Saturday, January 8, 2022

 I am nowhere  done searching for my roots. For my missing family members.  So many to fine so little time. 

This has been a hard few years for me and my family research and blogging about my family finds and stories. 

But I am hopefully back to searching and sharing my finds. 

To night on Randy Seavers blog site it was sharing how many ancestors do we know compared to how many are out there waiting for us to say " gotcha" and proving it. " 

Tonight I printed my Ahnentafel Chart of Generations. 

I can go back 13 Generations but so much missing. So many of my ancestors out there in the unknown. This is the year I will hopefully find some of my kin and prove they belong to my family tree.

What is Your Numer

Generations                      Relationships       Possible People  Known

           1                                     You                        1                    1

           2                                 Parents                       2                    2

           3                          Grandparents                    4                    4

           4                      Great Grandparents              8                    8

           5                    2x Great Grandparents          16                  16

           6                    3x Great Grandparents          32                  26

           7                    4x Great Grandparents          64                  42

           8                    5x Great Grandparents          128                46

           9                    6x Great Grandparents          256                33

          10                   7x Great Grandparents          512                16

          11                   8x Great Grandparents         1024               9

          12                   9x Great Grandparents         2048               8

          13                 10x Great Grandparents         4096               4 

There is a lot of work and a lot to prove and add sources. So many unknowns waiting to be found.  I am not including those I have only a possible name for. 

How many of your ancestors do you know.

I only know 208 out of a possible 4096



Friday, July 9, 2021

Genealogy Pot Luck! Searching My Beiler line

My genealogy will be to spend time – actually more than one hour – reviewing my information on ancestor. Alexander Elic Chalker Coleman and his wife Catherine Beiler. I know a good about of " Elic" and he connects to my newest patriot Ebenezer Coleman , but his wife is a mystery . 

I believe his father is Abraham Beiler and mother may be Catherine Stroh or Emily Holt.. Who is her mother really. 

My plan is to take some time tonight before the fire works and again tomorrow to search the records.  

What do I know 

That she was born the 08th of March 1806 in Maryland. Several sources give me this information.

Her obituary in the Lincoln Journal Star Lincoln Nebraska states that December 4th 1884 she passed away at almost 78 years old and had 12 children 52 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. This gives me a death date of December 1st 1884. 

I know of 11 children in my tree. Who am I missing? What do I already know of these children and what can I find,

I know that she had one brother John Abraham Beiler or I think she did. Were there any other siblings. 

I want to see if I can find her death certificate or birth certificate that may name her parents. 

I want to see what I can find of her brother and if I can find more sources on her parents. or if any other children. 

I will first search census records from that time period. 

What will I find by the close of tomorrow. 

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Fourth of July More than Fireworks and Food

      I remember past fourth of Julys at my mother and dads home . We would gather early evening for a meal and visit with family members.  As the clock ticked away the excitement grew for the evening delight of fireworks. My parents had bought a house on the skyline in Duluth Minnesota. It overlooked Lake Superior harbor.  They had a beautiful view watching the big ships and sailboats on the lake and coming through the harbor.  The ariel bridge would go up for the ships to pass through. I know live on Park point and cross that bridge at least twice a day. I still get excited at seeing the big ships and the sail boats. 

     As the sky darkened we grew even more excited since soon the city would begin to set off the  fireworks over the harbor. Lots of yahs, oohs and wows were  said.  I have wonder memories with my family who now have passed on. Parents , uncle and aunts and a cousin. My children are grown and their children are grown. My husband has now passed on the glory of the universe. 

    I still get excited at seeing the fireworks but the fourth of July means so much more to me. Tonight I will gather down by the bay with residents in my apartment building to watch the fireworks. I am making friends and will not be alone. My view from the bay will be better than the view at my parents home but will be bittersweet because I am not with my family,

     Little did I know all those years ago that the fourth means so much more to me than the fireworks and a meal. Since starting my family research I have enjoyed tracing our history back the revolution and further.  I have now become a proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and have four direct ancestors plus uncles or sons who fought along side of my grandfathers.  

     My main patriot is James Woodmansee born August 1732 New Jersey to Thomas Woodmansee and Mary Ware daughter of Thomas Ware. He married the 5th of October 1758 to Hannah Worden in New Jersey. They had nine children. 

     James resided at Cedar Creek , Monmouth, New Jersey. He assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of Lieutenant for the state of New Jersey. He served under  Captain John Stout, 2nd Reg, Monmouth Co Militia. I am .busy reading about that time and the 2nd New Jersey Regiment. 

     After the war James and his wife moved to Liberty Township, Butler County , Ohio.  He died the 29th of January 1818 and wife hannah passed away 18th of April 1824. They are buried in their Butler County farm cemetery

     My other three patriots are Joseph Cheuvront paid Supply tax 1783 Virginia, Moses Ellsworth Furnished supplies Rockingham Co Virginia and Ebenezer Coleman who has just now been approved. I am waiting on his certificates. 

     I know I have more patriots to find and prove. Have a wonderful fourth of July and say a thank you to our past and present patriots. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Genealogy Happy Dance Lets Celebrate Obituary for my Flaviouse Armenious Milsap/ Millsap

Turned on ancestry this morning and found a new leaf hint for my second great grandfather on my paternal side.
I have expanded my ancestry to give me newspapers and found the obituary of Flavious Armenous Milsap.  Yah what did I learn?  A child died in infancy, he had a stroke four days before death and he had been blind for several years.

Here is the obituary for Flavious Armenous Milsap.  If you have him in your family tree please feel free to save and print.

The St John Weekly News (St John, Kansas) Friday 29th of April 1910.

     Died at his home near Syracuse Kansas, of a paralytic stroke after an illness of four days. Deceased had been blind for several years. His death came as a surprise as he wasn't thought so bad off.  Funeral services were conducted from the Methodist church at 1 o'clock Monday afternoon by Rev Carter and remains laid away in Syracuse cemetery.
     Flavious Armenious Milsap was born in Lawrence county, Indiana November 10th 1832. Deceased moved when yet a young man with his father to Iowa where he was married to Anna Woodmansee in 1856 and lived ear DeCatur, Iowa until the year 1886 when he moved to Hamilton county Kansas. To this union eleven children were born, one died in infancy.. Five girls and five boys survive their father. Their mother died July 2nd 1904. The children living are Rachel Zon Sargent, Nebraska; Mary Ferguson Hope, Idaho; George Milsap Strafford Massachusetts; Eula Johnson Lacrosse, Kansas; Susie Pfister Great Bend, Kansas; Frank, Arthur, Carl and Ora of Syracuse, Kansas.
     Mr Milsap joined the Baptist church st St John, Kansas for several years. He always lived a good honest Christian life and was loved by all who knew him.

Saturday Night Fun With Randy Seaver My Top 12 Surname Names

Saturday Night Fun with Randy Seaver 

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun. Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun. This week’s mission was:
1) Go into your Genealogy Management Program (GMP; either software on your computer, or an online family tree) and figure out how to Count how many surnames you have in your family tree database.
2)  Tell us which GMP you’re using and how you did this task.
3)  Tell us what the top 20  surnames are in your database and, if possible, how many entries.  How many different surnames are in your family tree?
4)  Write about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, in a status or comment on a Facebook post.
I Went to my Roots Magic and pulled the report of my Surnames
I have a total of 282 Surnames at this time.  My top 12 names are 
Zion 117 earliest 1765 
Coleman 107 earliest ?
Milsap/ Millsap 77 earliest 653 
Day 93 earliest 1575
Lockwood 71 earliest 1568
Lovejoy 50 earliest 1622
Anderson 50 earliest 1742
Cheuvront 41 earliest 1757
Woodmansee 34 earliest 1670
Chapman 32 earliest 1760
Rouse 32 earliest 1760
Cassell 26 erliest 1775
What I have learned from this exercise is that I do not believe everyone I have in my ancestry tree is in my rootsweb tree. I need to figure out why since I go to ancestry and thought I was downloading to rootsweb. 
I am open to suggests to ideas to correct what I think is a problem. 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Mabel Jane Coleman (1872 - 1946) is #11 on my ahnentafel, my great grandmother who married 

#10 Arthur Hall (1863 - 1919) on 28th of August 1891 in Colorado.  

I am descended through their daughter # 5 Alta Louisa Hall (1892 - 1944) who married # 4 Perry G Zion

 ( 1886 - 1958) in Taylor Loup, Nebraska. 

Mabel was born to John Henry Coleman and Alta Angeline Cheuvront.  1st of July 1872 in Greenwood
Nebraska. Mabel was the second of five children 

Child 1 Elic Lemuel Coleman (1868-1944)
Child 2 Mabel Jane Coleman (1872 - 1946)
Child 3 Elmer Coleman ( 1875 - 1947)
Child 4 Myrtle Alta Coleman (1876-1939)
Child 5 Mary (1880- 1964)

The Coleman family lived in Greenwood, Cass County Nebraska.
The first school was a mile or south of town. In 1878 a school with a " seating capacity of 100" was built. The first class to graduate was in 1890, and a new schoolhouse was built in 1907.
In 1880 Greenwood had three elevators.
Mabel lost her paternal grandfather Elic Chalker Coleman 01 September 1873 at the age of 1 and her paternal grandmother Catherine Beiler Coleman 01 December 1884 in Greenwood Nebraska when she was 12 years old.
During her early years the president was Ulysses S Grant ( 1869 - 1877 ) Rutherford B Hayes who served 1877 - 1887 ).
Mabel continued to live in Nebraska with her family until she met and married Arthur R Hall in Denver Colorado 28 August 1891. Soon after the happily married couple left Nebraska to live in Chicago for four years. This was during the period of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and Arthur was a carpenter and probably worked on the building of the fair. Mabel and Arthur then returned to Nebraska settling on a farm in Geneva. Arthur and Mabel had three daughters Alta Louise born 26 June 1892 in Evansville Wisconsin , May Belle 25 July 1895 in Chicago, Illinois and Pearl 11 April 1901 in Geneva, Nebraska. The family continue to make Nebraska their home until Arthur passed away 19 September 1919. Mabel remained in Nebraska for awhile. The 1920 census has her living with her parents in Taylor Loop Nebraska. Mabel's father John Henry passes away 20 September 1922. Sometime around 1930 Mabel moves to Custer South Dakota to be near two of her daughters. This is where she is found in the 1930 census. Mabel's mother Alta passes away 28 September 1937, sister Myrtle Alta on 11 December 1939 and her daughter Alta on 21 February 1944. Mabel lives to be 73 years old and dies 14 March 1946. There is a bit of confusion to where Mabel died. My aunt Alice the genealogist wrote that she died in Arkansas and Ancestry has a death certificate for Mabel J Hall dying in South Dakota the same date. Either Aunt Alice miss wrote the place of death or the death certificate was for a different Mabel. This is one mystery to further search. I know little about Mabel other than the details from census and other family notes with birth dates and death dates. I wish I had some letters or stories about her. Will continue to do my searches and hopefully will find something someday.

Read more on the Colemans here

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Week 6 Same Name

Amy Johnson Crow has a prompt for each week this year. This is week 6 and this is my first post of the year. I may go back and pick up some of the past weeks prompts. Time will tell. This weeks prompt is same name and it fits perfect with my name Grace Alta.  I am so proud of both of my names since my maternal grandma was Grace and my paternal grandma was Alta.

 I was not lucky enough to know my grandma Alta physically but feel her presence near me at times. I sometimes think she is whispering in my ear. I adored my grandma Grace and have fond memories of her.

Grace Celeste Daly Esler was born the 6th of July 1892 to Catherine Ellen Gallaher and Andrew Daly.  They never married. My great grandma Catherine was shunned by her parents for having a child out of wedlock. Catherine married Appleton Esler and they had a long and happy marriage. He raised grandma Grace as his.  Appleton had been married before and had two children Tillie and Russell. Together Appleton and Catherine had two children Merle and Wayne. They were a happy blended family and I was lucky to know all of my great aunts and uncles. Grandma passed away August 18, 1972.

Alta comes from my paternal grandma. She was born the 26th of June 1892 to Arthur Hall and Mabel Coleman Hall.  Alta passed away from cancer the 21st of February 1844.

Alta was named after her grandma Alta Angeline Cheuvront 1848 -1937.

Hope that you enjoyed my same name different Alta or Grace

 I am nowhere  done searching for my roots. For my missing family members.  So many to fine so little time.  This has been a hard few years ...