Sunday, August 11, 2019

SENTIMENTAL SUNDAY Researching My Revolutionary War Patriot James Woodmansee

July 5th 2019 I was accepted into the Daughters of the American Revolutionary and will become apart of the Duluth chapter August 13th 2019.  I look forward to honoring my ancestor.
This next few weeks I will be working on the Woodmansee family line and researching the area my ancestor lived and fought in New Jersey Monmouth County.

Tonight I found a great timeline of the Revolutionary War era in Monmouth County.  This will help me get to know a little more hopefully about my ancestor. From the application to SAR by Leon William Chumley I learnt that James was a Lieutenant in the Monmouth County New Jersey Militia under Capt John Stouts Company, Col David Brearley's Second Regiment.

I will continue to prove other patriots in the next year.

James Woodmansee was born the 15th of August 1732 Cedar Creek, Monmouth County, New Jersey to Thomas Woodmansee and Mary Ware.
He married Hannah Worden daughter of Samuel Worden 111 and Abigail Mott.
Further research will tell me if there were 8 or 9 children.

James passed away 29th of January 1818 in Hamilton , Butler , Ohio where he and his wife were living with son Daniel.

Source is from Sons of American Revolutionary application by Leon William Chumley.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

David Chauncey Christman Carpenter Born 188 Years Ago July 24th

Today the 24th of July, my 3rd great uncle  David Chauncey Christman Carpenter was born 188 years ago , the year was 1831.
David is the son of Daniel Christman and my great great grandmother Harriet Carpenter. 
Daniel and Harriet also had a daughter Monica who would travel with her mother to Minnesota at a later date along with other family members.
Daniel Christman passed away in 1837 and some time after that Harriet's father, Harmon Carpenter adopted Daniel, changed his name to Carpenter and raised as his son.

David married a woman named Lovina, last name unknown at this moment.  Three children were born to them. 
David passed away in New York on the 5th of September 1899 at the age of 68 years old.

His mother Harriet married two more times and had seven children with Levi Anderson.  Levi would pass away in New York in 1858.

Harriet would travel to Minnesota with her living children , marry again and die at the age of 94 years old out living three husbands and three of her children.

So I will say happy birthday to my uncle David Chauncey Christman Carpenter and continue to learn more about your life.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Which Alta Is It ? Mother or Daughter Puzzle Solved

While wandering ancestry today I was searching hints of the siblings of my great grandmother Mabel Coleman Hall.  I found a picture linked to her sister Myrtle Alta Coleman Oberkotter.
The contributor had it linked to Myrtle and stated back said Aunt Alta age 82.
The dress led me to the 1930s and since both women lived to late 1930s the dress fit.  Except for the fact that Myrtle was born 1876 and died 1939 at the age of 63 years old while her mother Alta Cheuvront Coleman was born 1848 and lived to 1937 age of 89.  
Mystery solved this wonderful photo is my great great grandmother Alta rather than my 2nd great aunt.
I love having this photo of grandma Alta at 82 years old. 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Surname Saturday Hall Family Arthur R Hall

It's Surname Saturday, and I am counting down  my Ancestral Name List each week.

 I am working on my great grandfathers and up to #10 who is Arthur Hall


1. Grace Zion
2. Dad Zion
3. Mom ( Day)
4. Grandpa Perry Zion
5. Grandma Alta Hall born June 26, 1892 Evansville Wisconsin to Arthur R and Mabel (Coleman) Hall. Alta married Perry June 11, 1913 in Taylor, Nebraska. They had 5 children, John, George, Alice , Arthur ( my dad) and Joe . Grandma Alta died February 21, 1944 in Winlock Wisconsin.

10. Arthur Reynolds Hall was born September 19,1863 in Evansville, Wisconsin to George W and Louisa Maria Reynolds.
Arthur married Married Mabel Jane Coleman August 28, 1891.
They had 3 children Alta my grandma, Mae Bell, and Pearl Myrtle.

20. George Wilbur Hall born June 13, 1832 in Hardwick, Vermont to John Hall Jr. and Sally Grimes.

George married Louisa Maria Reynolds November 29, 1860.
They had 6 children, Arthur, Charles Norton, Florence , Mark Alonzo, George Ephriam and Agnes Maria.
George died July 27, 1892.

40. John Hall Jr. was born February 4, 1802 to John and Elizabeth (?) Hall.
He married Sally Grimes May 10, 1825.
They had 7 children Hepizbah Maria, Caroline Augusta, George Wilbur, John Alonzo, Harriet Sophia, Mary Elizabeth and Sally Rebecca.
John died October 22, 1838.

80. John Hall born July 25, 1767 in New Hampshire. Married Elizabeth ?

As of this time this is all I know about the HALL family.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Oh the information you can find late in the evening as I search Ancestry.  I found The Historical and Biographical history of Iowa.

I am going to transcribe what I have found at this time on Alexander plus tidbits of others in the family.

     ALEXANDER BURRELL HANNER an able and zealous member of the clergy of the Christian Church, and one  of the local Elders of the church at Stuart, was born a son of JOHN and REBECCA (BURRELL) HANNER, natives of Gallia county, Ohio.  The resided in Jackson county, Indiana, until 1838, when they started for what was then known as the Black Hawk Purchase in Iowa, but when they had reached a point near Bloomington, Indiana, the father was stricken with a fever which resulted in his death.  The family then returned to Jackson county, Indiana, remaining there until 1848 when they came to Iowa, locating first in Lee county, where a brother in law of our subject had purchased land.  In the fall of the following year they removed to Decatur county, where the death of the cherished mother occurred in the year of 1853.

     JOHN and REBECCA HANNER became the parents of five sons and one daughter of who we offer brief record as follows:  Rachel, who died in Decatur, Iowa, in 1890, was the wife of JAMES W WOODMANSEE; Bartholomew, a shoemaker by trade, died in Lawrence county, Indiana, Frank; who served three years as a soldier in the Seventh Iowa Calvary, is now engaged in farming in Jackson county, Indiana; John; who died in that county; Reuben; a retired farmer of Harland, Shelby county, Iowa; and Alexander B, the immediate subject of this review.

     ALEXANDER B HANNER,  the youngest child passed his early life on a farm, attending the common school of Indiana and Iow.  In the year 1864, he removed from Decatur county to Muscatine county, Iowa, where he followed agricultural pursuits, and while there he also initiated his ministerial labors   He had been a member of the Christian Church for some years, and in 1866 was granted a license to preach.  His first pastoral charge was over the church of Moscow, Muscatine county; he next preached to several small congregations in Cedar county, this incumbency extending over a period of two years; he later had charge in turn of churches at Glenwood, Iowa county, and Luzerne, Benton county; for two years presided over two churches in Poweshiek county, and later was installed over two churches in Tama county, during which pastorate he maintained his residence on a farm.  Mr  Hanna also preached for four years at Clemons Grove,  Marshall county, and after  residing on his farm seven years he removed to Dallas county,  where he had charge of two churches and resided near Redfield.  From that place he came to Stuart, where he has since maintained his abode and where he has charge of the church for three years.  In the year 1890 he organized a church in Harrison county, preaching for the same one year; his next pastorate was with two congregations in Marion county at Pleasant Ridge and Dallas.
     On the 15th of August, 1852, was solemnized the marriage of Mr Hanna and Juda Young, who was born in Jackson county, Indiana, on the 20th of March, 1835.  They became the parents of eleven children, concerning who we enter brief record as follow; Juda is the wife of Thomas Craft, of Belle Plaine Iowa; Rebecca died in childbirth; John W is a farmer of Decatur county, this State; Rachel, deceased, was the wife of Lorenzo D Skyles, Alexander B is a farmer of Dexter, Iowa; Sarah Elizabeth is the wife of Henry Wonderly of Des Moines; Mary E is the wife of James L Armstrong, who resides near Redfield, Iowa; Bartholomew is an employe of the Chicago & Rock Island Railroad; Francis Luke is in the employ of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Railroad; William who retained a clerical position in a general store for the period of five years, is now a commercial traveler and Rosa Bertha died in early life.
     In his younger years Mr Hanna was an adherent of the Democratic party, but at the time of the Civil War he became an independent voter.  In the Centennial year 1876, he identified himself with the Prohibition party, having been one o the first to expose its cause and interests, and having ever since been a stalwart advocate of its principles and policies.  He has been called upon to serve in offices of public trust and responsibility, having served as Township Clerk, Assessor and Justice of Peace.  He has delivered many able and ernest speeches in support of the prohibition cause, and for four years has been and is at the present writing (1895), chairman for the Ninth Congressional District, of the Prohibition State Central Committee.  In his fraternal relations our honored subject is a Royal Arch Mason, being Chaplain of the blue lodge and chapter,, and is also a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.  He is a forceful and entertaining speaker and able writer, annd is a frequent contributor to prohibition and church papers.


Sunday, July 7, 2019


My Family Calendar July 7th to July 13th

I am adding one to the calendar since I missed last week
Happy birthday to my grandma Grace Celeste (Daly Esler) Day she was born in 1892 126 years ago

July 7th  1739 Hanna Banks 208 years ago was born to unknown parents my 6th great grandmother
July 7th  1841 Isaac A Linder 178 years ago was born,  husband of my 2nd cousin 3x removed
July 7th 1878 Theopolis Creveling 141 1st cousin 2x removed

July 8th 1765 Sarah Linder 254 years ago born 5th great aunt
July 8th 1806 Bartholomew M Burrell 213 years ago born 5th great uncle

July 9th 1778 Elizabeth Blubaugh 241 years ago born 1st cousin 5x removed

July 10th 1723 Joshua Lovejoy 296 years ago was born died with in a month 7th great uncle
July 10th 1757 Albert Lockwood 262 years ago was born 6th great uncle
July 10th 1841 Anna Woodmansee 178 years ago was born she is one of my 2nd great grandmothers

July 11th 1779  Jacob Day 240 years ago was born
July 11th 1781 John Lovejoy 296 was born 4th great uncle
July 11th 1790 George Gobble 229 was born 4th great uncle
July 11th 1803 Aaron Charles Cheuvront and Sarah Richards married 216 years ago they are my 4th                          great grandparents

July 12th 1837 William Coleman 182 was born was my 3rd great uncle
July 12th 1866 Abraham H Day 153 was born  he is my 2nd great uncle

July 13th 1801 Smith Rouse and Joanna Greene married 218 years ago my 4th great grandparents

Surname Saturday MILLSAP Family of Ireland

It's Surname Saturday, and I am counting down  my Ancestral Name List each week.

 I am working on my third generation this is my great grandmother #9  Rachel Milsap 

1. Grace Zion

2. Dad Zion

4. Perry Zion my grandfather

#8 John Zion 1861- 1886 -
#9. Rachel Milsap my great grandmother
born 19 April in Mount Ayr, Ringold Co Iowa  died 13 th of May 1945 Spanaway, Pierce County, Washington

Jonathan and Rachel had 5 children
Perry Zion ( my grandfather paternal side )
Norton Zion
Mary E Zion
Anna Gertrude Zion
Bessie P Zion

#18. Flavious Armenus Millsap 1832 -1910
#19 Anne Woodmansee 1841- 1857

#72 Robert Millsap 1773 - after 1860
#73 Marcia Massy Lacy  1764 - 1842

# 144. Robert Millsap bet 1735 /1740
#145 Ellen ( Ellender) King 1753 - 1793

 #288. Thomas Milsap abt 1679 - 1760
#289 Mary Poplin/Poplar 1706 - 1760

#576. William Millsap 1653 -?

I have a lot to learn about this line of my family in the future.

SENTIMENTAL SUNDAY Researching My Revolutionary War Patriot James Woodmansee

July 5th 2019 I was accepted into the Daughters of the American Revolutionary and will become apart of the Duluth chapter August 13th 2019. ...