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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Sometimes it is hard to think of your grandparents as sweethearts as lovers. They are your grandparents, but when you get a chance to own early postcards or letters they wrote before or even after married to get a peek into the romance part of their life.

Here is a post card that my grandpa Bill sent to grandma Grace before they married. The front may not be fancy and romantic but the back tells the story.

December 2nd 1909
My dear sweetheart
     I have waited all my life just for you.  Now  I know since I met you and looked into your beautiful eyes, and read there my answers.  It is the happiest moment of  a man's life when he meets the girl he loves and his love is returned.  Your devoted  W H Day

They married January 12th 1911 in Mora Minnesota and had five children between 1913 and 1922 with the youngest being my mama.
I wish I knew how they met, but I never asked.
Happy Valentines  Day to all of you.  Grace

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Among the old family treasures that were passed down are 4 vintage postcards addressed to my great grand aunt Mary Gallaher. She is the sister of my great grandma Katherine Gallaher / Gallagher mother of my Grandma Grace

The first one is dated February 12, 1916. Mary is living in Mora, Minnesota where her sister lives.
Post card is written in pencil so hard to read but what I can make out is
Dear Aunt
Received your card was glad to hear from you
Mary got a boy Feb 4th named him James, he
weighed 9 1/2 pounds.
Alda Davidson married a man out in Texas
next two words I can not make out
signed Catherine

Catherine is the daughter of Bridget who is Mary's sister, the mentioned new mother. I find it an interesting chose that she writes a message of new baby on this post card picturing the Oak Grove Mausoleum in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

If you think we are related through this family or any other mentioned family I would love to hear from you. Grace

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Here is a wonderful vintage New Year's post card in my collection. Young child sitting on a horseshoe swing.
Telling us Good Luck and a Happy New Year postmarked Dec 30 1911. One hundred years old. How great is that.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Vintage Postcard of Princeton Minnesota adds mysteries to my family research

I started this post on my vintage postcard blog and after turning around found out that it was written to my Appleton Esler so decided it fit in my family blog also and even more.

Great vintage postcards are not only fun to look at but can be great additions to our genealogy family histories.

Today's posting is of an old card of Princeton Minnesota and the street scene of Eastern Ave. The post mark is hard to read, but with magnifying glass it looks like could be 1909 . At the bottom left of the post card is written copyrighted 1909. So that makes this postcard 101 years old.

The street scene has many businesses including Williams Paint on a sign on first building on the left. On the right side in the middle of the block is a sign for a bakery and restaurant plus other signs that I can not make out. I did a http://www.google.com/ search on Sherwin Williams and found they started in 1866 so this is an old sign advertising their paint

There are residents on the left and one person walking on the right hand side. Most interesting is in the middle of the postcard are two wires in the sky and something is hanging from one. My thought is that it is a person crossing the street on the wire some how.

This post card is addressed to Appleton Esler of Mora Minnesota who was my grandma's step father .
What is written in pencil is hard to understand.
Dear Appleton
? cant possibly meet ? this week and I am not able to do my work now
Please don't send her ? a few days yet as I cant get any one to help me.
signed by maybe Jane? ( who is this )

This post card is a mystery to me. I do not know a lot about my great grandpa Appleton as of now. He married my great grandmother Katherine in 1893 in LaCrosse Wisconsin. He raised my grandmother Grace as his.

I do know he was married once or twice before and brought 2 children to the marriage. He and Katherine had 2 children together so they were a true Brady Bunch of the early 1900's. They moved to Mora Minnesota and lived and died there.

So the mystery is who is this postcard from and what is the meaning of the message and why was it necessary to send to Appleton. This is on my future researches at http://www.ancestry.com/ in the future. I want to learn more about Appleton and who his relatives were.

If you have not thought of adding vintage postcards to your family history books you may want to think about that. This post card was passed down to me from my mother.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vintage Postcard from Dad to Mom 1952

Tonight I posted a wonderful vintage postcard on my other blog site for the festival of postcards.

This post card was from my dad to my mom in 1952. Take a look at this listing to see read the story behind it.

Thanks for visiting ... Grace