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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What is more enjoyable Researching and Printing Information OR Filing the Information

Each of my basic 4 family lines is in different colored notebooks. Red for mother's father , white for mother's mothers family  blue for father's father and green for my father's mothers line.
How are you doing on your researching and filing of found information?  Hopefully you keep up better than I have in the past.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Researching Cheuvront Family Line ~ Aaron Cheuvront and the Civil War

 This month I have decided to concentrate on my Cheuvront family line. The family line began in America with Joseph Cheuvront and the last Cheuvront in my family line was my second great grandmother Alta Cheuvront who married John Coleman in 1866.
 It is believed that Aaron was married three times with Amanda Matilda Grant being wife number 1, Sarah Richards wife number two and that he married for the third time to Matilda Bolin.
In researching I have found that Aaron Charles  fought in the Civil War on the Union side . He was residing in West Virginia and was in the 11th Regiment, West Virginia Infantry Company K and was a private during his time in the military.
Tonight I found at http://www.civilwararchive.com/unionwv.htm,  http://www.wvcivilwar.com/union-regiments/11th-west-virginia-infantry/
Information on the 11th Regiment Infantry the following..
In researching I have found that Aaron Charles  fought in the Civil War on the Union side . He was residing in West Virginia and was in the 11th Regiment, West Virginia Infantry Company K and was a private during his time in the military.
What I am still searching for is when he enlisted and when he was mustered out. These records can be found at the National Archives if I do not find them on the Internet.

I now know of three ancestors who fought in the civil war. Besides Aaron Cheuvront  my great great grandfather John Lockwood and John's brother Frederick Lockwood fought on the union side. Both signed up with Wisconsin Calvary and served about one year.

On or About This Day Alta Angeline Cheuvront Was Married to John Henry Coleman 1866

Alta Angeline Cheuvront married John Henry Coleman on the 01st of July 1866 in Taylor Loup, Nebraska.
Alta is one of my great great grandmother on my father's side. She was born 16th of June 1839 Knox Ohio to Lemuel and Mary A ( Rouse) Cheuvront.  She passed away on the 28th of September 1937 in Taylor Loup, Nebraska.
Pictured is Alta in the upper right hand corner with her parents, brother and sister.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July 2013 My Revolutionary Ancestors

Happy 4th of July 2013, another year we can celebrate our freedom thanks to those who fought for it so many years ago. 

I am what is known as a mutt. My ancestors came from several areas in Europe. England, Ireland, France, Germany and Scotland.
One of the firsts was the Day line from England, the Zion line from Germany and Cheauvront line from France.
Fighting in the Revolutionary war were the family names of
Daniel Day 14th Nov 1746 to 1830
Joseph Cheuvront  2nd  Feb 1757 to 25 Mar 1832
John Rouse 9th of  Dec 1741 to 19th Jan 1834 Pension Files found
Ebenezer Coleman 29th of Oct 1731 to 1824

There were probably other family members who fought in this war and I will be busy searching for their information.

Thanks for stopping by , hope to find the time to spend more time here sharing some of my family information. Grace

Thursday, January 3, 2013

On This Day Great Great Grandpa Patrick Gallagher Died in 1898

On this day in 1898 great great grandfather is Patrick Gallagher who was born in Ireland in 1830. He  died on the 3rd of January 1898 in LaCrosse Wisconsin.
He immigrated from Ireland, married Joanna Riordan and together they had four children. Mary, Kate , Bridget and William. Lived and died in LaCrosse Wisconsin.
Pictured here is Patrick and Joanna with two of Bridget children.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


On this day I am remembering my 4th great grandmother Lucy McCormick who died in the year of 1854 during the month of January in Cane Creek, Lee, Virginia.
Lucy was born to William McCormic Jr.and Agnes Adams  in 1772 in Hanover, Virginia. Lucy married John W Zion and together they had 10 children.  Their 4th child was my 3rd  grandfather McCormick Zion.  Their children were Jacob, George, John W, McCormick, Elizabeth, Girl, William, Matthew, boy and Rachel.

Lucy is probably buried in Zion Cemetary in Lee County, Virginia near her husband and relatives.

REMEMBERING MY ANCESTOR ~ On This Day James McGuire was born in 1734 in Ireland and died during the Battle of Blue Licks 1782

On this day I am remembering my ancestor James McGuire / McGuyer.  It is believed that he was born in  1734 in Ireland. James married Elizabeth Black  and I know of my ancestor John. I believe there were other sons born to this marriage as I see several living near to each other in later census records.
1760 in the Annals of Southwest Virginia there is an order that James McGuire's claim be certified proof having be made in court that he served in Captain Christian's Company of Regulars of the Second Virginia as a soldier commanded by Captain William Byrd. This order was made at the court continued and held for Botetourt County on the 10th day of December 1779.
November 12th  James received pay as a Spye for the Virginia MilitiaY, Green Brier Cert 5.15
In 1774 the Loyal Land Company surveyed 100 acres for James the conflux of the New and Greenbriar rivers in Virginia.
October 1779 James and his family migrated to Boonesborough, Kentucky. They moved into a cabin owned by David McGee on " Jouette Creek"
1780 James and family were living at McGee's Station. During the summer he made " salt" as a profession.
1782 June James McGuire enlisted into the Fayette Co, Kentucky " Militia" .. He became a Lieutenant
1782 August 19th James was killed in action at the Battle of Blue Licks, Fayette Co. Kentucky which was known as the last battle of the Revolution
1787 James McGuire's widow and son John apperar on 1st tax list for Fayette Co. Kentucky.
By 1789 Margaret was not on the tax rolls and was probably deceased.

I have found Jame's name on ancestry and the above information found there.
There is a James McGuire who is listed on the Passenger and Immigration lists index for the year 1777 place is Pennsylvania. Annotation is that this is the date and place of oath of allegiance. Source is a Bibliography by John Linn and William Eagle title is Names of Persons Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the state of Pennsylvania. Found in this book could be country of occupation, occupation and other historical or genealogical information . This is on my list of books to find and read.
Who were James other son's and did he have any daughters? Are all the above James my James or where their others living in the area at the same time.
James is on my father's side of family as many other grandfathers who fought in the Revolutionary War.

On ancestry I found a US Veterans Gravesite for a John McGuire who was a private in the US Army of the Revolutionary War. Birth date 22nd of April 1756 and death 10th of April 1837. He is buried in the John Hammond Cemetery Bloomington, Salyersville, Kentucky.  This could be my John son of James.

Lots of questions on this ancestor and today I am remembering him.