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Saturday, December 29, 2012



For Surname Saturday I am sharing my Burrell Family Name using an Ahnentefel Report.
(1) Grace Zion
(2) Arthur Zion married  (3) Muriel Day in 1943. Arthur was son of
(4) Perry Zion who married (5) Alta Hall
(4) Perry Zion son of (8) Jonathan Adam Zion and (9) Rachel Millsap.
(9) Rachel is the daughter of (18)Flavious Millsap and (19) Anne Woodmansee. Rachel was born 19 April 1862 and died 13 May 1945.
(19) Anne Woodmanee born 10 July 1841 in Jackson Indiania. She married (18) Flavious September 1857. Anne passed away 04 July 1904.
(38 ) James White Woodmansee born 13 December 1816. He married on the 29th of October 1835 in Jackson, Indiania to (39) Rachel Burrell Hanner b 29 October 1835 in Jackson Indiania. James passed away 16 May 1898 in Decatur, Iowa.
Rachel daughter of  (78) John W Hanner b about 1794 in Stokes Co. North Carolina and died 1840 in route to Iowa.
and (79) Rebecca Burrell who was b abt 1793 Green Township , Gallin, Ohio. She died 1853 in Decature Co, Iowa. John married on 02 July 1818 in Jackson, Indiania to Rebecca was born to
(158)Francis Burrell b Oct 1760 in Frederic County d February 04 1852 in Decature County, Iowa and (159) Sarah Ward b abt 1766 in Virginia died 1831 Virginia. They married 10th February 1787 Virginia.
Francis Burrell was son of (316) Richard Burrell b between 1728 and 1739 in Frederic County died 10th of June 1782 in Washington County and
 (317) Susannah Wade b 1735 in Frederick County d 1783 Frederick County. They married about 1751 in Washington County, Maryland
Richard Burrell was son of (632) Peter Burrell b 08 Sept 1710 in Piscalaway d 07 of  November 1751 and (633) Mary. Last name might of been Knight or Chapline.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On This Day Grandpa McCormick ZION Dies 12/26/1863

On this day December 26th 1863 McCormick Zion passes away. He is one of my third great grandfathers
McCormick was born January 22, 1795 in Virginia to John W Sr and Lucy McCormick.
McCormick was married twice, first to Sally Stuart with whom he had Sarah Zion. Sally died young some time before 1818.
McCormick then married Mary Gobble shortly after Sally's death in 1818.
McCormick and Mary had four children, Eliza , Mary, John Henderson ( my ancestor ) and Andrew.
I have copies of historical documents from a family bible where McCormick has recorded his marriages.
They are surely a pleasure to own these copies with our family history regarding McCormick

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas to all of my friends. What a wonderful blessed day we are having today. I am thankful for all I have and pray for those who have troubles or pain in their lives at this time. I am thinking and praying for those who lost their children to tragedy and illness. My heart aches for them.
Be safe this holiday. Grace

Saturday, December 8, 2012

SURNAME SATURDAY ~ LINDER Family Coming From Switzerland

Today I am sharing my Linder family line hoping to make contact with a distant family member.
My Linder family tree is the following
For Surname Saturday I am preparing the chart for my Zion family. This is my father's name. and I'm going in Ahnentafel order for my ancestral surnames. The line goes from me to my ancestor Linder of Switzerland landing in Pennsylvania in 1733 at the age of 53.

1. Grace Zion

2. Arthur Zion b April 30 1920 d Sept 15 2008

3. Muriel Day b Feb 23 1922 d Feb 28 1998

4. Perry Zion b Dec 12 1886 Kendal Kansas d Dec 21 1958

5. Alta L Hall b June 26 1892 Evansville Wisconsin d Feb 21 1944

8. Johanthan Zion b Sept 29 1861 Decatuer Iowa d April 07 1927 Craig Colorado

9. Rachel Millsap b April 19 1862 Mountain ayr Iowa d May 13 1945

16. John Henderson Zion b Nov 28 1831 d April 22 1920

17. Mary cassell b Oct 19 1834 d Nov 20 1919

32. McCormick Zion b Jan 22 1795 North Fork Virginia d Dec 26 Decatur iowa

33. Mary Goble b April 14 1796 Holston River Virginia d Nov 20 1835 Rush Indiania

66.  John Gobble b 1766 Washington, Virginia  d 1846 Washington, Virginia

67.  Jemima Linder b 1774 Washington, Virginia d 1876 Washington, Virginia

134. Antony Linder b 1735 d 1801

 135. Mary Newland b 1735 d 1800

 268. Simon Linder b 1680 d 1751 Simon

  269. Margarete  b 1691 d 1736


Friday, December 7, 2012

BEST FRIEND FRIDAY ~ Trust some and laugh with all

We have friends through out our life. They come and go as we grow older, or move to another state or maybe they move away but they are our best friends for a time and stay in our memory for ever.
In grade school my best friend was Patty D. We played together and had lunch at each others houses. We lived just feet away from each other. Then she and her family moved away to Arizona. That was the end of that friendship.
In high school my best friend was Audrey. We were best friends through 9th grade to our early twenties. Shared secrets and great times. Were in each others weddings and our babies played together. She moved to Illiois and then moved back. We spent some more time together and then she moved again. She moved and traveled all over. Wonderful adventures and even thought we did not see each other she still was my best friend and always will be. We can meet and within minutes the connection is back. Today she is going through treatment for cancer, please say a prayer for my friend.
In my forties I had several girlfriends and we had some good times working, having lunch or going out to dance. Twenties have passed and lives change. I remarried and moved a hundred plus days away. Of the five of us one died in 2000 with her funeral on my birthday. Not the way I want to spend a birthday but I was there with these girlfriends to mourn our friend. I still see one of the girls and consider her a close friend. We see each other several times a year.
Right now I consider my husband my best friend , we have been married going on 23 years and I can share with him my dreams and fears. This picture was taken several years ago when we were out celebrating our wedding Anniversay. Dinner theater, saw Oklahoma.

 I consider my sister my best friend, I know I can go to her with anything. This is my sister and me about 1954.
Friends are important but their is different levels of friendship. It is important to me to share with my closest of friends and laugh often with all levels of my friends.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Thriller Thursday is posting where we can sharing something thrilling within our family history story. A sudden death, an unexplained death. These are always the saddest of stories I think. It is sad when a relative dies, but when the death is sudden, unexpected or violent that is when it is the hardest to add to the family story.
One of these deaths is the death of my great great uncle George Day. The story of his death took place here in the city where I live. When we drive near where he died and I can not help but think of this man I never knew.
George was the brother of my great grandpa William Albert Day. I know where he worked during his life. I have pictures of him and I have visited his grave site.
I have searched newspaper articles of his shooting and death at the library. I have searched later newspapers trying to find out more but have found nothing more than I know. I maybe know more than I really wanted to know.
I have shared uncle George before on Thriller Thursday but he is on my mind so I am bringing his story back to my blog.
While at the library recently I have searched more articles of his death and the last article suggested he may of taken his own life.  I will continue to search for newspaper articles and will go down to the twin cities to check there papers. There had been other robberies in the area where he died and I want to believe that he did not take his own life.
The last article I read had the detective going to the twin cities to get more information. I am hoping that he found something and that some day I find it.
Thanks for stopping by for Thriller Thursday and my story of my uncle George.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless ( Almost ) Wednesday 1954 My Sister and I Ready For Winter

Wordless ( Almost ) Wednesday is a time I like to share a picture. It is winter and cold outside already. I just bought my self a new winter coat. I think my coats as a child were much cuter.
This picture is taken about 1954 in Duluth and my sister and I are standing on the steps of my grandma and grandpa Day's home. If you look at the edge of the stairs you will see the remains of snow that did not get shoveled. We are all dressed up with cute coats, hats and mittens. Looks like my sister even has a scarf around her neck. I think we look adorable in this picture. This picture is going on 60 years old. This house is still standing and as we drive by I think of my grandparents and the wonderful time that were spent in that home. Many dinners, many holidays and many memories of lots of love within those four walls.

REMEMBERING My 3 times Great Grandmother HARRIET CARPENTER This Week

On this day December 5th in 1905 my grandmother Harriet Carpenter died. Next week on the 13th it will be the anniversary of her birth. She was born in 1811 to Harmon and Phobe ( Christensen ) Carpenter in New York.  Harriet's second husband was my great grandfather Levi Anderson.
After Levi's death in New York Harriet came to Minnesota where her sons had moved. Here she met and married her third husband and is buried next to him in a small country cemetery.
You can read Harriet's time line here and more of her story here.
It has been some time since I visited my research of Harriet. Will have to take some time to refresh her story and see if anything can be found.
Thanks for stopping by to help me remember my 3rd great grandma Harriet.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Time for Surname Saturday, it has been months since I added a Surname to my family blog. Today I am mentioning the Hildreth family name. Little is known in this line at this time.
The first time I come across this name is when I find that Lucy Hildreth married Ebenezer Coleman Jr. Lucy was born on the 06th of January in 1780 in Conn and passed away on the 20th of February in 1853 in Knox County, Ohio.
Lucy's parents were William Hildreth and JoAnna Chalker. William was born about 1735 Malborough, Conn  and died the 3rd of February 1810 in Malborough Conn.

His wife JoAnna was born around 1748 in Eastbury Conn and she died the 29th of November 1834 in Knox County, Ohio. I have found JoAnna's tombstone on ancestry.

Besides my ancestor Lucy, there may have been a brother William plus 5 other siblings.
More time will need to be spent here with this family.
Thanks for stopping by for Surname Saturday.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Climbing My Family Tree One Limb At A Time ~ Coleman, Cheuvront and Rouse limbs

I recently shared a picture of my great grandma Mabel Coleman Hall here on my blog and on my personal facebook page. I wonder some times how I can get my sons and grandchildren as interested in our family history as I am.
I look at their pictures and census reports and wonder about their lives. All we have are dates and maybe a story here or there but so much is missing.
At least we do have pictures sometimes that are passed on by others.
This picture is of my great grandma Mabel Coleman's motherj Alta. She is standing in the back row on the right hand side. Her name is Alta Cheauvront Coleman. She married John Henry Coleman and together they had five children. Elic, Mabel, Elmer, Myrtle and Mary with Mabel being my ancestor.
Sitting in the front row is Lemuel G Cheuvront and Mary Polly Rouse Cheuvront.
If you search back far enough in their trees you will find that their descendants fought in the American Revolutionary War.
The other two family members are Thomas J Cheuvront and Sarah Cheuvront Metheny. There was another sister Lourinda Cheuvront Chapin but she passed away in 1869.
These tree limbs are of my great great grandmother Alta who I am named after and my great great great grandparents.

SEPIA SATURDAY 1st December 2012

Time for Sepia Saturday and bridges,  water or even dogs are the theme. Swim suits or fishing could be ideas for this posting. 
My mother told me that as a young child about 4 or 5 my great uncle Wayne would take me fishing. Sadly I have no pictures or memories of this, but I have wonderful memories of Uncle Wayne. Sweet and jolly man he always made me smile.
Uncle Wayne was the half brother to my grandma Grace and he and his wife Mary would visit often from Michigan. No date on the picture but from the early 1960s. It was taken in their home, I can tell from the picture of Jesus hanging on the wall. I love grandpa's tie, he always wore a tie for pictures, church or any time he left the house.
This is a picture of my uncle Wayne and Aunt Mary with my grandma Grace and grandpa Bill

While going through PILES of photos I did find this treasure of a photo. I need to get copies of it to give as a gift to my sister and brother, children and my nephew.
This photo is of my mom and dad sitting at the end of a pier and is dated 1949. It is taken some where in Texas. I was born in 1948 and my sister would join us in 1950. If you read my blog you will find the story of my mother contacting polio in 1952 and how we almost lost her at that time. With prayer and a gift from God she survived to live until 1998. Daddy left us in 2008 but had been slipping away from us with the disease of dementia for over 10 years before death came.
This picture takes my breath away, It is a gift to look at these two beautiful young people in picture. I no longer take pictures with film using my digital camera or phone. These pictures I take may never be found by my descendants 60 years from now. Just may be time to get some real film and grab my camera from the shelf in the closet.

I hope that you will take a moment and visit other postings at Sepia Saturday. 
Thanks for stopping by for Sepia Saturday. Next stop is the thrift store to find some cheap photo albums to start putting these piles of photos in. Grace

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless ( Almost ) Wednesday Remembering Great Grandma Mabel Coleman Hall

Distant cousin Judy emailed me wanting  a link to family information on great grandmother Mabel (Coleman) Hall.  I love these emails from family. Gives me reason to stop and take another look at my family history/ research.
Great grandma Mabel was born 1st of July of 1872 in Nebraska and passed away on the 14th of March 1946 in South Dakato where she was living with daughter Pearl. Grandma married Arthur Hall and together they had three girls. My grandma Alta, Belle and Pearl who is the grandma of my cousin Judy.
Grandma died 2 1/2 years before I was born and two years after my grandma Alta who passed away on the 21st of February 1944.
I never met either grandma but still I feel their strength within myself. If I am quiet enough I can almost hear grandma Alta whisper in my ear. My middle name is the same as grandma Alta and Mabel's mother's name was Alta so I share this name with both of them.
I probably have shared this picture before of Mabel but I love this picture. I see strength, humor and bit of spunk in that face.

I also see in this face gentleness. I am guessing this was taken in Washington some time before my grandmother Alta passed away.
Thanks for stopping by for Almost Wordless Wednesday as I share a bit about my great grandmother Mabel.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

LOUISA MARIA REYNOLDS Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Ancestor Name Roulette

Well has been a very long time since I have been here or even working on my genealogy. Time flies and what I may enjoy to do gets put on the back burner.

It is now Sunday and I wandered around some other bloggers post and see Randy Seaver is still up to his Saturday night Genealogy fun. Better late than never I thought I would give his Ancestor Name Roulette a shot.
From Randy Seavers Genea Musings

1) What year was one of your great-grandmothers born? Divide this number by 90 and round the number off to a whole number. This is your "roulette number."

2) Use your pedigree charts or your family tree genealogy software program to find the person with that number in your ancestral name list (some people call it an "ahnentafel" -
your software will create this - use the "Ahnentafel List" option, or similar). Who is that person, and what are his/her vital information?

3) Tell us three facts about that person in your ancestral name list with the "roulette number."

4) Write about it in a blog post on your own blog, in a Facebook status or a Google Stream post, or as a comment on this blog post.

5) If you do not have a person's name for your "roulette number" then spin the wheel again - pick a great-grandmother, a grandfather, a parent, a favorite aunt or cousin, yourself, or even your children

My great grandmothers were Katherine GALLAGHER ESLER, Carrie LOCKWOOD DAY,  Rachel Ann MILLSAP ZION and Mabel COLEMAN HALL
I chose the birth year of Mabel who was born in 1972 in Greenwood, Nebraska to John Henry COLEMAN and Alta CHEAUVRONT COLEMAN.

My number is 21 Louisa Maria REYNOLDS one of my great great grandmother.

1. Louisa was born November 25, 1832 to John Gilbert REYNOLDS and Mandania Saxton (GROVER). She was the oldest child and was born in Schenetady, Franklin County, New York and had 7 siblings all daughters. Her sisters names were Sarah, Rebecca, Hattie, Mary, Mandania , Sybil, and Martha.

2. She married George Wilbur HALL on November 29, 1860 in Madison, Rock County, Wisconsin.
The 1860 census has her living in the J R Hiestand home working as a servant. The census was dated June 26th 1860. Living in the same home is George Hall who she marries the 29th of November 1860 in Madison, Rock County, Wisconsin. They had seven children with one of them being my great grandfather Arthur Hall who married Mabel Coleman August 28,1891.  Arthur's siblings were Charles, Florence , Mark, George and Agnes with Arthur being the second child.

3. She died the 11th of March 1899 in Evansville, Rock County, Wisconsin at the age of 66 years old.

I do not know alot about her and her parents and all I have of her picture wise is her gravestone at this time. I hope to spend time on this line soon. I wonder what she looked like and what her life was like. We can look at history and get a feeling to what life was like but would be nice to find some personal glimpses into her life.
I did do a post on George Hall and Louisa here . It is a brief look into their life.

I am sharing this over at Saturday night Genealogy Fun even if it is no longer Saturday. I can have fun working and sharing on my genealogy any time. Thanks for stopping by Grace

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cancer Relay for the Cure Duluth Minnesota Bayfest Park

Cancer runs in my family. I am almost 8 years free of cancer I am happy to report. Every day I thank God for this fact.  My grandma Alta died back in the 1940s and my aunt Juanita died years later.
Cancer can be a scary thing to go through or watch a family member deal with.  I have had other relatives struggle with cancer or die from it. 

Last night was spend in what is called Bayfront park here in Duluth. Cancer fund raiser with music, food, laps around the park and lots of thoughts going through my head.
My darling hubby was with me and one of my sons and his family came for awhile. I was with my church group so that was enjoyable.

Here are a few pictures from last nights event.

 Last night was a beautiful evening and a memory that will stay with me. This is just a peek into my life. Grace

Friday, July 6, 2012

Remembering Grandma Grace On Her Birthday

Today I am remembering my grandma Grace. It would of been her birthday. She was born in 1892 in Winona Minnesota to Katherine Gallaher and Andrew Daly /Daley.
She grew up in Mora Minnesota in a loving family with step siblings and half siblings. She married William H Day, had 5 children 3 who lived. She was a sweet little lady who loved her family and her God.  I remember sharing cookies and ginger ale in her kitchen.  I miss her a lot and wish I had taken more time to get to know her as a person. I wished I had asked about her family. So much information  I did not ask and now it is to late to ask.

Happy birthday Grandma, I love you and miss you so much.  This is a picture of my grandma and grandpa Day. She loved hats and brooches and is probably on her way to church.

Sepia Saturday 133 Elephants Trunk Full of Water

Sepia Saturday 133 : 7 July 2012  This weeks picture is of an elephant. This brings about memories of a trip to the Duluth Zoo with my girl scout troop. A large group of us were walking around the zoo and stop to see the elephant. All of a sudden to elephant fills up her trunk with water, aims it at me and lets go. I am soaked. I will never forget this experience. I laught at it today.
This picture of me in my girl scout uniform is not great but it is part of the memory.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY ~ Birthday Cards From Grandma

Treasure Chest Thursday today is all about the letters and cards I have from my family. So much of todays correspondence is emails and text mails. These can not be passed down generation to generation like the cards and letters I have in my collection.
I have birthday cards from my grandma Grace, grandpa Day and aunts and uncles. I have letters written by uncles that I only met 3 or 4 times. These letters talk about meeting me as a little girl, holding me on their lap and how cute I was. These paper items can not possibly have a dollar value since they are priceless.
All of these family members are gone but I can still have them close to me when I read the letter or card or look at their pictures.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone. I wish you a happy safe holiday. The pictures I am sharing are from one of hubby and my trips to New York city.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time To Get Busy With My Family Research Again

It has been months since I have spent any time postings here. It has been months since I have done any family research also. Seems life gets in the way and my family research goes on the back burner.  Just recently I did some straightening of my family note books. I then started to do some searching through the piles of family information and started to do some filing in the notebooks.
My family note books are divided into 4 colors.

Blue is the color of my paternal grandfather family, green for my paternal grandmothers family. On my mother's side is red for her father's side and for her mothers side I am using white for now. I do not have much on this side of the family but want to find a pretty bright yellow color for that side. My note books have grown and it is time to go to Office Max and buy some add to the collection.
Each note book not only holds family information but copies of pictures, tombstones and any other information to tell a story.  I want to look at the note book and see the story as I page through.

I hope that you all have a wonderful 4th of July.  Grace

Friday, March 30, 2012


This week the topic is work for Sepia Saturday. We love to play but we all have to work at some time to pay the bills.

I have had many hats in my work world. I have worked at Pizza Hut. This was back in the 1970's. I managed to work my way from waitress to assistant manager. I enjoyed the work and the responsibility. Then new owners came in and they did not have female assistant managers. I could quit or go back to waitress only. I quit of course. I would love for them to have tried that today.
I worked in a Alcoholic treatment center for nine years as an aide. That was an interesting and rewarding time in my life.
I sold real estate for a few years. Fun work but hard work. Working on commission only can be tricky.
But the end of all end work was when hubby and I owned our own bookstore for over 15 years. That was the best. At one time we had two bookstores. The second store was beautiful but not a money maker so that was the end of that store.
Soon after we retired and went on to other adventures of traveling the United States.  We still dabble in the book business selling on the Internet.
As a child I loved the library and spent hours there. Wanted to even work in a library. That never happened but I did own a bookstore.  Life was great in our own book store. Life is still great as I wander used bookstores and smell and feel the old books.

Hope that you enjoyed reading about a small piece of my life today. You can read others sharing about work here at Sepia Saturday.  Grace

Thursday, March 29, 2012


A small white envelope with photos can be a real family treasures. A way to glimpse at faces from years ago.

This photo was taken in 1941 on the 30th anniversary of my grandma and grandpa Days wedding. It was probably taken in either Mora or Ogalvie Minnesota at my grandparents home.

I see a picture of my mama in her late teens ( back row 2nd from left, next to her is my beloved aunt Daisy and uncle Don. Of course my sweet grandpa and grandma are in the front row on the right hand side.
It looks like grandma Grace is sittinga bit forward and straight so she appears taller than everone else sitting. She is surrounded by her husbands family.

What I can glimps at is a picture of my great grand aunt Grace and her first husband Lloyd.  I remember her but never met him. They are are the left hand side.

 Next to grandma Grace is my grandpa Bill's mother Carrie.  She is small and much older than my minds eye of her. I see a sweet soft gentle face and wish I had known her. I am guessing she was strong and a survivor. She survived the early death of her first husband.  She went on to meet a second man and lived a quiet life by a lake. I am guessing she was very happy in her later years.

I am glimpsing for the first time the face of great grandma Carrie's sister Stella and her husband Harvey. I know nothing about her at this time.

It is interesting to look at pictures that are over 70 years old. To see faces you remember and faces you never met.  To wonder what they talked about and how they felt about what was happening in the world at that time.

I bet the cake was good, my grandma made fantastic cakes. And of course there would of been coffee with cream and sugar. The table would of been set with the company dishes. They would of been placed on a crisp ironed table cloth.

I sure there was laughter and lots of talking about what was happening in their lives and the lives of those not there.

Grandma Grace's mother and step father were dead. Grandpa Bill's father was dead. Grandma Grace's siblings were not there with two having moved recently to Michigan and the others in the twin cities of Minnesota. No matter I am sure they had a good time at the party.

Thanks for stopping by for Treasure Thursday. If you think we may be related I would love to hear from you.

 I have shared this picture at ancestry for other family members to see and have.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We are nearing the time that the 1940 census will be available. Only days away from when we can begin to add to our family research trees.

Today I was on ancestry to see what is available in the city directories.  It is in beta only at this time so not all states are available.  The database is a collection of directories for U.S. cities and counties in various years. At this time it contains directories for the following states:
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Virginia
I decided to see what I could find on my great grand uncle Wayne Esler. His first name was Jessie but I only knew him as Wayne. He was found in the Michigan city directory.

Jesse W Esler
Gender:M (Male)
Residence Year:1939
Street Address:14 E Hobson av
Residence Place:Flint, Michigan
Spouse:Mary E Esler
Publication Title:

Flint, Michigan, City Directory, 1939

I checked the city directory on Mary's name and she appears to not to be working. Jessie is living with his wife Mary. Looking at the directory I see he was a salesman at the Mills Bakery.  I have now found out some information about my uncle Wayne that I did not know or do not remember. He worked for a bakery as a salesman. They also owned their home.

In the 1930 census Wayne was living in Mora Minnesota with his mother and father at the age of 21.  Nine years later he is in Michigan and married to Mary.
What I would love to learn is Mary's last name, how they met and where they married.
Wayne was born April 1 1909 in Mora, Minnesota and passed away the 23 of February 1990 in Hillman, Montmorency, Michigan.

Family research is great. As I write on my uncle Wayne I can still hear his wonderful laugh.
If you think we may be related I would love to hear from you
Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TOMBSTONE TUESDAY ~ Thomas Minear Millsaps 1752 - 1837

Thomas Minear Millsaps  was born on the 23 Dec 1752 in Staunton, Augusta, Virginia, United States and  died on the 1st of April 1837 in Randolph, North Carolina, United States.
Thomas is my fourth great grand uncle. Thomas is the brother of my ancestor Robert Millsap/ Millsaps

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mystery Monday ~ Searching For My Andrew Daly ~ Did I Find A Sister

Today for Mystery Monday I am posting two pictures.  I am hoping that you out  there will take a look and tell me if you see a family resemblance.

Is this my Andy's sister?  I have contacted others on ancestry who have this picture but so far no answers back.

I have written before about Andrew. When all you have is a picture and nothing else the hunting and searching can be a long lonely walk.

Take a peek at let me know what you think?  If you recognize either of these people let me know. They lived in Wisconsin late 1890's and early 1900's.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today for Obituary Sunday I am sharing the recently found obit. This is for James W Woodmansee. James is one of my third great grandfather's. His daughter Ann Woodmansee Millsap is my second great grandmother.

Decatur County Journal
May l9, l898
JAMES W. WOODMANSEE died Monday morning, about 9 o'clock, at the
residence of his son, JOHN WOODMANSEE, in this city, aged 8l years, 4
months and l5 days. Though a man endowed with a strong constitution he
had suffered the extremity of ill health for many months. He is
survived by six children--MRS. ANN MILLSAP of Hamilton County, Kansas;
REUBEN S., of Indianola, GEORGE of Mt. Ayr, and MRS. SUSAN GRAYSON of
Ringgold County.
MR. WOODMANSEE was born in Clermont County, Ohio, December 3l, l8l6, the
youngest of six children of JAMES and AGNES (HAMMER) WOODMANSEE, natives
of Pennsylvania and pioneers of Ohio. In l820 they moved to Jackson
County, Indiana, where the mother died in l829 and the father in l847.
The deceased was married October 29, l835, to MISS RACHEL HAMMER, who
was born November l4, l8l9 in Jackson County, Indiana. In l849 he came
to Iowa and entered l60 acres of land on section 3l, Decatur Township,
and built a house l8 x 30. In March of the following year he occupied
the house with his family and thus became the first permanent settler in
Decatur Township. In l853 he built a grist mill and as it was the only
one in this section of the State, it was patronized by settlers within a
radius of fifty miles.
The deceased was an industrious and frugal citizen and had accumulated
considerable property during his life time. He was a good neighbor and
noted for his honesty. His departure has left us the example of a well
spent life and a good name. The funeral exercises were conducted at the
residence yesterday forenoon at l0 o'clock by ELDER STEVENS, after which
interment occurred in Woodmansee Cemetery, Decatur Township.
Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert  this was found on the internet

Thanks for stopping by Obituary Sunday. If you think we may be related I would love to hear from you . Grace

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sepia Saturday 118 : Going Out Meet The Millsap Family

Tonight's Sepia Saturday is labeled Going Out. Ourselves or family members all dressed up to go out. You can read other Sepia Saturdays here.

This week I am going to be working on my Millsap / Millsaps family. This picture is of George Everett Millsap and family. George is the brother of my great grandmother Rachel Millsap Zion who married Jonathan Adam Zion.
Pictured with George is his wife Amanda SAMS and children Everett Ray, Anna E, Hazel, Jasie, Jessie, and William. Son Walter passed away before this picture was taken.
The Millsaps are all dressed up in their best for this family picture. The picture was taken about 1914.
I believe they were living in Missouri.
 More research needs to be done on this family to confirm that I have the correct names of some of the children. George last years were in Idaho. I did not know I had family that had gone to Idaho so this will be a new state to do some research in.
The parents of George and my great grandmother Rachel were Flavious Armenious and Anna Woodmansee Millsap. Flavious and Anna had a total of ten children.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

How To Lose A Relative With Out Really Trying Mistakes In Census Recordings

Today while sitting at McDonald’s sipping on my soda pop I am wandering Ancestry searching for sources on my McCormick Zion family. I especially want to see what and where his children are going. The 1850 census is missing my McCormick Zion but there is a Dion McCormick. Sure enough after clicking on the census there are my McCormick Zion and his family recorded. Trouble is the person who transcribed the census recorded him as Dion McCormick 55 with wife Elizabeth 52, son John 19 and son Andrew McCormick age 17. In truth this is really McCormick Zion and all the family members with the last name Zion not McCormick. I am hoping by this find I will see what happened to Andrew Zion.  Great family stories can come by searching for siblings of our ancestors. John aka Jonathan is my ancestor.  I may learn more if I can learn more about Andrew.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt is a tribute to the 100th birthday of scouting in the United States.

Scouting was a fun time for a young girl in the 1960's.  I was in the brownies and then the girl scouts.  Every week we would have a meeting at the leaders home and work on badges.

Here is a picture of me in my girl scout uniform.  To bad that it is faded.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fearless Females Post 26 Fearless Females My Mama and Polio

March 13 ~ Moment of Strength ~ Share a story where a female ancestor showed courage or strength in a difficult situation.
So many of these postings around fearless females end up being my mother. She was the strongest sweetest woman you could meet.
She showed us her strength and courage from the day she was diagnosed with polio until her death in 1998. A day does not go by that I do not think of her and remember her with so much love. My mom came out of this horrible disease alive, many did not. She was handicapped, wearing a brace and using crutches her whole life.
This never stopped her. She could of sat home and felt sorry for herself but did not.
She raised my sister and me and had two more children. Arthur Jr who passed away shortly after birth and my brother David. She was involved in the church and my school. She is my inspiration.
She loved her family and loved God. She was sweet, kind and generous. Even if money was tight for us as a family if she knew a friend of ours needed a winter coat that person would get a winter coat. She loved cookies, playing Yahtzee with family and people watching.
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Fearless Females Post 25 ~ Working Grandmas ~ 1910 Work Place

Fearless Females ~ March 12 ~ Working Girl

So many of my family members spent time in the home taking care of their families, but before marriage some of them did work.

I was surpised to find in the 1910 census that my grandma Grace worked as a telephone operator.  I do not remember her ever telling me that.  The census tells me she was 17 years old and living at home with her mother, step father and half sister Merle and half brother Wayne.

I do know that my grandma Alta taught school before marrying Grandpa Perry in Colorado. The year is 1910 and she is 17 years old and teaching in a public school.

Each of my grandmas worked before marrying after that they stayed home to take care of their families.
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Monday, March 12, 2012


No matter how the day is going a piece of cake with the girls can only make the day go better. The year is 1951 when this party took place. And I am sure the cake was homemade as was the frosting. The month is September and it is Janice's birthday, but September is my birthday and also my cousin Bonnies birthday. One cake can go a long way.  Janice is on the left, I am in the middle and Bonnie is in the high chair.  My one thought I am sure was "enough with the picture taking, how about some cake."

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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Easter is almost here guys.  I always loved Easter, it meant a new hat to wear to church.  I am sure I did not get new gloves.  I usually wore an extra pair of my mother's.  But I did get a new hat for Easter and maybe a new coat.  Here are some of my youthful Easter outfits.
This is 1961, either someone said something funny to get me to grin or it is a bit of my shyness coming out.  That coat sure is busy for a little person. I never got to 4'11 and now am shrinking as I age at the moment I am 4 ' 10". Pretty big purse also don't you think.

A year later and another picture of me with my sister and cousin Bonnie. New hats, coats . My sister and I had matching coats, I think mine was beige and hers was blue. No purses in this picture. My sister is the only one wearing gloves and even is sporting a watch. This picture was 1962.

I just spotted this picture in my family album, same girls, coats and hats but this one is in color and this time my cousin Bonnie has the gloves on.  I guess they are the traveling gloves. And yes my coat is beige. I always loved that coat.

As we get closer to Easter I need to decide if I will find a fancy hat to wear to church or just go bare headed. Maybe I will even find a new coat for Easter.

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SUNDAY Obituary of Finnetta Gannaway Zion died the 12 August 1881 Pleasant Grove, Des Moines County, Iowa, USA

This last weekend I have been busy searching on ancestry and find a grave for relatives. Distant relatives but relatives.  I love to find the tombstones of family members.  It is that last piece of some ones life and when I see a family name on a tombstone I know that is my family.  If I am in the cemetery I will touch the stone and wonder about them.  If I am on line seeing a family stone for the first time I will touch my screen and wonder about this family member. 

Today I am featuring and remembering a family member through marriage.  This is the obituary of Finneta Gannaway who married one of my third great grand uncles Jacob C Zion.  Jacob was her second husband. Jacob is brothers to my third great grandfather McCormick Zion


On the 4th inst occurred the death of Mrs. Nettie Zion, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Shelladay, 4 miles northeast of New London.

Mrs. Zion was just recovering from a severe spell of sickness which had confined her to bed for several weeks,when she was again stricken down, this time with stroke of paralysis. In this, her last illness, she was unable to speak during the entire time, covering a space of more than 4 months, and a great portion of that time could not turn herself in bed.

The funeral took place at the church at Pleasant Grove, yesterday, and the remains laid to rest by the side of her last husband in the cemetery at that place. The services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Carter, of the C.P. church, of which she was also a member.

She was born in Buckingham county, VA, Aug.27th 1805. Was married to Wm. Williams, Aug. 1823, who died in 1833. Married again in July 1836 to Jacob Zion, who died Sept. 1869.

Her first marriage was blessed with six children, two of whom are yet alive, and three by her second, one of whom survives his mother.

Interesting family history tidbit is that Finnetta's sister Elizabeth " Betty " was married to Jacobs son John D. Zion. So John's sister in law married his father so she was his step mother and his sister in law.  And though only related through marriage interesting tidbit is that Finnetta's and Betty's parents William the 2nd and Sarah " Sally"  were cousins. Not sure if first cousins or later but still cousins which probably was some what common then.
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Fearless Females Days Post 24 Food Religion and Mama

Where does time go last day I posted on Fearless Females it was March 6th. Now it is the 11th and I have missed 4 days of postings if you do not count today.  Where have I been or what has been happening in my life to space out these postings I had wanted to do.   Life has happened I guess. I get all wrapped in hunting for treasures, going to auctions, dealing with things happening in the family or even coming down with a cold and spending some time in bed to get a jump on it. So for those days I missed I will link up to last years postings and maybe even the 11th day of March.  So please take a moment and read about some of my Fearless Females.

Fearless Females March 7th  Favorite Recipes

Fearless Females March 8th Diaries  this one is on my mama

Fearless Females March 9th  Family documents

Fearless Females March 10th Religion

Fearless Females March 11th Tragic or Unexpected Deaths this is from last year and is about my dad's mother my grandma Alta.  I never got to meet her and that is tragic because my dad loved his mama so much.

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Facial hair is the focus of this week’s SepiaSaturday.

My father and grandfather's were clean shaven but go back a couple of generations and I have some pretty hairy relatives.

This is John W Zion my great great grandfather born on 28 November 1831 in Indiana
and died on the 22nd of April1920 in Missouri.  He married Mary Cassell  and is related to me on my fathers side of the family.

This is Flavious Millsap with his wife Anna Woodmansee. Flavious was born on the 10 November1832 in Indiania and died on the 10 of April 1910 in Syracus Kansas. He is my great great grandfather on my father's side.

On my mother's side of the family we have more hairy great great grandfather's

This is Dwight Henry Day my great grand grandfather. He was born the 7th of August 1829 in New York and died on the 30 of June 1913 in Hammond Minnesota.

One more great great grandfather is Patrick Gallagher who was born in Ireland in 1830 and died on the 3rd of January 1898 in LaCrosse Wisconsin

Hope that you have enjoyed meeting some of my great great grandfather's hairy faces. Take a peek at others on Sepia Saturday postings by clicking link at top of the page. Grace

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Four Rules To Help You Do Your Family History Research

Oops I just got my hand spanked.  I had read a great article on rules to help you with your family tree research.  I guess I thought by giving full credit to the writer and linking to her I was praising her work and sending people to her writing and blog. I was wrong. I broke a copyright rule and got spanked by her. So I have rewritten my posting and taking her out all together.  So watch out guys even though I wanted to show how this helped me do my research I broke the copyright laws.

I love and hate Internet Research sites. So much of the information is just copied from tree to tree with wrong material being added and then it just multiples.
I love ancestry and have belonged for over a year. I love being able to find the census forms, possible family pictures and hooking up to possible relatives. But when I see my family trees in others trees and family members are just jumbled up with no thought I want to scream.

My last example was
1. My great grandma Katherine Gallagher Esler who is married to Appleton Esler. They married and had two children together Merle and Wayne.
2. Appleton was married at least once before and had two children these children are now Katherine's step children. This is Tillie and Russell
3. Katherine had my grandma Grace before she married Appleton.  Time period was early 1890's she did not marry the father whose name is Andrew.  My grandma is the half sister to Appleton and Katherine's children and step sister to Appleton's first two children. 
I will find trees that combine all children under Appleton and Katherine and that is bad enough, but what really got to me is to see the woman named Sarah who married the father ( Andrew ) of my grandma Grace now married to Appleton.
Appleton and Sarah never married and I am sure they never met. How some one happens to connect these two different families is amazing. All you have to do is click on Sarah's name and up comes Andrew.
I contacted this person to tell them of their error but who knows if they will ever even read my message and correct this stupid error that will be passed on and on.

Here are five rules to help with my family researching

Rule 1: Do Not Assume  Example is while working on one of my family lines recently, my research has the parents born in New York but as I am looking at different census one year had the mother born in Conn all other census reports say New York.  Either the census reporter wrote down the wrong name or who gave the information gave the wrong place of birth. Just because it is written does not make it true.  

Rule 2: Do Your Own Research  Go beyond the internet or just one census report or the death certificate or even the tombstone pictured on the internet. Use these as clues but look further find city directories these are a great source.  Search for family members who may have that missing information.
I am searching for the above Andrew in the first part of my blog story.  He never married Katherine after or before Grace was born.  All I have is a picture of Andrew.  I think I have found the right Andrew in the census but I am NOT posting this picture there on Ancestry.  What if it is the wrong one.
What I have found is a picture of Mary the sister of Andrew.  I have printed it and compared side by side. I see a resemblance but is it wishful thinking.  I have emailed the ancestor member who put up the picture of Mary to see if she might have a picture of Andrew. A picture of Andrew that matches my picture. Oh how I wish she would get back to me, but she  has not been there for over 6 months so I am not holding out much faith there.  But I can wait and wait and maybe some day I will hear back with an answer of Yes or No I have a picture.  In the mean time I will find others who have Mary and Andrew or their other siblings in the tree.  I will share these two pictures in a posting real soon and see what you think.  Is the nose similar, how about the lips. Are they related or not?

Rule 3: Treat Brothers and Sisters as Equals  Some times you can find some fun and interesting relatives.  Here is one Meet My Great Aunt 3x Removed the Postmistress of Greenwood Nebraska .  This was in the 1920's I find that exciting that she was busy and making her name in Greenwood Nebraska.  She never married and lived with her parents.

Rule #4: One Source Doesn't Equal Proof  Just because it is in the census does not make it correct. Even if it is on the death certificate that does not make it a fact.  Search, search and compare.

I love google to search for information. May never find anything but I am looking.  I really use swagbucks for my search because I get points every once in awhile. After I while I will turn these points into cash at pay pal or for a gift card some where. Have you tried out swag bucks for your search

Lets all follow these 5 rules of finding our family and  if we find a mistake that we know is a mistake lets take the time to pass on the error.  It may not get changed, but at least we have attempted to correct the error.

Thanks for stopping by lets all attempt to use these rules and use everything else as a clue only. Grace


Fearless Females Blog Post: March 6: Heirlooms

March 6 — Describe an heirloom you may have inherited from a female ancestor (wedding ring or other jewelry, china, clothing, etc.) If you don’t have any, then write about a specific object you remember from your mother or grandmother, or aunt (a scarf, a hat, cooking utensil, furniture, etc.)

I have shared several postings in the past of family treasures.  You can view them by going here.  I have shared about wedding rings, bibles and bears made out  of fur coats.  I am blessed to have treasures from my mother, aunt daisy, grandmas and grandpas and great grandparents.  The best treasures in my opinion are the family bibles.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012


March 5 — How did they meet? You’ve documented marriages, now, go back a bit. Do you know the story of how your parents met? Your grandparents?

The story of my mother and dad meeting is sweet. Daddy was in town and docked as a merchant marine.  Went to church on Sunday and was invited to Sunday lunch at my grandma and grandpa's home.  He saw my mama's picture on the mantel, found out where she was working and went down to introduce himself.  That was in May and in October they married.  I love the story of how they met.

I do not know how any one else met in my family.  My own story is that my second husband was in town on business, happened to be a night club I was at and asked me to dance.

My first husband threw pop corn at my head in the movie theatre to get my attention.

I wish I knew how my grandparents met but I never asked. 

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Fearless Females Blog Post 21 Marriage Records

Fearless Females March 4 Marriage Records  — Do you have marriage records for your grandparents or great-grandparents? Write a post about where they were married and when. Any family stories about the wedding day? Post a photo too if you have one.

Last year I posted that the only vintage marriage record I have is of my great grandmother Katherine Gallagher to Appleton Esler and it is into pieces. But I have it and it is beautiful.

What I do have are wedding photos of some of my family members.  Here is the wedding photo of my great aunt Grace to her first husband.  I shared a picture of her yesterday with my aunt Daisy for Sepia Saturday.
I shared this picture before of my great aunt Grace before here with a story of what was happening in the world when she married. Fun interesting piece of history around her. Aunt Grace married in Minneapolis, Minneapolis. Her husband was about 13 years older than her and they never had any children. 
I do know my aunt Daisy adored her and we girls and Aunt Daisy would take the train to the cities every year to visit Aunt Grace and her sister Aunt Gladys.  I remember it being hot and she had no air conditioner.  We would want to stand in front of the fan and she would not let us. She was afraid we would catch a cold.  They may be one of the reasons I felt she was crabby. This time frame would of been in the late 1950's or early 1960's.  We would stay at an old hotel down town within range of the train station.  The name of the hotel is gone from my memory, but I stayed there in 1966 with my first husband when we visited Minneapolis on our honeymoon.  It is long gone like so many buildings of my youth.

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For today's Obituary Sunday I am sharing the obituary for Robert Chassel Nolton.  Robert was married to Anna the sister of my great grandfather William Albert Day. Robert passed away the 20th of July, 1937. His obituary was published in local newspapers.

picture is of Robert and Anna (Day) Nolton 1926

ROBERT NOLTON LAID TO REST. FUNERAL FOR PIONEER HELD ON THURSDAY: INTERMENT IN CITY CEMETERY.  Robert C Nolton passed away at the Montevideo hospital on Tuesday after being ill for only a few days and was laid to rest in the city cemetery following services at the home Thursday afternoon.  Rev Nelson of Minneapolis officiated.  Mrs. A. L. Thulin sang a solo.  Pallbearers were Andrew Weber, Peter Tebben, R. F. Kirschbaum, Christ Kirschbaum, George Barber and L. D. Hilton.  the death of Rob Nolton takes from the community one of its fine old pioneers, a gentleman of the old school who held steadfast to its ideals and principals.  While the modern generation take to its motor cars, Rob and wife preferred the horse and buggy and continued to use this one mode of transportation they had become so used to through the many years.  For more than 50 years the Noltons have lived on the same farm in Minnesota Falls township.  Always friendly and always willing to do his share, then a little more, the death of Robert Nolton takes from this community a fine citizen.  Robert C Nolton was born in Rome New York in 1856 and in 1876 was united in marriage to Anna Jane Day.  In 1884 they moved to Minnesota Falls and lived on the same farm for 51 years.  To this couple six children were born, namely, Charles and Mary deceasedm Mrs. Clara Gatchell of near this city, Lonzo Nolton, living on the home farm, Mrs Lura Garbusch of this city and George W Nolton of Sioux City, Iowa.  Besides the children, his wife , 16 grand children and 6 great grandchildren survive.

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Last year I wrote about being named after my two grandmothers. My mother's mother Grace and my father's mother Alta.  Alta was named after her grandmother Alta Cheuvront. You can read that story here.

I love my name it is after two important family members.  Some people do not like their names and want to change them but I have always been very pleased with my name. 

At this time I have people in my ancestry tree recorded. So far I have six Grace's including my self. The oldest one is Grace Spencer 1674 to 1714. She is my 6th great grandmother on my mom's side of the family.  Grace married John Day Jr with the Day name being passed down to my mother's father.
She and John had 12 children and she passed away shortly after the last child was born.

There are four people named Alta the oldest being my 2nd great grandma Alta Cheuvront and there are two of us with the name Alta as a middle name.

Do you have any naming practices in your family line?  It can be an interesting study.

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A common phrase when I was growing up was shirt tail relatives. Just what does that really mean.  What brought forth these memories of past family phrases was a blog posting I read at It's a long long journey about shirt tail relatives.
Back in the fifties they would just say " oh he is just a shirt tail relative rather than he is your first cousin three times removed. Huh what do you mean first cousin three times removed? No wonder they just said shirttail relative.
I want you to meet one of my shirttail relatives that I just discovered on Ancestry.

This is Alonzo D Anderson and family. My family Day history book has his name spelt as Llonzo so there can be a little confusion there. 
While paging through this Day family book to scan and post some pictures at Ancestry I spotted this picture of Llonzo 1859 to 1928 and his wife Mary Nellie Everett Anderson 1860 to 1916. Pictured with them are daughter Coite 1890 to 1986 and son Clyde1883 to 1948 . I had no idea who this person was or why they were on a page of Days.
While updating my Anderson family on Ancestry I was working on Abraham Anderson the brother of my 2nd great grandmother Betsey Anderson Day. While searching records for his children I found Alonzo and his wife and children. Here is my shirttail relative who played with another shirttail Day relative. This is the Anderson that was mentioned in my Day family history book. Mystery solved I know who this family is now. Alonzo is my first cousin 3rd time removed or as grandma would of said a " Shirttail relative "

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Sepia Saturday 115 : Games or How About Just Playing In A Puddle

Sepia Saturday 115 : Games 

This week for Sepia Saturday the topic is games. I could not find any pictures with people playing games with in my family photos. While searching through piles of old photos I found a bag full of photos of my Aunt Daisy. Aunt Daisy was my mother’s sister and was a big part of my life. My mother got polio back in 1952 and when we moved from Texas back to Minnesota, aunt Daisy would take us girls to places my mother could not. She would take us to the fair every year and we would take the train from Duluth to Minneapolis once every summer. She never married and always called us girls, my sister, two cousins and myself her kids. In the later 1960’s my parents bought a large house and moved my grandmother and my aunt Daisy to live with them. After grandma died, aunt Daisy continued to live in the lower level of the house until they sold the house and moved to a senior high rise. For the first time ever Aunt Daisy had her own apartment. Age was creeping in and she had a tendency to save to many meals in the refrigerator. My cousin Bonnie would go and clean it out every week to help keep things tidy.

So for Sepia Saturday I am sharing a darling picture of my Aunt Daisy playing in a puddle of water. With her is a young version of my great aunt Grace Day Crosby. Funny seeing pictures of aunt Grace young because she was always old to me. I remember her old, serious and a bit crabby. Here she is young, pretty and smiling and enjoying her brother Bill’s first child. I like this picture of her and aunt Daisy. Every one is young and happy in old photos.

I think I will post some more pictures of a young aunt Daisy soon. Until then thanks for stopping by, how about taking a moment to pull out some old photos you have. Lets find young and happy people of long ago to make us smile. Grace

Fearless Female Post 19 Favorite photo of one of your female ancestors

March 2 — Post a photo of one of your female ancestors. Who is in the photo? When was it taken? Why did you select this photo?

Day 2 of Fearless Females, last year I posted a photo of my great grandmother Carrie Lockwood Day with her sister in law Anna Day Norton. Anna is my great grand aunt. 
This year I have chosen  a photo of Mary Cassell / Cossill who married John Henderson Zion son of McCormick and Mary (Gobble) Zion. She is one of my 2nd great grandmother on my father's side of the family.  This photo was probably taken around 1875.
One of the reasons I picked it was because I love her hat and I get the feeling she was a strong woman from her pose and the chose of hat. 
Mary was born on the 19 of Oct 1834 in Coles Illinois to Jonathan and Elizabeth ( Carmichael ) Cassell) and died on the 20th of Nov 1919 in Lamoni, Decatur, Iowa.  She and John had four children, Mary Elizabeth, William, Jonathan Adam ( my ancestor) and Etta.

Thanks for stopping by for another posting on Fearless Females. I hope that you will take a moment and look at some of my other postings.  Grace