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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Monday, March 30, 2009

Genealogy Organization Week One

I have gone thru week one already but will tell you what I did so you can start if you like to get organized.
Week one I did the following . I cleared off my computer table ( which for now is my dining room table.. someday I want a real desk ) I made piles of every thing I have to be file, pictures were put aside for now. I will try to not look thru them for now. I have so many pictures but I am boxing them up.
I have gotten my office supplies together. You will need pencils, pens, page protectors ( tons of page protectors) I like the ones that have an edge with the holes so the papers you put in do not have to have holes. Over the years I have bought both kind and trust me these are the ones you want. You will be filing marriage certificates and death certificates, newspaper articles, stories and you do not want to put holes in them. You will want 3 ring binders ( for now one for mother's side and one for father's side but as you get more and more info you will need more than one for your research) , divider tabs ( get the kind with the larger tab so you can read what you write. I have bought both clear and colored and tho colored is pretty it is really hard to see through the dark purple divider. Ink for the printer and lots of paper to print on. Some envelopes both business size and larger 10 by 14 manila. A lot of correspondence will be on the Internet but there are times you need to request something by mail.
Set up your desk as you want. Maybe buy a new mouse pad. I have a short book case next to my table where I keep my binders and genealogy books. I have taken over the bottom half of our file cabinet for my family information.

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