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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Surname Saturday Lovejoy Family From England to Colonial New England

Today I am continuing with my Surname Saturday postings with my ancestor Lovejoy family name and my 10th great grandfather Rowland Lovejoy of England

I'm following my ahnentafel report for this post while I count down my Ancestral name line

1.  Grace 1948

2.  Arthur Zion 1921 2008
3.  Muriel Zion 1922 1998

4. Perry Zion 1886 1958
5.  Alta Hall 1892 1944

10. Arthur Hall 1863 1919
11. Mabel Jane Coleman 1872 1946

20. George W Hall 1832 1892
21. Louisa Reynolds 1832 1899

40. John Jr Hall 1802 1832
41. Sally Grimes 1800 1873

82. Nathan Grimes 1772 1856
83. Hepsibeth Lovejoy 1774 or 1778 1813

166. John Lovejoy
167. Gallup Smith
        Children of John and Gallup
        1. Samuel 1773 1858
        2. Hepsibeth 1774 1813 m Nathan Grimes
        3. Sarah 1776 1821
        4. Jonathan 1778 1843
        5 Mary 1779 1805
        6. John 1781 1838
        7 Enos 1783 1805
        8. Oliver 1784 1855
        9. Rebecca 1786 1857
        10. Selah 1788 1862
        11. Henry 1791 1872
        12. Ethan 1795
        13. Luther 1796 1870

332. John Deacon Lovejoy 1719 1795
333. Sarah Pierce 1731
        Children of John and Sarah
        1.John 1749 1835
        2. Sarah Pierce 1752 - 1831
        3. Jonathan 1757 1775
        4. Susannah 1759
        5. Prudence
        6. Oliver
        7. Esther
        8. Asa
        9. Benjamin
       10. John B

664. Benjamin Lovejoy 1690
665. Susanna Corneille 1697
        Children of Benjamin and Susanna
        1. Benjamin 1718 1776
        2. John Deacon
        3. Joshua
        4. Abigail
        5. Peter
        6. Joseph
        7. Obadiah
        8. Abijah
        9. Peter Corneille

1328. Joseph Lovejoy 1662 /1663 1737
1329. Sarah Pritchard 1662 1739  
        Children of Joseph and Sarah
        1.Sarah 1686 1725
        2. Benjamin  
        3. Hannah
        4. Joseph    

2656. John Lovejoy 1622 1690  Immigrated from England
2657/ Mary Osgood  1663 1675  Immigrated from England
         Children of John and Mary
          1. Mary b 11 Apr 1652 d Jun 1677 in Andover m Joseph Wilson a cooper
          2. Sarah b 11 Apr 1654 d 22 Feb 1702 in Andover m Sergeant William Johnson
          3. John b 9 Feb 1655 d 14 Jul 1680 in Andover m Naomi Hoyt
          4. William b 21 Apr 1656 or 1657 d 9th of Jul 1748 m Mary Farnum
          5.Ann b 21 Dec 1659 d 29 Feb 1724 m John Blanchard
          6. Christopher b 1 Mar 1661/62 d 17 Mar 1736/7 m Sarah Russe
          7. Joseph b 8 Feb 1662/3 d 5 Jun 1737 m Sarah Pritchard
          8. Benjamin b 4 Dec 1664 d 1689 as a soldier at Permaquid Maine in the Indian War
          9. Nathaniel b 29 May 1667 d Mar 1752 m Dorothy Hoyt
          10. Abigail b 20 Aug 1669 d 2 May 1747 m Deacon Nehemiah Abbot
          11. Deborah b 4 Nov 1671 m John Bailey
          12. Ebenezer b 22 Jan 1673 d 15 May 1760 m Mary Foster

5313. Rowland Lovejoy England
5314. Elizabeth Neal / Neale

Friday, October 14, 2016

So many Ancestors So Little Time To Research Tonight The Coleman Family

I find my days filled with every day chores, appointments and time with family and friends.

But on mind during the day at least time is a deceased ancestor and wanting to learn

more about them and their time on earth.

Tonight I decided  to pull out my Coleman family note book to see what I have and what is missing.

So much is missing is information on the siblings of my family line.

Tonight I searched ancestry for hints on Elic Chalker Jr Coleman 1843 -1924 my 3rd great uncle.

I checked and approved the hints, then printed out Life Story summary and fact sheet.

On my to do list is to go to office store and buy more ink and dividers for my notebooks.

One thing I knew but was reminded of tonight is that my Elic Jr was in the Civil War.

Many of my ancestors fought in all wars including that war.

On my to do list is to note each of my ancestors who fought in the Civil War and

 what division they were in.

I will probably find that some fought on both sides of the war.

So many questions so little time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday George Day 1869 to 1928 Murder ? Duluth Minnesota

For this weeks Tombstone Tuesday  I am going to share the tombstone of my great uncle George Day brother of great grandpa William Albert Day.

George died by a gunshot.  Was it murder or suicide?  I have visited the library in Duluth Minnesota and read some of the newspaper articles.  They started out as murder while he was working as a security guard at the docks.  Later article hinted at suicide.

I have not found any other articles in Duluth and I should search old newspapers in St Paul to see if they wrote anything else.

George is buried in Mora Minnesota next to wife Selma.  Death Certificate states cause of death Homicide Gun shot to the head.

To read my past posts of George click on the link. There are several postings and I find his death a mystery and tragic.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Amanuensis Monday William Gallaher Death Drowning 1911 Said To Be Accidental

River Claims Sixth Victim
Body of William Gallaher Found in Running Slough, Death Said to be Accidental

1911 Drownings
Monday, April 10, Lloyal Smith, Dresbach, Minn
Sunday June 4, William Hagenbarth, Running Sloth
Sunday June 11, Peter Schuh, West Channel
Thursday July 13, Edwin Esterie ,Black River
Sunday July 23 , F A Wenzel , Dakota , Minn
Friday Aug 4, William Gallaher , Running Slough

 This is an earlier picture of William and his sisters Bridget and Katherine

   William Gallaher, age 39, was drowned in Running Slough yesterday afternoon at about 2:30 oclock, his body being found in the water about 15 feet from the shore after he had been missed for some time and a search was started.  Death is believed to be accidental.
   Mr. Gallaher went to the farm of his brother in law, Jacob Mickschl located in the bottom lands about a mile and a half west of Henry Murth's place on the Mormon Coulee road, yesterday afternoon to assist haying and it is thought he went wading to cool off when he either steeped into a hole or was overcome from the shock of the cold water.
   During the afternoon Mr Gallaher was working with Fred Kaser who went in search of a scythe to cut some hay which could not be reached with the mower. When Mr Kaser returned, Mr Gallaher was not there so the former asked Mr Michachl if he had seen him.  He had not, but was thought as Mr Gallaher had not been feeling well that he had gone to the house where he had been living.
   When he could not be located a search was started and after a while the body was seen in the water about 15 feet from the shore. Fessler and Dahl were notified and the body taken to their establishment and Corner Kleebar decided that it was not necessary to hold an inquest.
   Mr Gallaher was born on December 151871 in Chipmunk Coulee, Vernon County, and had lived there all his life.
   The funeral will be held at 2:30 Monday afternoon and interment will take place in the Catholic Cemetery beside his parents.
   Surviving Mr Gallaher are three sisters, Mrs Jacob Mickschl at whose home he lived , Miss Mary Gallaher of La Crosse and Mrs. Appleton Esler of  Mora, Minn.

Side not to this article I recently visited the cemetery and think that he is not buried next to his parents.
Cemetery records have his parents in the Old section and he is in a different area.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Surname Saturday Merrill Family Colonial New England

Surname Saturday Merrill Family
I'm following my ahnentafel report for my Surname Saturday posts. I am at my Merrill family name which is a new family to me and an 8th grandfather

1. Grace Zion
2. Arthur Zion
3. Muriel Day
4. Perry Zion
5. Alta  Hall 1892 - 1944.
10.Arthur Reynolds Hall 1863 -1919
20. George  Wilbur Hall 1832 - 1892.
21. Louisa Maria Reynolds 1922 - 1899
40. John Hall Jr 1802 - 1838.
41. Sally Grimes 1800-1873
80. John 1767 - 1842
81. Elizabeth Merrill
162. Jesse Merrill 1738 –1816
163. Phebe Pearl
Jesse and Pearl had 9 children
Timothy b 1764 lived in Salem New Hampshire,
 Richard b 1766 married Abigail Hall
Stephen b 1766 d 1768
Phebe b 1770 d 1772
Phebe b1772 d 1778
Elizabeth b 1774 m John Hall 10 children
Jesse b 1777 d 1778
Dorcas b 1780 m John Gage 7 children
Abigail b 1782 d 1784
324. Stephen Merrill
648. Nathaniel Merrill
1296. Nathaniel Merrill

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Time Line Thursday Patrick Gallagher Gallaher Update


Time line on PATRICK GALLAHER / GALLAGHER what do I know so far?

I also at this time looking at Patrick's neighbors on the census.  Click here to see the first posting on that challenge. 

I first posted this in 2012.  This is a hard ancestor for me to find information on.  Below you can see what I posted 4 years ago

Today Time Line for Patrick Gallagher

born about 1830 County Cork Ireland
1850 census has a Patrick Gallagher still do not know if my ancestor
14 November 1851 has a Patrick Gallagher arriving so are either one of these my Patrick
1860 census has a Patrick living in New York He is living with a Joanna so I feel he is my ancestor.
15 April 1866 daughter Mary e born Hamburg, Vernon Wisconsin
12 Mar 1868 daughter Bridget is born Hamburg, Vernon Wisconsin
15 December 1869 son William is born Chipmunk Coulee, Vernon Wisconsin
1870 census has Patrick 40 years living with wife , daughter Mary 4, Bridget age 2 and son William 7 months. Real Estate value $1100 and personal property $600 . Patrick is a farmer
10 May 1874 daughter Catherine ( my great grandmother) born La Crosse County , Wisconsin
1880 census Hamburgh , Vernon county, Wisconsin living with wife and children. Census states both he and Catherine can not read or write
1895 Bergen, Vernon, Wisconsin living with wife Joanna , daughter Mary and son Patrick
03 Jan 1898 Death La Crosse Wisconsin 
buried in LaCrosse Wisconsin Catholic cemetery 
Probate 2 May 1899 Vernon, Wisconsin 

Posted in 2012
Between 1830 and 1838 born in Ireland parents unknown at this time. 
The 1870 census has him 32 years old while the 1880 census has him at 50 years old. 
Same family members listed so is the same family.
abt 1850 or so arrived in the United States. Would think he arrived through New York. Would be about 20 years when he arrived if this is true. This is when most of the Irish came to the United States. Most arrived between 1849 and 1851.
1866 April daughter Mary born
abt 1868 12 of March daughter Bridget born. Do not have exact dates of birth
abt 1869 December 15th son William born. Do not have exact dates of birth
1870 living in Hamburg, Vernon county, Wisconsin with wife Joanna and daughter Mary age 4, daughter Bridget age 2 and son William age 7 months. Census reports that all children were born in Wisconsin. Mary was born April of 1866 so were in Wisconsin as of this time. Real Estate property is listed at value of $1100 and personal property at $600. Patrick is listed as a farmer. 
1880 living in Hamburg still living in the home is daughter Mary age 14, daughter Bridget age 12, son William age 10 and Kathreen age 7. This is my great grandmother. Patrick is listed as a farmer. 
1895 living in Bergen, Vernon, Wisconsin. Living in the home is 2 males and 2 females. 2 are foreign born and 2 are US born. This would be Patrick, wife Joanna, daughter Mary who would be about 29 years old and son William who would be about 26 years old. Neither ever married.
1898 3rd of January Patrick passed away in LaCrosse County Wisconsin about 60 years old. Wife Joanna lived until 12 of July 1902

the 1870 census has her at 30 years old and born about 1840 while the 1880 census has her at 47 years and born about 1833. The 1900 census has her born Aug 1833 and age 66. She is widowed and mother of 5 children with 4 children living. Living with her is Mary and William. All 5 children are living at this time so not sure why it says only 4 are living. Is this an error or does this mean she has disowned one of the children. If she did consider one of her children dead it would of been my great grandmother Katherine. 
Son William does not pass away till 1912 and Joanna dies on the 12 of July 1902. This is a mystery to me. 

To do list on both Patrick and Joanna
death certificate for Patrick 
death certificate for wife Joanna
Where are Patrick and Joanna buried?
 I know that son William buried the Catholic Cemetery in LaCrosse Wisconsin. Daughter Bridget and Bridget's husband buried there also. Location of Cemetery is 519 Losey Blvd South LaCrosse Wisconsin
When did Patrick come to the US and who with
When did Joanna come to the US and who with

Not proven as of yet
1860 census Annsville, Oneida, New York there is listed 
Patrick Gallagher 30 years old making his year of birth about 1830
Joanna Gallagher 26 years old making her year of birth about 1834
this very well could be my great great grandparents. 

There was a Joanna Riordan who arrived New York 15th of October 1851 on the ship Lockwood. They have her age 18 coming from Cork. This would be about the right age for my Joanna.  Also listed is a Marlin Riordan age 35 years old. Very well and probably is a relative

I know more than I did in 2012 but still have lots of questions.  Still have not traveled to La Crosse Wisconsin.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Who Were Their Neighbors Series Gallagher Gallaher Family Episode 1

Smoky Mountain Family Historian posted yesterday that she is starting a new series of looking

at her ancestors neighbors in the census.

Many genealogy speakers suggest to look at neighbors in a census 10 before and 10 after.

Others suggest to go 20 each side.

I will work on this same project but where to start.  I have three sets of ancestors that I know so little

about.  My maternal grandmother's mother and father.

All I know about grandmother's  father is his name.  I have searched his name in the census and may

 have an idea of who he is but not is parents or siblings at this time.  Once I find out who he may be a

DNA would be the next step if I found a descendant of his.

My grandmother's mother's family came from Ireland and do not know their siblings.

What I do have is family photo albums with some names.  Maybe I can link these names to my great

great grandmother Johanna Riordan and great great grandfather Patrick Gallagher.

I am starting with the Gallagher and the Riordan Family.  I plan to start 1870 census.

I checked the census 20 families either side and no one from Ireland. Majority were from Prussia.

No one with the name Gallagher, Riordan or Daly which are my names to search.

Next I went to family album and found photos Daniel Riordan and family,  Ann Riordan

and ? Perry Riordan.. Not sure what the first name is at this time.

I will spend more time searching these names in future census plus seeing if I can find any other

names in photo albums.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Female Ancestors Age at Death

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun put on by Randy Seaver  -- Female Ancestors Age at Death

Here's mine (I'm going to use ahnentafel numbers here):

3.  Muriel Joyce (Day) Zion (1922-1998) - 76 years

5.  Alta Louise (Hall Zion (1892-1944) - 51 years
7.  Grace Celeste (Daly Esler)  Day  (1893-1972) - 79 years.

9.  Rachel Ann (Millsap) Zion (1862-1945) - 83 years
11. Mabel Jane. (Coleman ) Hall (1872 -1946) - 73 years
13. Carrie B (Lockwood) Day  (1870-1946) – 75 years
15. Catherine Ellen (Gallagher) Esler (1874-1940) - 65 years

2nd Great-Grandmothers:
17.  Mary (Cassell) Zion (1834-1919) - 85 years
19.  Anna (Woodmansee) Millsap (1841-1904) - 62 years
21.  Louisa Marie (Reynolds) Hall  (1832-1899) - 66 years
23.  Alta Angeline (Cheuvront) Coleman (1848-1937) - 89 years
25.  Betsy Ann (Anderson) Day (1838-1938) - 100 years
27.  Betsy Jane (Eddington) Lockwood (1842-1924) - 81 years
29.  Unknown
31.  Johanna  (Riordan) Gallagher (1833-1902) - 68 years

3rd Great-Grandmothers:
33.  Mary  (Gobble) Zion  (1796-1835) - 39 years
35.  Elizabeth (Carmichal) Cassell (1812-1899) - 87 years
37.  Elizabeth (McGuire) Millsap (1805 -1835) - 29 years
39.  Rachel Burrell ( Hanner) Woodmansee (1819-1889) - 70 years
41.  Sally  (Grimes) Hall (1800-1873) - 72 years
43.  Mandania S (Grover) Reynolds (1815-1855) - 40 years
45.  Catherine (Beiler) Coleman (1806-1884) - 78 years
47.  Mary (Rouse) Cheuvront (1713-1904) - 90 years
49.  Anna (Smith Day (1835 - ?) - ? years
51.  Harriet (Carpenter) Anderson (1811-1905) - 93 years
53.  Emma (Moiser) Lockwood (1820-1900) - 80 years
55.  Henrietta  (Curtis) Eddington (1818-1882) - 64 years
57.  Unknown
59.  Unknown
61.  Unknown
63. Unknown

So in those five generations, the longest lived was Betsy Anderson wife of Dwight Henry Day, of  Minnesota at 100 years.  The shortest lived was Elizabeth (McGuire) Millsap, wife of William Bella Millsap of Indiana, at 29 years.

The age ranges are:

*  Generation 1 (mother) - 76 years
*  Generation 2 (grandmothers) -  (range 51 to 79)
*  Generation 3 (great-grandmothers) -  (range 65 to 83)
*  Generation 4 (2nd great-grandmothers) - (range 62 to 100)
*  Generation 5 (3rd great-grandmothers) - (range 29 to 93)

Surname Saturday Agnes Hammer Family 4th great grandparent

1. Grace Zion

2. Arthur Zion ( 1921 - 2008 )
3. Muriel Day ( 1922 - 1998 )

4. Perry Zion ( 1886 - 1958 )
5. Alta Hall ( 1892 - 1944 )

8. Jonathan Zion ( 1861 - 1927 )
9. Rachel Millsap (1862 - 1945 )

18. Flavious Millsap  ( 1832 - 1910 )
19. Anna Woodmansee ( 1841 - 1904 )

38. James White Woodmansee (1816 – 1898 )
39. Rachel Burrell Hammer  ( 1819-1889)

76. James Woodmansee (1766- 1847)
77. Agnes Hammer ( 1794 or 1786 - 1829 ( birth date on ancestry is 1794 and find a grave as 1786)
need to see if I can read the tombstone better.

John Shepard (1810 – 1886)
Elizabeth (1812 – 1895)
Daniel (1814 – 1892)
James White (1816- 1898)

I have not spent any time with this family as of yet.  I found Elizabeth and Daniel tonight when I went to find a grave to find head stones for James Woodmansee and Agnes Hammer
Both are my 4th great grandparents. I am not sure where James was born as of yet. Ancestry has birth place as New Jersey and find a grave has Pennsylvania.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Found On The Internet Etta Zion Pall Bearer of Malissa McLaughlin Ryan 1885

Found at newpapers for Decatur County, Iowa

Decatur County Journal
April l, l885

DIED--At her home near Tuskeego, March 29th, l885, MRS. ELIJAH [Malissa E. (McLaughlin)] RYAN,
aged l9 years, 2 months and 25 days, oldest daughter of AMOS and MARY
The deceased was born in Decatur County, Iowa, January 2nd, l867.  At
the age of l7, she united with the Baptist Church, of which she was a
devoted member till her death.  On January lst, l885, she married ELIJA
The funeral services were conducted by the REV. AUXIER--the text chosen
was the thirty-fifth verse of the eleventh chapter of St. John.
Her father died in l876, but this is the second death in her mother's
family, consisting of two daughters and three sons.  Those surviving her
are two brothers and one sister, MRS. C. CASH.  The entire community
extends to the bereaved husband, mother, brother and sister their most
heartfelt sympathy, as no death ever occurred in the history of our
vicinity that seemed to effect every one so generally as this one.  In
the life of MRS. RYAN can be seen the true woman as daughter, wife and
sister.  Her very presence was a sure indication of pleasure to every
one, always seeking for the comfort and enjoyment of others and never
losing an opportunity to do a kind act.  Her life has passed away, but
the good deeds that she has done yet live and will continue to live in
the hearts of those that knew her.
The exclamation of all as they gazed on her peaceful countenance was,
how beautiful, and we could not help exclaiming:
          How calm and peaceful is thy brow,
          No sorrow e're can touch thee now;
          Life's thorny path has all been trod,
          And thou hast gained the blest abode.
The remains were interred in the Elk Cemetery to rest peacefully till
          Farewell, thou loved one gone,
           From this cold stormy shore;
          O, may we meet when life is done,
           Where partings are no more.
                                 NAOMI C. CASH; April lst, l885
Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
(this was very hard to read, but hopefully
all the dates and information are correct.)

 Sad note is that Etta Zion who was a pall bearer died herself on December 31st 1890 at the age of 22 years old of tuberculous . She also had married recently before her death.
You can read more about Etta here

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Obituary Etta Zion Piercy Daughter of John and Mary Cassell Zion Wife of Maley Piercy

Decatur County Journal
January l5, l89l
Died, of consumption, at her home near Lamoni, Iowa, after a lingering
illness, December 3l, l890, at 8:l5 p.m., MRS. ETTA GERTRUDE, wife of
MALEY PIERCY, and daughter of JOHN and MARY ZION; aged 23 years, 3
months and l0 days.
She was born near Decatur City, September 2l, l868, and when but a child
removed with her parents to Bloomington Township, where she has ever
since resided.  When l5 years old, she was converted and soon after
united with the Baptist Church, of which she has been a faithful member.
In August, l890, she was united in marriage to MALEY PIERCY of Tuskeego.
Thus a loving companion, dutiful daughter, kind sister, has been taken
from our midst.  She will also be missed from the ranks of teachers, as
she had followed that profession successfully for three years.  Wherever
she went she made friends and left a good impression in the hearts of
all she met.  But nowhere will she be missed as in the home circle, that
has for the first time been broken.  The sympathy of the entire
community is extended to the heart-broken young husband in this his
first deep affliction.
During her late illness he was constantly at her bedside, doing all that
human kindness could do but of no avail; and for the bereaved parents,
what a sad homecoming, after she had been laid to her long and final
rest.  Funeral services were conducted by the REV. DRAKE, of Ringgold
                                 A FRIEND.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

Tombstone Tuesday Etta Anna Gertrude Zion Daughter of John and Mary

Today I am sharing a little bit on my 2nd great aunt Etta Anna Gertrude Zion daughter of

John and Mary Cassell Zion.

Etta story is sad being that she died only  a couple of months after marrying Maley Piercy

on the 20th of August 1890.  This picture has the groom cut away.

Etta was born the 21st of September 1868 in Decatuer County Iowa and passed away on

 December 31st 1890.

She is buried in Lilly Cemetery in Lamoni next to her parents.

 I have put a request for a photo of her tombstone with find a grave.

Cemetery posting says that the inscription is daughter of JH and MM

 Obituary click here ... read more about Etta here. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Surname Saturday Hensley Family Virginia to Kentucky

Surname Saturday Hensley

It is Saturday and I am counting down my Ancestral Name List

I am at my 5th great grandparents Note that earlier great grandparents were done in previous weeks.

This family line goes back 2 generations at this time.  I have not researched them as of yet.

1. Grace Zion

2. Arthur Zion ( 1921 - 2008 )
3. Muriel Day ( 1922 - 1998 )

4. Perry Zion ( 1886 - 1958 )
5. Alta Hall ( 1892 - 1944 )

8. Jonathan Zion ( 1861 - 1927 )
9. Rachel Millsap (1862 - 1945 )

18. Flavious Millsap  ( 1832 - 1910 )
19. Anna Woodmansee ( 1841 - 1904 )

36. William Bela Milsap ( 1797 - 1885 )
37. Elizabeth McGuire ( 1805 - 1835 )

74. John McGuire (1780 – 1840)
75. Lucy Hensley  ( 1782 – 1854)

Children of John and Lucy
Jane (1805 – 1880)
Elizabeth (1805 – 1835)
Alfred (1810 – 1870)
Thompson (1811 – 1888)
Polly (1818 – ?)
John (1818 – 1897)
Martha (1830 - ?)

150. Joseph Hensley (1750 – 1832) born Virginia Died in Kentucky
151. Jane  unknown

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday Coleman John Henry Cheuvront Alta Angeline Family 2nd Great Grandfather Grandmother

Today is Tuesday and time to share a tombstone from my family tree.

Up until tonight I had not searched for the tombstones of one of my paternal 

great grandparents last resting place.

John Henry Coleman born 16th of June 1839 to Elic Alexander Coleman and Catherine Beiler

On 01 July 1866 John married Alta Angeline Cheuvront born 27 May 1848 and died 28 September 1937.  They married Greenwood , Cass, Nebraska. 

Both are buried in Kent Cemetery in Taylor, Loup, Nebraska along with many family members.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Belated Birthday Wishes To My Grandmother Grace

July 6th was my grandmother Grace's birthday.

Born 123 years ago in 1893 to Katherine Gallagher and Andrew Daly in Wabasha Minnesota.

How I miss sitting at her kitchen table drinking ginger ale and eating cookies. As a child we lived about 2 blocks away.  I would call and tell her I was on my way to visit and she would wait on the corner for me.  Sweet loving woman that I wish I could sit with one more time.

Picture is grandma Grace and Grandpa Day first row and her brother Wayne Esler and his sweet wife Mary.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Surname Saturday Lacy Virginia to Indiana

It is Saturday and I am counting down my Ancestral Name List

I am at my 4th great grandparents Note that earlier great grandparents were done in previous weeks.

I can only go back one generation line in the Lacy family at this time.

1. Grace Zion

2. Arthur Zion ( 1921 - 2008 )
3. Muriel Day ( 1922 - 1998 )

4. Perry Zion ( 1886 - 1958 )
5. Alta Hall ( 1892 - 1944 )

8. Jonathan Zion ( 1861 - 1927 )
9. Rachel Millsap (1862 - 1945 )

18. Flavious Millsap  ( 1832 - 1910 )
19. Anna Woodmansee ( 1841 - 1904 )

36. William Bela Milsap ( 1797 - 1885 )
37. Elizabeth McGuire ( 1805 - 1835 )

72. Robert Millsap born 1773 Randolph, Rowan County, North Carolina to 144.  Robert Millsap (1719- 1793 ) and 145. Ellender King ( 1733 - 1796  died  1842 Hamblen, Brown County, Indiana

73. Marcia Massy Lacy born 1764 Augusta County, Virginia died  1842 Gnaw Bone , Brown County, Indiana. Parents unknown at this time

Children of Robert Millsap and Marcia Massy Lacy are

William Bela ( 1797 - 1860) 1. Elizabeth McGuire ( 1805 - 1835) 2. Jane Bunch 1837 ( 1801 - 1839)
James ( 1798- 1860)  married 1825 Mary Louisa Hanna (1810- 1837 )
Gabriel (1801 - ?)
Anna ( 1803 - 1857 ) 1824 married Pleasant Weddel
John ( 1805 -1892)
Marcy ( 1805 - ?
Gamathiel ( 1824 - 1908 ) married Susan Ann Ogelsby ( 1826 - )

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wordless Wednesday Christmas Family Photo Time 1957

Today's Wordless Wednesday photo is from Christmas 1957 is of my family.

Dad , mama , sister Mary and my self .  Our dog Lady is sitting on daddy's lap.

I love the white socks and black shoes. This was taken at my grandparents home. 

I loved that dress but can not remember the color the top was maybe brown. I was 9 years and my sister was 7 years old here. Be sure and take note of the Christmas tree behind me. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Saturday Night Fun Where Were My Ancestors 150 Years Ago The Year is 1866

Saturday night and the weather here has been stormy.  It is starting to clear up and a I think it is a perfect time to join Randy Seaver Saturday night fun.

Here is my quest...

1)  Determine where my ancestral families were on 25 June 1866 - 150 years ago.

2)  List my ancestors, their family members, their birth and death years, and their residence location (as close as possible).  Do you have a photograph of their residence from about that time, and does the residence still exist?

The ancestors living in 1866 would be most of my great-grandparents, many of my great-great-grandparents, and perhaps some 4th great-grandparents.

The Civil war has ended and the country is recovering from this great divide of our country. Only one of my great grandfathers fought in the war. John Zion registered available for military duty but I have not found that he did enter the military.

1. My 2nd great grandfather John Zion 1831 - 1920  and 2nd great grandmother Mary Cassell 1919-1834 -  with 3 children including my 1st great grandfather Jonathan Zion 1861 - 1927.  The youngest child had not been born yet.  They were living in Decatur Iowa at this time.

2.My 3rd great grandmother Elizabeth ( Carmichael } Cassell 1812 - 1899  was alive . She is the mother of 2nd great grandmother Mary Cassell.  I do not know where she lived at this time. 

3.My 2nd great Flavious Millsap 1831 - 1910  and 2nd great grandmother Anna Woodmansee 1841 -1904  were living in Decatur Iowa with two of their children including my 1st great grandmother Rachel Millsap 1862 - 1886 . Another 8 children were born at a later time. 

4. Bela Melsap 1797 - 1885 father of  Flavious and my 3rd great grandfather was alive and living some where in Iowa.  He out lived 2 wives 

5. James Woodmansee  1816 - 1898 and Rachel Burrell 1819 - 1889  my 3rd great grandparents were living in Decatur Iowa . They are the parents of 2nd great grandmother Anna Woodmansee Milsap.

6. George Hall 1832 - 1892 and Louisa M Reynolds 1832- 1899 2nd great grandparents are living in Evansville Wisconsin with 3 children including my 1st great grandfather Arthur Hall 1863 - 1919. Three children were born at a later date. They were living in Evansville, Wisconsin.

7  Sally Grimes 1800 - 1873 mother of George Hall was living in Wisconsin and is my 3rd great grandmother.

8. John Henry Coleman 1839 - 1922 and Alta Angeline Cheuvront 1848- 1937 my 2nd great grandparents. They were probably living in Salt Lake Creek Nebraska. They married a few days later on July 1st 1866.

9. Alexander Elic Coleman 1805 - 1873 and wife Catherine Beiler 1806 - 1884  my 3rd great grandparents. I am not sure where they were living.

10. Ebenezer Coleman 1781 - 1873 my 4th great grandfather is living in Ohio.

11. Lemuel Cheuvront 1812 - 1896 and Mary Rouse 1813 - 1904 are my 3rd great grandparents. Not sure where they were living. They are the parents of my 2nd great grandmother Alta.

12. Dwight Henry Day 1829 -1913 and Betsy Ann Anderson 1838 - 1938 are my 2nd great grandparents. They are living in Rome, New York. With 3 children.  Betsy is pregnant with her fourth  child Abram.  My 1st great grandfather William Albert will be born a year later and she will have another 3 children after William. Betsy lived to be over 100 years.

13. Harriet Carpenter 1811 - 1905 my 3rd great grandmother is living in New York. She will relocate to Wabasha county Minnesota 2 years later with her children and their families.  Harriet is the mother of Betsy Anderson.

14. John Theodore Lockwood 1840- 1911 and Betsy Eddington 1842 - 1924 . They are my 2nd great grandparents and are living in Wisconsin.  John fought in the civil war 1864 to 1865. Was with the Calvary out of Wisconsin.

15. Hiram Lockwood 1804 - 1883 and Emma Moiser 1820 - 1900 are my 3rd great grandparents and the parents of John Lockwood. Not sure where they are living either in Wisconsin or Minnesota.

16. Augustus Eddington 1819 - 1903 and Henrietta Curtis 1818 - 1882 are living in Wisconsin and are my 3rd great grandparents.

17. Patrick Gallagher abt 1830 - 1898 and Johanna Riordan 1833 - 1902  They are my 2nd great grandparents.  They are living in Wisconsin with daughter Mary. Three more children will be born including my great grandmother Katherine later.  They immigrated to the United States from Ireland about 1863.

So I think I have 32 grandparents alive in 1866 on June 25th 1866
3 Great grandparents
14 2nd Great grandparents
14 3rd Great grandparents
1 4th Great grandparent

Monday, June 20, 2016

Who Is My Strongest Ancestor i Vote For Mama Living With Polio

Little Bytes of Life

Which of your ancestors deserves to sit on the Iron Throne?

The strong will survive!
War, famine, poverty, disease, harsh weather: these are just a few of the difficult situations that may have been endured by our ancestors.
Most of us have encountered one special ancestor who survived a particularly difficult situation, and is someone we think of as “strong.” An ancestor could be considered “strong” for a variety of reasons:
  • Military prowess;
  • Emotional strength;
  • Intelligence;
  • Cunning;
  • Courage;
  • Survived a situation that others did not;
  • And many others.
The ancestor I am choosing to sit on the throne is my mama.

This picture is my mama a couple years before she contacted polio while living in Texas. 
She survived polio and spending months in an iron lung.  Came out of the iron lung wearing a brace and using crutches the rest of her life
She raised  three children and participated in school functions and church functions. 

She did not let being handicapped determine who she was.  My father was busy selling to support the family and mom who hire a cab to take us to our elementary school for Halloween functions or any other activity.  We would take a taxi down town to go school shopping and to lunch.

I admire my father for all he did to take care of his family but my mother faced many challenges on a daily basis. 

You can read more about my mama here
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday Birth Date Of Great Grandparents William McCormack and Rebecca

Name:William Mccormack
Birth Year:1710
Spouse Name:Rebecca
Spouse Birth Year:1714
Number Pages:

Last night while doing a little research as I am updating my pedigree charts I found the record

of William McCormack and his wife Rebecca last name unknown marriage.

This record gives me their birth date.  Sadly no last name for Rebecca given.

They are my 6th great grandparents on my father's side. 

Arthur Zion  1921 - 2008
Perry Zion 1886- 1958
Jonathan Adam Zion 1861- 1927
John H Zion  1831 - 1920
McCormack Zion  1795 - 1863
Lucy McCormack 1772- 1854
William McCormack 1745- 1775
William McCormack  1910 -1775

Wonderful found treasure now back to redoing my pedigree charts and building my files for documenting my work
Thanks for stopping by happy hunting

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Sadness Fills My Heart 1910 Census 2nd Great Uncle Found Wisconsin Insane Asylum

Sadness Fills My Heart As I Search Records For My Ancestor George Ephriam Hall my 2nd great uncle brother of my great grandfather Arthur R Hall.

Recently I was working on the Hall family line filling in information and when I came to George.  I saw that he never married and died when he was 44 years old.

George was born in Union, Rock, Wisconsin to George Wilbur Hall 1832 - 1892 and Louisa Maria Reynolds Hall 1832 - 1899.

George was one of six children, Charles, Arthur, Florence, Mark and Agnes.

On July 27th 1892 his father passes away and almost 7 years later on the 11th of March 1899 his mother passes away.

In the 1900 census George is 31 years old, single and renting a farm.  Living with him is his sister Florence 35 years , sister Agnes 28 years and an uncle Theodore Phillips.age 80 years.

In 1905 he is still living with his two sisters but uncle Theodore is no longer living.

By 1910 George's health is failing and he is in the Rock County Insane Asylum listed as an inmate.

George passes away the 07th of Aug 1913 of tuberculous.  He is buried in the Maple Hill cemetery where other members of the family are buried.

Thanks for stopping by, happy hunting . You can read other posts on the Hall family here

Amanuensis Monday Post 11 Obituary Arthur R Hall 1884 -1919

Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the Transylvanian Dutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:"

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

Today's posting is the obituary of Arthur R Hall my great grandfather.

Arthur R. Hall was born in Evansville, Wis., September 19, 1863, where he spent his boyhood days until he graduated from the Evansville Seminary in 1884. He was married to Miss Mabel J. Coleman, at Denver, Colorado, August 28, 1891, at which time he moved to Chicago, where he lived seven years. In 1898, he moved to Nebraska, and in the spring 1919, settled near Crawford. there were three daughters born, Mrs. Alta Zion, of Craig, Colo., Mrs. Belle Sturm and Miss Pearl Hall, of Crawford.
Mr. Hall died at the home of his eldest daughter in Craig, Colo., July 8, 1919, where he and Mrs. Hall and their daughter Pearl, were visiting.
The remains were brought back to the home in Crawford, where funeral services were conducted on Saturday afternoon, July 12, by Rev. Mearl C. Smith, and the body was laid to rest in the Crawford cemetery.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Searching the Lives of my ancestors from birth to death Grace M Hall Brunsell 1893 - 1983 1st Cousin 2 times Removed

Tonight my quest was to find out information for one of my ancestors through the line of my great grandfather Arthur R Hall

Tonight's choice was his niece Grace, all I had when I started was her parents names and that she was born about 1894.  She is the daughter of grandpa Arthur's brother Mark Hall and Mary Cassady Hall.

So off the ancestry I went. There was a leaf that told he I had a hint.

What I found was the record of her birth and christening which gave me her birth date of  05 Nov 1893.

This is the record found

 in the Wisconsin, Births and Christenings Index, 1801-1928
Saved to
Hall, Grace M in tree "Zion / Day Family Tree" Remove
Record Image No Image
Text-only collection
Add alternate information
Report issue
Name: Hall
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Date: 5 Nov 1893
Birth Place: Union, Rock, Wisconsin
Father: Mark A Hall
Mother: Mary Cassaday
FHL Film Number: 1305582
Source Information
Ancestry.com. Wisconsin, Births and Christenings Index, 1801-1928 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2011.
Original data:
"Wisconsin Births and Christenings." Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009, 2010. Index entries derived from digital copies of original and compiled records.
This database is an index extracted from more than 1.4 million birth and christening records from Wisconsin. Learn

Next leaf was to find a distant relative 's tree that gave me her married name of Brunsell.

Grace married Carl Oscar Brunsell the 24th of  February 1916 Stoughton Dane Wisconsin

They had 5 children during their marriage.

This information gave me the census reports and find a grave site

I ended the night at Maple Hill Cemetery with the only picture showing is the cemetery entrance post.
No pictures of the head stones have been taken as of yet.

Grace died 24 of February 1838 and Carl passed away 19th of July 1930

I wish that the picture of the grave was posted.
Buried in this same cemetery is Grace's father Mark Alonzo
I will be spending some time searching more information on Grace and her husband.  Plus finding out who else is buried in this cemetery.

Grace is my first cousin 2 times removed

Thanks for stopping by..Happy hunting for your roots.

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Sentimental Sunday Happy 1st Birthday To Me 1949

Today I am sharing a couple of beautiful birthday cards for my first birthday.

One from grandpa and grandma Day and one from my aunt Daisy.

Such pretty cards from 1949.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday Dwight Henry Day and Betsey Anderson Day Buried Pleasant Prairie Cemetery

Today for Tombstone Tuesday we are visiting my 2nd great grandfather Dwight Henry Day and my 2nd great grandmother Betsey Anderson

Click on link to read other Tombstone Tuesday posts

He is buried in a small cemetery named Pleasant Prairie  3 miles from Zumbro Falls Minnesota.\

I was able to visit the cemetery in 2000.

Dwight 1829 -1913  Betsey lived 100 years 1838 to 1938

Friday, May 27, 2016

On This Day Remembering Alta Cheuvront Great Great Grandmother Happy Birthday

On this day I am remembering my great great grandmother Alta Cheuvront. Happy birthday dear grandmother.

To read more about Alta click here

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Wednesday Wednesdays Zion Family Southwest Virginia Colonial Times

Tonight on ancestry I found 3 of my Zion ancestors listed in the Annals of Southwest Virginia.

Date                    Groom                                      Bride                                                Minister

1789 Nov 3       Zion John              4th great grandfather     Lucy MacCormack       John Frost

1811 Mar 11      Zion Jacob            4th great uncle               Caty Fleenor             Charles Pennington

1818 Aug 27     Zion McCormack 3rd great grandfather      Mary Gobble              David Jesse

I was wondering what the marriage customs would be for my ancestors in colonial America

I found an excerpt from an article by historian Alice Morse Earle in the Journal of American Folklore (April June 1893).

The bride and groom and bridal party walked a little procession to the meeting house on the Sabbath following the marriage.  We read in Sewall diary of a Sewall bride thus coming out  or walking out bride , as it was called in Newburyport Cotton Mather thought it expedient to thus make public with due dignity the marriage.  In some communities the attention of the interested public was further drawn to the new married couple in what seems to us a very comic fashion.  On the Sabbath following the wedding, the gaily dressed bride and groom occupied a prominent seat in the gallery of the meeting house , and in the middle of the sermon they rose and slowly turned around to display complacently on every side their wedding finery.

Other customs were just before joining hands the Bridegroom quits the place , who is soon followed by the Brides men and , as it were, dragged back to duty.

Did the bride throw a stocking, was there drinking and dancing after the wedding.

I wish I could travel back in time to see where they married , what they wore and what the customs were for the Zions in colonial Virginia.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday Michael Flinner / Fleenor Washington County Virginia My 4th Great Grand Uncle

Today for Tombstone Tuesday I am sharing about Michael Flinner / Fleenor the brother of 5th great grandfather Gasper ( Casper ) Fleenor making him my 4th great grand uncle

Michael Flinner / Fleenor, son of Johannes Flinner and Anna Minnick, was born November 28, 1760, in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and died August 03, 1837, in Mongle Springs, Washington County, Virginia.

He married Sarah "Sally" Linder on December 10, 1781, in Three Springs, Washington County, Virginia. She was born on July 08, 1765, in Washington County, Virginia and died July 09, 1853, in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. She was the daughter of (George Anton) Anthony Linder and Mary Newland.

Michael is buried in the Fleenor Cemetery #89, Washington County, Virginia. They raised a family of 14 children.

According to researcher Michael Meek: Michael Flinner served in the American Revolution in the western part of Virginia at various times from 1777 to 1780. On March 26, 1833, he applied for a soldiers pension, his soldier certificate was 12609 under the act of June 7, 1832. The pension was granted and he received $51.66 per annum issued May 11, 1833. Buried: Fleenor Cemetery #89, Washington County, VA.

Michael was a Justice of Washington County, VA. on the 19th of June, 1821.

Fleener Cemetery #89. GPS: 36.789117, -82.031173

Michael's stone is no longer actually at the cemetery. The owner had passed away already when we went, however we talked to his son, and according to him, the previous owner had the stone removed due to the amount of people asking to visit the cemetery.