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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Friday, February 3, 2012


52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy 2012 prompts suggested by Amy Coffin

Week 5 – Life Experiences: Sometimes the challenges in life provide the best learning experiences. Can you find an example of this in your own family tree? Which brick wall ancestor are you most thankful for, and how did that person shape your family history experience?

I enjoy finding stories of strong women in my family. I love to look deeper into the family area and find women who have been pioneers in my opinion. I wonder what there lives are like what they felt or how they lived.
 Right now I am working on my Cheuvront family history story. Married to my Joseph Cheuvront is Elizabeth Ellsworth.  At the age of 18 in 1777 she marries and within the next 23 years she has 11 children and in 1800 she passes away from Thyroid fever at the age of about 41 years old. Her death comes just days after her son Joseph jr. has died of the same disease. I look forward to reading about this time period and adding depth to her family history in my writings.

This week’s prompt runs from Sunday, January 29 through Saturday, February 4, 2012.


Writing Challenge My Family Day 3
Today’s writing was this evening in the semi quiet of my office. Television is on but I am totally tuned out to it. My goal is to write for about thirty to sixty minutes. Once again I have added another 500 or so words and am adding basic history to my Joseph. We are up to 1800 and living in Virginia. From 1777 to 1800 Joseph and Elizabeth have married and had 11 children. 1800 comes and Typhoid fever attacks not only wife Elizabeth but also one son and another son dies from an infection from a cut. Day four when I write I will add more to these years.


Writing Challenge My Family Day 2

Day 2 of my family writing challenge was spent in McDonalds as I sipped a coke. They have wireless internet so I am able to write and not use up my air time. Some months I never come near my limit and last month I was so close to going overage that I was rarely on the Internet at home. So if I was not at McDonald’s I was at the library that also gives us free Internet connection. I was able to write about 500 words and brought my Joseph from France to England to New York. What I am writing is a rough draft and I look forward to adding more to it as time allows. Basically all I have is just the data that can be found in the records. As I go I look forward to adding depth to my story of Joseph and his family.


For this weeks Sepia Saturday I am sharing a vintage cabinet photo of a young child with a stuffed bunny. 

Pictured is a darling young child with a sweet little smile and his hand on his bunny. 
Written in tiny lettering is a name, I can not make out the first name at this time but last name looks like Wagner.
This was found in family photos and I am not sure which side but would tend to lean towards my mother's side on her father's side.  Further time searching family names to find out who this may be.

Hope that you enjoy this adorable family photo. 

I am sharing this at Sepia Saturday, you can find more interesting postings there. Grace

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writing Challenge My Family History Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the writing challenge. February 1st has come and gone
I had chosen my ancestor as my 5th great grandfather Joseph Cheuvront.
I had written out my story idea in bullet form with planning to start my story with Joseph arriving in New York in 1773.
But after the challenge came to write our first sentence, I decided to begin with the day Joseph was dying. I had found his last words at the National Archives and remember to this day the feeling I had as I read them.
 I wrote that first sentence the last night of January and when I was done I had written over 250 words.

On Saturday, 24, 1832 his speech failing, he motioned for a slate, and wrote on it, " I want a plain coffin, and to be buried in a winding sheet, and brother George Collins to preach at my funeral." As he handed it to one of his sons he said, " I want you to see to it. "
Day 1 came and wanted to find just the right time to start writing. I wanted time that I could be quiet and just think and write. That afternoon I sat and wrote out some of the story of his last day and his last words.  I then went back to France and Joseph as a young teen, I wrote how I saw him physically and how he probably was and felt coming to grips with religion and the choices he wanted to make with his life. Day 1 was over and I had a total of 793 words written.
Day 2 is here of my family writing challenge and it is time to be quiet and get back to my story.



I have over 100 years of photos, family photos of my ancestors both sides. Family photos of my children, photos of trips hubby and I have taken. Photos that I places I found interesting. Lake Minnetoka in Minnesota on a beautiful day, Minnihaha falls in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. At least I think I made it there every season. Photos of the Mississippi rising during the Spring thawing run off.
I need to really start on a day by day start to organize these. If I take only thirty minutes a day to do something I will be further ahead than I am now.
I have over 100 years of photos, family photos of my ancestors both sides. Family photos of my children, photos of trips hubby and I have taken. Photos that I places I found interesting. Lake Minnetoka in Minnesota on a beautiful day, Minnihaha falls in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. At least I think I made it there every season. Photos of the Mississippi rising during the Spring thawing run off.

I need to really start on a day by day start to organize these. If I take only thirty minutes a day to do something I will be further ahead than I am now.

While at our down town library to do some family research I came across this book and brought it home.

Preserving Your Family Photographs by Maureen Taylor.
I have had it three weeks with good intention. It is due in one week. Starting today I will start a commitment to read through it piece by piece starting at chapter 8 " Ways to Organize " Keep It Simple " and work day by day a few minutes a day to at least get a start.

Step 1. Look through all images and make a list of people, places and events
Step 2. Decide on an organizational plan and try it with a small group of images
Step 3. Estimate supplies you may need (storage boxes and sleeves)
Step 4. Purchase these in bulk to save money
Step 5. Set up a work space
Step 6. Begin sorting
Step 7. Create a file of images in need of identification
Step 8. Create a file of photo copies of pictures requiring conversation or restoring
Step 9. Start labeling and boxing
Step 10 Create an index if necessary

My first step will be to jump to step 5 and find a space for a work table. I have the perfect one to put into my office.
For today I will read through chapter 8 and clear out the space in my office for the table.
Over the next days I will set the timer for 30 minutes and start to do something with my photos. Anything I do will be better than doing nothing with them.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today for Wordless Wednesday ~  Almost Wednesday since I rarely can be totally quiet, I am sharing another photo from my Gallagher / Gallaher family albums.

This is a funeral cabinet photo. Not sure if family or friend of the family. Bottom middle group of flowers has spelt out in middle " Our Friend "  The top left side flowers are in the shape of a cross. On the left hand side middle row of flowers also looks like a cross.

Right above middle set of flowers is a picture of a young man. He appears to be in his late teens to very early 20's.

There is no notation in album on the page photo was placed that tells me who this friend was. The album belonged to my great grand Aunt Mary Gallagher sister of my great grandma Katherine.

The photographer was Spettel Brothers of LaCrosse Wisconsin. Photo was probably taken late 1890's
Thanks for stopping by, hope that you will take a moment and look at some of my other posts. Should you think we may be related to each other I would love to hear from you. Grace

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


For Tombstone Tuesday I am sharing a photo of Joseph Cheuvront 's tombstone.  I recently found this ancestry and it will make a great addition to my story on my 5th great grandfather Joseph Cheuvront's life.

Joseph passed away on the 15th of June on Good Hope, West Virginia and is buried with several other Cheuvront family members.

Thanks for stopping by. Please watch for me postings on Joseph as I write his story. Grace

Monday, January 30, 2012

Joseph Cheuvront Leaving London 1773 For America On The Virginia

As I posted last night I have joined the Family History Writing Challenge. I decided to start with one of my 5th great grandfather. He is one of my grandfathers that I was able to copy material from at the National Archives.
The start of my story will be his journey on the Virginia after departing London.  Last night I spent time researching the Virginia, I wanted to find out what I could about this ship that crossed the Atlantic with Joseph.
My questions are how large was the Virginia? What were the conditions of the trip ?
 How long did it take to cross the Atlantic? The passenger list of the "Virginia"  has it sailing was Dec 18 through the 22 of 1773, arriving in New York.

 Here is a copy of the Passenger List of the Ship
sailing Dec. 18-22, 1773
(transcribed from a photcopy of an unknown published source)
Name of passenger, age, occupation, and where from
(all the passengers were listed as indentured servants for four years)

Ashburne,Wm., 28 cutler (knife-sharpener or seller) London
Auber, Peter, 26 dyer (textile dye specialist) London
Beate(?), Lewis Pack, 28 farmer London
Boyd(?), Wm., 26 husbandman (tenant farmer) Ireland
Brandes, Henry, 33 cordwainer (leather worker) London
Burgess, Wm., 34 weaver London
Cagaux, Peter, 26 cooper London
Challe (Ohalle, Ohalie?) Peter, 23 blacksmith London
Cheauvant, Jos., 20 gilder (applies gold leaf) London Chegailles(?), Alex. 21 hatter (hatmaker), painter London
Chevaillier(?), Ant., 21 brickmaker Westminster
Dane, George, 33 cabinetmaker London
Dawson, John, 22 ostler(?) Surrey
Disbonne, Chas., 30 taylor London
Fleming, Jas., 26 husbandman (tenant farmer) Cornwall
Fogg, Wm., 23 blacksmith Warwickshire
Garth, John, 20(?) sawyer (saws lumber into boards) London
Harris, Richd. 36 gardener London
Harris, Sarah 21 semptress (seamstress) London
Hill, Thos., 35 schoolmaster Essex
Howard, Thos., 26 surgeon London
Elizabeth his wife, 23 London
Isaac, Jos., 19 perukemaker (wigmaker) London
Jameson, (?), 21 husbandman (tenant farmer) London
Ketler, (?) Carl, 21 taylor London
Kilman, Wm., 23 blacksmith Scotland
Lawrence, Antho., 36 cabinetmaker
Leek, (Jonathan?), 17 whitesmith (tinsmith) Worcestor
Macquet, Peter, 24 locksmith London
McCloud, (Jonathan?) 28 laborer Lodon
Nuir, Alexd., 21 weaver Scotland
Oakeley, John, 19 perukemaker (wigmaker) London
O'Brian, Arch., 24 butcher Dublin
Ockershanson(?), (Jonathan?), 25 baker London
Ogelvie, Robt., 19 husbandman (tenant farmer) London
Onwin, (Jonathan?), 17 baker Greenwich
Parker, Wm., 22 edge tool maker Deptford
Parrott, Benjm., 32 carpenter London
Pemberton(?), Thos., 20 bricklayer Chester
Smith, Benjm., 24 bricklayer Westminster
Stevenson, Jos., 25 carpenter; joyner (skilled carpntr)Westminster
Thomas, Richd., 35 haberdasher London
Tudor, Robt., 18 leather dresser London
Weatherfield, (Jonathan?), 20 blacksmith London
Welch, John, 31 malster (brewer, malt seller) Surrey
Wood, Thos., 23 schoolmaster Surrey
Yeates, John, 24 weaver Westminster
Young, John, 21 blacksmith London

 I found an interesting story while searching through Swag Bucks about the Virginia.  On November 7, 1774, residents of York County threw a “tea party,” reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party of 1773. They boarded the " Virginia and threw off some of its tea. That was less than a year after Joseph traveled on the same ship from London.
So much history happened during this period of Joseph arriving in America.

This is the beginning of my ideas for the begining of my history on Joseph. Hope that you come along as I learn more and write about my ancestor.

If you think you may be related to me through Joseph or any one else listed on the side bar please let me know. Grace

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Have To Begin Some Where ~ Starting The Family History Writing Challenge

I have decided it is time to put some of the information I have on my ancestors into print. Time to write my first story. My first piece of family history. After over 15 years of collecting census reports, on line stories that have been passed down and any other small piece of information found I will begin.

February there is a writing challenge out in the blog world. A Family History Writing Challege.
I have decided to take this challenge, to make it a goal to write for the next 29 days. Starting on the 1st of February I will write, whether it is 250 words or 500 words I will write every day.

I have decided to start with my 5th great grandfather Joseph Cheuvront.

What has stopped me from putting my family story into words?   FEAR that is what.  After all I am not a writer.  I do write on my blog but that is for fun, to help me learn and practice my writing. A place to go out and find others who are interested in my love of genealogy.

My first story may not be great or even good but it will be my story of the Cheuvront family. It will be the first chapter of a great pioneering family. It starts with Joseph and ends with Alta Cheuvront who then marries a Coleman.  I have always been intrigued with Alta one of my name sakes

But I am getting ahead of myself. For now I will concentrate on Joseph story.

Interested in joining us on the writing challenge please do. Just go ahead and sign up .

My first question was where do I start?  I just finished reading Lynn's post on Do you have a story plan ?   Simple easy way to take a look at it. 

I have listed my bullet points on Joseph as follows

  • Joseph arrives on the Virginia from France December 1773 from London
  • The birth of John in France 2nd of February 1757
  • The first four years in America
  • Marries Elizabeth daughter of John or Moses Ellsworth
  • The birth of his 11 children between 1777 to 1798
  • 1780 enlisting in the Revolutionary war and continuing until the surrender of Cornwallis on the 19th of October 1781
  • Elizabeth dies of Typhoid Fever the 18th of August 1800
  • The story of being a Methodist minister from about 1780 and for most of his life.  A piece of his last words were that he served the Methodists as " exhorter, class leader, steward, local preacher, traveling preacher and presiding elder.
  • Remarries in 1802 and has four more children with Sarah Bollen
  • The next years with family, enjoying his family, his country and preaching.
  • The last days of Joseph, his last words and his will.  Joseph passes away on the 15th of June 1832 in Good Hope, West Virginia.
So this is my story line, my first story line. Where it will lead me I do not know but I will share some of my challenge with you over the month of February.
Thanks for stopping by, if you think we may be related through Joseph or any other relatives listed on the side bar I hope that you will contact me.


52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy: Week 4 Free OFFline Genealogy Tools

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy: Week 4 Free OFFline Genealogy Tools
A bit late but better late than never

This is Week 4 of Amy Coffin’s Abundant Genealogy series.  

Free Offline genealogy tools: Which free off line genealogy tool are you most grateful?  How did you find this tool and how has it benefitted your genealogy.

My favorite off line tool is the National Archives in Washington DC. Takes a bit of work to get there from Minnesota, but I was able to go twice while my husband was at conferences in DC back in his working days.

I would get on the subway and travel to the right stop and then walk a certain path to find my way. At the end of my day I would back track to the subway and go back to our hotel. I felt so brave wandering by myself in this big city.

At the National Archives I would enter and pass the guards through the medal detector.  I had to get a pass with my name on it and then find my way to the right floors to find what ever I wanted to search for. I would fill my card with money so I could make copies of all the records I wanted.

I was fortunate to find the Civil War records of my great great grandfather John Lockwood.  Some of those papers are his application for a pension. How he stated he had pain and was able to not work like he used to do. My thoughts at that time were and still are " Poor Grandpa ".

To find Revoluntionary records on my grandfathers John Rouse. At ancestry is this file number  information on his War pension. I was able to copy many of these papers on him.

Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900
about John Rouse   my fifth great grandfather.

Name: John Rouse
Pension Year: 1834
Application State: New York
Applicant Designation: Survivor's Pension Application File
Archive Publication Number: M804
Archive Roll Number: 2090
Total Pages in Packet: 112

I was able to also find information on my 5th great grandfather Joseph Cheuvront at the archives.  He also lived during the revolutionary war. Among my papers is a copy of a letter he wrote to his children and descendants about live a good life and not being sinful, the story of him arriving in this country and becoming involved with the Methodist and traveling with Rev Henckel.  I will have to find and share this some day with you.
If you by chance every find the opportunity to visit the National Archives it is a wonderful place to search for your ancestors.

Thanks for stopping by, if you should think we are related I would love to hear from you . Grace