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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Time for Surname Saturday, it has been months since I added a Surname to my family blog. Today I am mentioning the Hildreth family name. Little is known in this line at this time.
The first time I come across this name is when I find that Lucy Hildreth married Ebenezer Coleman Jr. Lucy was born on the 06th of January in 1780 in Conn and passed away on the 20th of February in 1853 in Knox County, Ohio.
Lucy's parents were William Hildreth and JoAnna Chalker. William was born about 1735 Malborough, Conn  and died the 3rd of February 1810 in Malborough Conn.

His wife JoAnna was born around 1748 in Eastbury Conn and she died the 29th of November 1834 in Knox County, Ohio. I have found JoAnna's tombstone on ancestry.

Besides my ancestor Lucy, there may have been a brother William plus 5 other siblings.
More time will need to be spent here with this family.
Thanks for stopping by for Surname Saturday.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Climbing My Family Tree One Limb At A Time ~ Coleman, Cheuvront and Rouse limbs

I recently shared a picture of my great grandma Mabel Coleman Hall here on my blog and on my personal facebook page. I wonder some times how I can get my sons and grandchildren as interested in our family history as I am.
I look at their pictures and census reports and wonder about their lives. All we have are dates and maybe a story here or there but so much is missing.
At least we do have pictures sometimes that are passed on by others.
This picture is of my great grandma Mabel Coleman's motherj Alta. She is standing in the back row on the right hand side. Her name is Alta Cheauvront Coleman. She married John Henry Coleman and together they had five children. Elic, Mabel, Elmer, Myrtle and Mary with Mabel being my ancestor.
Sitting in the front row is Lemuel G Cheuvront and Mary Polly Rouse Cheuvront.
If you search back far enough in their trees you will find that their descendants fought in the American Revolutionary War.
The other two family members are Thomas J Cheuvront and Sarah Cheuvront Metheny. There was another sister Lourinda Cheuvront Chapin but she passed away in 1869.
These tree limbs are of my great great grandmother Alta who I am named after and my great great great grandparents.

SEPIA SATURDAY 1st December 2012

Time for Sepia Saturday and bridges,  water or even dogs are the theme. Swim suits or fishing could be ideas for this posting. 
My mother told me that as a young child about 4 or 5 my great uncle Wayne would take me fishing. Sadly I have no pictures or memories of this, but I have wonderful memories of Uncle Wayne. Sweet and jolly man he always made me smile.
Uncle Wayne was the half brother to my grandma Grace and he and his wife Mary would visit often from Michigan. No date on the picture but from the early 1960s. It was taken in their home, I can tell from the picture of Jesus hanging on the wall. I love grandpa's tie, he always wore a tie for pictures, church or any time he left the house.
This is a picture of my uncle Wayne and Aunt Mary with my grandma Grace and grandpa Bill

While going through PILES of photos I did find this treasure of a photo. I need to get copies of it to give as a gift to my sister and brother, children and my nephew.
This photo is of my mom and dad sitting at the end of a pier and is dated 1949. It is taken some where in Texas. I was born in 1948 and my sister would join us in 1950. If you read my blog you will find the story of my mother contacting polio in 1952 and how we almost lost her at that time. With prayer and a gift from God she survived to live until 1998. Daddy left us in 2008 but had been slipping away from us with the disease of dementia for over 10 years before death came.
This picture takes my breath away, It is a gift to look at these two beautiful young people in picture. I no longer take pictures with film using my digital camera or phone. These pictures I take may never be found by my descendants 60 years from now. Just may be time to get some real film and grab my camera from the shelf in the closet.

I hope that you will take a moment and visit other postings at Sepia Saturday. 
Thanks for stopping by for Sepia Saturday. Next stop is the thrift store to find some cheap photo albums to start putting these piles of photos in. Grace

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless ( Almost ) Wednesday Remembering Great Grandma Mabel Coleman Hall

Distant cousin Judy emailed me wanting  a link to family information on great grandmother Mabel (Coleman) Hall.  I love these emails from family. Gives me reason to stop and take another look at my family history/ research.
Great grandma Mabel was born 1st of July of 1872 in Nebraska and passed away on the 14th of March 1946 in South Dakato where she was living with daughter Pearl. Grandma married Arthur Hall and together they had three girls. My grandma Alta, Belle and Pearl who is the grandma of my cousin Judy.
Grandma died 2 1/2 years before I was born and two years after my grandma Alta who passed away on the 21st of February 1944.
I never met either grandma but still I feel their strength within myself. If I am quiet enough I can almost hear grandma Alta whisper in my ear. My middle name is the same as grandma Alta and Mabel's mother's name was Alta so I share this name with both of them.
I probably have shared this picture before of Mabel but I love this picture. I see strength, humor and bit of spunk in that face.

I also see in this face gentleness. I am guessing this was taken in Washington some time before my grandmother Alta passed away.
Thanks for stopping by for Almost Wordless Wednesday as I share a bit about my great grandmother Mabel.