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Friday, March 30, 2012


This week the topic is work for Sepia Saturday. We love to play but we all have to work at some time to pay the bills.

I have had many hats in my work world. I have worked at Pizza Hut. This was back in the 1970's. I managed to work my way from waitress to assistant manager. I enjoyed the work and the responsibility. Then new owners came in and they did not have female assistant managers. I could quit or go back to waitress only. I quit of course. I would love for them to have tried that today.
I worked in a Alcoholic treatment center for nine years as an aide. That was an interesting and rewarding time in my life.
I sold real estate for a few years. Fun work but hard work. Working on commission only can be tricky.
But the end of all end work was when hubby and I owned our own bookstore for over 15 years. That was the best. At one time we had two bookstores. The second store was beautiful but not a money maker so that was the end of that store.
Soon after we retired and went on to other adventures of traveling the United States.  We still dabble in the book business selling on the Internet.
As a child I loved the library and spent hours there. Wanted to even work in a library. That never happened but I did own a bookstore.  Life was great in our own book store. Life is still great as I wander used bookstores and smell and feel the old books.

Hope that you enjoyed reading about a small piece of my life today. You can read others sharing about work here at Sepia Saturday.  Grace


  1. I have always been fascinated by bookstores but there is just one within 20 miles of our home.
    Wish I could read the titles on that set of books in your photo.

  2. Kindles and iPads will never replace real books, especially the old ones as you say, with their unique smell and feel.

  3. I certainly did enjoy reading it, especially after making the declarations about books I did a couple of days ago. Long may bookshops survive, long may you continue to entertain us with your posts.

  4. That's so wonderful that you owned a bookstore. I'm so sad to hear of so many bookstores going out of business. It must be one of the most difficult busineses to keep going these days.
    I volunteer as a book seller at our library's used bookstore and I just love it. So much fun to be surrounded by books and people that love books.
    Thanks for sharing your interesting work history. Boo on Pizza Hut.

  5. If one more person tells me I NEED a Kindle, I will have to slap them with a bookmark. I enjoyed the recap of your various jobs.

  6. thank you all for visiting. I will keep my book mark and visit bookstores used and new.
    Just bought about 5 or 6 books at 2 different used book stores. Remember to shop local and we will keep our small business.

  7. The books in the picture were a collection of Ellery Queen we bought and resold. Pretty set of books.

  8. I'd have loved to own a bookshop - lovely post!

  9. I think owning the bookstores had to be a triumph being a reader myself and ditto to Wendy--I have too many books to dabble with an electronic device, dittto to Wendy's comment. Today I dabble shelving and keeping the local used bookstore which is a room in a business open to support our local library, but we are only open one Saturday a month. All funds go to the library and we have generous supply of all sorts of books from donations.

  10. That would be my dream job: owning a bookstore. With an adjoining room filled with ephemera, bought and sold.

  11. I love book shops too - especially second hand bookshops. We have some really quirky ones in Edinburgh and I can spend ages browsing until I find the "right" book. Or books... :-) Jo

  12. I'm envious you owned a book store. Did you have a bookstore cat?

  13. Wow, that is so neat that you guys had your own bookstores! Sound like a dream job to me.

    I really enjoyed your post, thanks.

    Kathy M.