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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Last year I wrote about being named after my two grandmothers. My mother's mother Grace and my father's mother Alta.  Alta was named after her grandmother Alta Cheuvront. You can read that story here.

I love my name it is after two important family members.  Some people do not like their names and want to change them but I have always been very pleased with my name. 

At this time I have people in my ancestry tree recorded. So far I have six Grace's including my self. The oldest one is Grace Spencer 1674 to 1714. She is my 6th great grandmother on my mom's side of the family.  Grace married John Day Jr with the Day name being passed down to my mother's father.
She and John had 12 children and she passed away shortly after the last child was born.

There are four people named Alta the oldest being my 2nd great grandma Alta Cheuvront and there are two of us with the name Alta as a middle name.

Do you have any naming practices in your family line?  It can be an interesting study.

Thanks for stopping by for Fearless Females, I hope that you will take a moment and look at some of my other postings. If you think we may be related I would love to hear from you . Grace


A common phrase when I was growing up was shirt tail relatives. Just what does that really mean.  What brought forth these memories of past family phrases was a blog posting I read at It's a long long journey about shirt tail relatives.
Back in the fifties they would just say " oh he is just a shirt tail relative rather than he is your first cousin three times removed. Huh what do you mean first cousin three times removed? No wonder they just said shirttail relative.
I want you to meet one of my shirttail relatives that I just discovered on Ancestry.

This is Alonzo D Anderson and family. My family Day history book has his name spelt as Llonzo so there can be a little confusion there. 
While paging through this Day family book to scan and post some pictures at Ancestry I spotted this picture of Llonzo 1859 to 1928 and his wife Mary Nellie Everett Anderson 1860 to 1916. Pictured with them are daughter Coite 1890 to 1986 and son Clyde1883 to 1948 . I had no idea who this person was or why they were on a page of Days.
While updating my Anderson family on Ancestry I was working on Abraham Anderson the brother of my 2nd great grandmother Betsey Anderson Day. While searching records for his children I found Alonzo and his wife and children. Here is my shirttail relative who played with another shirttail Day relative. This is the Anderson that was mentioned in my Day family history book. Mystery solved I know who this family is now. Alonzo is my first cousin 3rd time removed or as grandma would of said a " Shirttail relative "

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sepia Saturday 115 : Games or How About Just Playing In A Puddle

Sepia Saturday 115 : Games 

This week for Sepia Saturday the topic is games. I could not find any pictures with people playing games with in my family photos. While searching through piles of old photos I found a bag full of photos of my Aunt Daisy. Aunt Daisy was my mother’s sister and was a big part of my life. My mother got polio back in 1952 and when we moved from Texas back to Minnesota, aunt Daisy would take us girls to places my mother could not. She would take us to the fair every year and we would take the train from Duluth to Minneapolis once every summer. She never married and always called us girls, my sister, two cousins and myself her kids. In the later 1960’s my parents bought a large house and moved my grandmother and my aunt Daisy to live with them. After grandma died, aunt Daisy continued to live in the lower level of the house until they sold the house and moved to a senior high rise. For the first time ever Aunt Daisy had her own apartment. Age was creeping in and she had a tendency to save to many meals in the refrigerator. My cousin Bonnie would go and clean it out every week to help keep things tidy.

So for Sepia Saturday I am sharing a darling picture of my Aunt Daisy playing in a puddle of water. With her is a young version of my great aunt Grace Day Crosby. Funny seeing pictures of aunt Grace young because she was always old to me. I remember her old, serious and a bit crabby. Here she is young, pretty and smiling and enjoying her brother Bill’s first child. I like this picture of her and aunt Daisy. Every one is young and happy in old photos.

I think I will post some more pictures of a young aunt Daisy soon. Until then thanks for stopping by, how about taking a moment to pull out some old photos you have. Lets find young and happy people of long ago to make us smile. Grace

Fearless Female Post 19 Favorite photo of one of your female ancestors

March 2 — Post a photo of one of your female ancestors. Who is in the photo? When was it taken? Why did you select this photo?

Day 2 of Fearless Females, last year I posted a photo of my great grandmother Carrie Lockwood Day with her sister in law Anna Day Norton. Anna is my great grand aunt. 
This year I have chosen  a photo of Mary Cassell / Cossill who married John Henderson Zion son of McCormick and Mary (Gobble) Zion. She is one of my 2nd great grandmother on my father's side of the family.  This photo was probably taken around 1875.
One of the reasons I picked it was because I love her hat and I get the feeling she was a strong woman from her pose and the chose of hat. 
Mary was born on the 19 of Oct 1834 in Coles Illinois to Jonathan and Elizabeth ( Carmichael ) Cassell) and died on the 20th of Nov 1919 in Lamoni, Decatur, Iowa.  She and John had four children, Mary Elizabeth, William, Jonathan Adam ( my ancestor) and Etta.

Thanks for stopping by for another posting on Fearless Females. I hope that you will take a moment and look at some of my other postings.  Grace

Thursday, March 1, 2012


For Time Line Thursday I am continuing with Harriet Carpenter my third great grandmother who I posted on earlier today.

1811 December 13 Harriet is born to Harmon and Phebe (Chrisman) Carpenter in Rome, New York

1820 August 7th Harriet is living at home with Herman Carpenter. There are 9 people in the home 2 males 10 to 15 years, 1 male 26 to 44 years and 1 over 45 years old. There are 3 females under 10 years, 1 who is 16 to 25 years old, and 1 who is 26 to 44 years old. 4 persons are engaged in agriculture and 1 is a foreigner not naturalized.

1830 Harriet marries Daniel Christman in Oneida county, New York. Not sure if he is a cousin or not.

1831 Son David Chauncey Christman is born name later has Carpenter added to it

1833 daughter Monica Christman is born New York

1835 son David is adopted by Harriet's father Harmon and mother Phebe New York

1836 or 1837 Death of husband Daniel Christman Rome, Oneida County, New York

1837 Harriet marries Levi Anderson in Rome, Oneida county, New York

1838 Daughter Betsy Ann  is born New York

1839 Son Abram Jackson is born New York

1840 daughter Phoebe is born New York

1846 son William is born New York

1848 son George is born New York

1848 son George dies

1850 son Fairfax is born New York

1850 September25 census Rome, New York has Levi age 40, Harriet 36 and their 5 children Abraham 13, Betsy 11, Phebe 9, William 5 and Fairfax living and farming next door to Harriet's parents where Harriet's other two children are living ( David 19 and Monica 16 )

1851 son Welcome Wallace is born New York

1857 August 1 Harriet's mother Phoebe dies in Rome New York

1857 December 5th Harmon's will says that Harriet Carpenter is to receive Ten dollars payable to her by her son David Chrisman now called David Carpenter 2nd following the death of her farther Harmon Carpenter

1858 Husband Levi is supposed to have died

1860 June 12 Father Harmon Carpenter dies in Rome New York

1860 July 28 census in Rome New York has Harriet living on a small farm with sons Fairfax age 12 and Welcome age 9. Son David now known as Carpenter is living next door with his wife Lovina on land inherited from Harmon's will. 
Interesting note is that there is a Fairfax Anderson living with a Abraham Christman and wife Betsey and their family this is Harriet's sister and brother in law. That census was taken the 22nd of June, 1860 and they were living in Oriskany, New York. Fairfax is 11 years old. I think this is the same Fairfax and he is counted twice in this census.

1868 Harriet relocates to Wabasha county, Minnesota

1870 Harriet is keeping house in Mazeppa , Wabasha County, Minnesota on land valued at $1200. Living with her is daughter Phebe 25 and sons Fairfax 21 and son Welcome age 19

1872 24th of September Harriet marries Charles Noel Cocagne in Wabasha, Wabasha county, Minnesota

1880 25th of June census Harriet and Charles are farming. No one is living with them.

1885 May 1st census has them living in Zumbro, Minnesota

1895 Harriet and Charles are in Zumbro, Minnesota

1899 5th of September death of eldest son David Chauncey Christman Carpenter in Rome New York. David was adopted by Harriet's parents and is the only child to have stayed in New York. He dies of stomach difficulty

1900 27th of February death of Harriet's 3rd husband Charles Cocagne in Zumbro, Wabasha county, Minnesota

1900 census on the 6th of June Harriet is 88 years old widowed and living alone. She is landlord Daughter Betsey and son Abraham are living near by. The 1900 census has her first marriage in 1830 and had 9 children 7 living still.

1905 December 5th Harriet dies in Zumbro Wabasha county, Minnesota. She is buried next to 3rd husband Charles at Pleasant Prairie ( Dale) Cemetery.  I have seen her tombstone. Other family members are buried in same cemetery.

This is a good start for my time line on Harriet much more needs to be found and added.
Thanks for stopping by, check out some of my other timelines.  If you think we may be related I would love to hear from you Grace

Fearless Females Blog Post 18 - Favorite Female Ancestor ~ HARRIET CARPENTER CHRISMAN ANDERSON COCOGNE

March will be Fearless Female Month over at Accidental Genealogist. I will post all or some of the prompts during the month of March. I checked to see what and how many postings I had accomplished last year. I posted 17 times during that month. You can read what I posted for March 1 2011 here. I had posted on three of my favorite women. I will attempt to use different family members

March 1 — Do you have a favorite female ancestor? One you are drawn to or want to learn more about? Write down some key facts you have already learned or what you would like to learn and outline your goals and potential sources you plan to check.

This March 1, 2012,  I have chosen my 3rd great grandmother Harriet CARPENTER ANDERSON COCOGNE.
Harriet was born December 13 1814 in Rome New York to Harmon and Phoebe CHRISTMAN CARPENTER and died December 5th 1908 in Wabasha Minnesota. She was married a total of three times.
First husband David CHRISMAN ( may of been a first cousin) married when Harriet was 19 years old. Harriet had two children by him, David Chauncey and Monica. Husband David CHRISMAN dies in 1836.
In 1837 Harriet marries Levi ANDERSON, they have 6 children together. The first being Betsey my great great grandmother. Other children are Abram, Phoebe, William, George and then Fairfax. In 1858 Levi dies, we have not found his obit or grave. There was a Levi Anderson who died 1860 found frozen to death, alcohol being the cause. We do not know if this is the same Levi Anderson of New York.
Third husband Charles COCOGNE  marries Harriet in 1872 and dies in 1900. Harriet dies in 1908 and is buried in the Pleasant Prairie Cemetery in Zumbro, Minnesota. Harriet lived to almost be 94 years old , she out lived 3 husbands and 5 children.
Harriet did not live to know that two of her grandsons would be murdered. In 1927 her first son David's son George is murdered in a neighbor dispute and in 1929 daughter Betsey's son George is murdered while doing his job as a guard at the docks in Duluth, Minnesota. This crime was never solved.
I am sure there is a lot to learn about Harriet and I have just started my search for her. I am pleased I was able to find her grave in 1999 and was able to leave her a flower at that time.
Some of the questions I have
1. Was first husband David really a cousin or not.
2. When did second husband die, did he die when family says or was he the Levi ANDERSON who froze to death.
3. What was life like for Harriet during the years she lived. I have the feeling that her father HARMON was a powerful controlling man over her and her second husband Levi.

Thanks for stopping by for my first Fearless Female posting. I hope that you will take a moment to look around at other postings and if you think we may be related I would love to hear from you.  Grace

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Here is a picture of George and Selma Johnson Day that I think may be a wedding photo of them.

They were married in 1892 in Big Stone County, Minnesota. Together they had a total of eleven children with at least four of them passing away at an early age.
George is one of my great granduncles.
He passed away suddenly in a robbery in 1928 in Duluth Minnesota.  I have gone to the library and gotten copies of the news articles of the shooting.  While at the police department yesterday to dispute a parking ticket, I asked a police man behind the desk if they kept records that old. I got a strange look and the answer no.  I guess the only one interested in a 1928 shooting of a everyday guy would be a relative hooked on family history.  I will some day ask some one else at the police department to see if I get the same answer.
I am hooked on uncle George and want to know more about him.  I have the feeling life was not easy for him.  Losing at least four children at an early age.  Moving to Duluth for work and wife staying in another town with two of their children. And then dying at the age of 59 in a shooting and questions about his death by the police.  I need to get to the library to see if I find any more information on him or if he was just forgotten by everyone except for his family.

I am thinking of you uncle George rest in peace .. Grace

Who will you find in the 1940 census? Who do you want to remember?

Who will you find in the 1940 census? Who do you want to remember? Who do you want to find? Who will show up for the first time in the census reports and who will not show up?
When the 1940 U.S. Federal Census is opened to the public this April 2nd, we will have a peek into every one of 132 million who were living. We will see their names, where they lived, who lived with them in their house, and even where they were five years earlier.
I like this part, the part of where they were living five years before. Ten years is a long time if some moves about alot. They can become lost to us.
I plan to spend this next month working on those that were living in 1940.  Update what I have on them and note what I am missing in my family tree.
Check out the link above to see what the 1940 census form looked like. I was able to print it and how have a hard copy to look at. This link was found on ancestry and by updating my family tree I will start to get links as they become available.
So when the 1940 census becomes available it will be time to dive into it as soon as it is available. To do this I need to know where my family was living in the 1930 census. The 1930 census gave us their address in the first two columns of the census. Rural addresses were not always included, but we can find county, town, township, and other residence-identifying information.
All four of my grandparents were living as were my parents.
My father's siblings were alive, John, George, twin sister Alice and Joe.
My paternal great grandmother Rachel Millsap Zion was living as were her children, my grandpa Perry's siblings. That was Norton, Mary, Anna and Bessie.
My other paternal great grandma Mabel Coleman Hall was living as were her children, my grandma Alta's sibling. That would be Mae and Pearl.
On my maternal side my mother had 2 siblings alive my aunt Daisy and uncle Don. Two siblings died at birth.
My maternal grandfather William's mother Carrie was alive as was six of his seven siblings.  That would be Morris, Fairfax, Bernard, Gladys, Grace and Lester. Brother Dewey passed away in 1929
And my maternal grandmother Grace's mother Katherine was alive if the census was taken before her death the 19th of March 1940. I do not know about my grandma Grace's father Andrew Daly at this time.  Grandma had two half siblings Wayne and Merle who were living and her step sister Tillie and step brother Russel were living.
Interesting to note all three known great grandfathers had passed away before the 1940 census. I have no great great grandparents living. The last one Alta Cheuvront passing away in 1937.
plus there has to be many more distant relatives living my great grandparents had siblings that lived into the 1940's so lots to search for and hopefully some interesting stories to find.
Only 33 days until census comes out and I can not wait.  Are you counting down the days.
Thanks for stopping by..Grace

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Wordless Wednesday ( almost ) today's post is on cute little girls in my family.
These two pictures are of cousins of mine.
First one is of Naomi and sister Barb and family cat

One of my favorites is of Naomi on Dolly the horse. She is 2 years 5 months in this picture.

Thanks for stopping by for almost Wordless Wednesday.. I hope that you take a moment and check out some of my other Wordless Wednesday postings.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Family History Writing Challenge Day 14 to 26 Time Challenges

Family history writing challenge days 14 through 26 have not been very productive with writing my family story of Joseph Cheuvront and his family.
Working one weekend at a sports show and then life has caused me to delay getting back to writing.
Writing our family history has to be part of every day if we want to accomplish their and our story. Even if I had set just a few minutes a day I would of gotten further than I have.
No matter what, I am further along with my story than I was before the start of the month.

I have enjoyed what I have written and will continue with the Cheuvront story, because it is my families story.
I have started with Joseph's dying words, then gone into some of his life. There is much more to write there. I have researched some of the history at that time and how life was for the wife of the family.
 I then jumped to the last Cheuvront in my direct family line my great great grandmother Alta 1848 to 1937. I will write more on her life and than work backwards to Joseph's last days.

This picture is from the Schaffer Pioneer Cemetery history book. My Alta is back row on the right hand side. Sitting in front row is parents Lemuel and Mary Rouse Cheuvront. Back row on left is Sarah Ann Cheuvront Metheny and brother Thomas Jefferson Cheuvront. Sister Lourinda had passed away when picture was taken.
Are your writing your families story yet? If not why not start, even if it is a few words each week it will be the start of something to pass on to your family

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sepia Saturday: Men and More Mystery Photo Searching To Identify

Sepia Saturday: Men and More this was a post a couple of weeks ago. I had to work that weekend and did not get out my picture. Tonight I want to show a picture of a man in our family.  It is an unknown man in my family.

This picture was found in my mother's family pictures but is unidentified.  He is a handsome man dressed in what I think is clothing of working at a train station. He has a great hat and on his pants is a badge hanging.
He has a great pose and resembles my great great uncle George but is not uncle George.  But who is this mystery man.  He resembles the Day family line so  I will search among the Day's to see if I can find some male that work at the Great Northern railroad some time in the mid 1990's.

I am also including a picture of George Day. Do you see a resemblance?

Thanks for stopping by Grace