robert had ten siblings and was the youngest child. His brothers and sisters were Ellen, William, Thomas, James, Jane, Edward, Joseph , Moses and Mary.

Robert married Marcia Lacy in 1796 at Green Tennesee. They had seven children with my 3rd great grandfather Bella ( 1797- 1885) being the oldest. The other children were James (1798 - 1860), Gabriel(1801 - ?), Anna ( 1803 -?), John (1805- 1892), Marcy (1805-?), and Gamatiel (1824 - 1908).

In the 1780 census there is a Robert Millsaps. This is probably my 5th great grandfather. The only information that it tells me is they were in Rowan county of North Carolina in the Captain Cox district.

Robert can be found with his parents in the 1790 census of Randolph County, North Carolina. There are eight people living in the house. 4 males over 16, 1 male under 16 and 3 females. Robert would of been 16 or 17 years old at this time.
Living two houses away is a Thomas Millsaps which may of been his brother. Living in this house was 5 family members.

I find a Robert Millsap in the 1820 census Jackson County, Indiana. Living in the home is a total of 7 family members. There is a male over 45 years old and a female over 45 years old. Also in the home are 1 male 10 to 15 years old, 3 males 16 to 25 years old and 1 female 16 to 25 years old. This could be my Robert Millsaps.
Note that in this census the s is missing at end of name. Later generations do drop this s.

In the 1840 census I find Robert and his wife Marcia living in Hamblin, Brown county, Indiana. Census reports both are 60 to 69 years old. No one else is living in their home.

I found on http://www.ancestry.com/ the tombstone of my Robert Millsaps. It was originally added by J. Bradshaw. The tombstone is in Taggart Cemetery in Brown County, Indiana. Written on is In memory of Robert Millsaps born Feb 28, 1773 died April 4, 1842.

I am curious about the 1780 census and finding out more about what it means to be in Captain Cox's district and who he was.
I have not found Robert in the 1810 or the 1830 census yet. There are two Robert Milsaps but ages do not match so need to look at family around them to see if one could just have wrong age.
In the 1820 census there is a Jehemiah Lacey living near by. Is this a relative of Marcia Lacy?

Just for today I am searching one of my ancestors. Today it was Robert Millsaps my 4th great grandfather. Rest in peace grandpa.. Grace


Some times I just feel so over whelmed with thinking about my ancestors. There are so many of them that have gone before me, and I want to learn as much as I can about them. There are grandparents  about which  I have a good amount of data including pictures. Then there are others that are just names in my files.

Those are the ones I feel sad about. They meant much to those around them during their life time and now they are just a name in my notebooks. A name and a birth date and maybe a date of death. I may know who they married and if they had children, but what was life like for them? Were they religious? What were their thoughts on what was going on around them? What were their political views?

So much to learn and so little time to do it. Some times my daily life gets in the way of my desire to learn about my family. How can I juggle all the things I have to do or should do with want I love to do.

Right now as I write I am at McDonalds. It is noisy which is difficult, but also comforting as I search for dead folks. I look out the window and I can see Lake Superior, what a view. The weather may be cold half of the year, but it is now Spring and people are taking off their big heavy coats and even starting to wear shorts.  Now that is silly to this 62 year old lady, but if they want to freeze their legs so be it.

Now back to family after that little weather break. Just think about all those that have gone before us. Our parents, grand parents and then our four great grandparents, just keep multipling those family members and by the time to go back four to eight generations their are a lot of family members. I can go back eight generations on a few family lines but no way will I probably know all five hundred and twelve great x 8 grandparents . No wonder I can feel over whelmed at times

So Just For Today I will try to find out something about one of my 512 great x 8 grandparents or maybe something about their siblings.

Have a fun researching day hope that you are not feeling over whelmed now. ..Grace


I have been researching my family tree but have never become involved in a genealogical society. Last Tuesday they had their April meeting at the LDS Family History City. Off I went with hubby in tow. He is not real interested in genealogy but likes to be with me.

I met a nice group of people pretty much my age group or a couple of years younger. They shared what what was available at the history center. There is a lot of information to research out side of the United States. This is where I have not gone as of yet.

After the meeting they opened up this area for family research time. I had not brought my information with me and did not really plan to spend time researching. What I did do is spot some Polk City Directories on a shelf.

There were not a lot of older ones but I did find some from the early 1950's. My personal family was living in Texas at this period of time but my grandparents, Aunt Daisy and Uncle Don and Aunt Lil were in Duluth.

It was fun to find their names, addresses and where they were working in 1950, 1952 and 1954.

What I learned was that my Uncle Don worked at Glass Block a Duluth Department store this was in 1952. By 1954 he was working at Western Electric as a inspector.

I am sure I will return and join. I am hoping to get my husband a little more interested.

thanks for stopping by... Grace

Monday, April 4, 2011


For Sentimental Sunday I am sharing a picture from the early 1950's.
I love this picture, it is 1953 or 1954 some where in Duluth Minnesota. I am on the right side 5 years old, next to me is my cousin Bonnie 4 years old then my sister Mary 3 years old. Next to Mary is Bernie 7 years old,who is my cousin Bonnies cousin on her mothers side of the family.
I am already stylish rolling up my jeans. Truth is they probably were to long.

thanks for stopping by.. Grace