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Friday, June 25, 2010

Finding Distant Cousins Because Of Blogging

How how I love my blog. I started it as away to work on my writing, to express my thoughts and share my treasures. I have several blogs and sometimes I am over whelmed and to not post enough on any of them. But then I get a comment on my family blog that thrills me to no end.

My Lockwood line has been at a brick wall. My fault really since I do not work on it enough. Then comes this comment from a Lockwood family member that we are related.
It happens his descendant George is my John's brother and he is willing to share his information with me.
Here is his email to me with his permission of course.

A short answer is that John and my great grandfather George Frederick were brothers. George Frederick is buried in Mound Cemetery in Ortonville, Minnesota, about 12 miles south of Clinton where John is buried(we drove up to Clinton and found John's stone). My dad, now deceased, spent 3 years documenting the genealogy of the Lockwood's in America starting with Robert in 1630(Puritans). He and brother, Edmund, came from Suffolk county in England. Another ancestor, John Howland, was a pilgrim on the Mayflower in 1620. A descendant of Howland's, Mary(Polly) Sturges married John Lockwood III(6th generation in America) and Hiram(7th generation) was one of their children. My Dad applied for membership in the "Mayflower Society" and was accepted.

Hiram and Emma are buried in Maple Cemetery in Otrey township. The cemetery was never maintained, a mess of weeds and volunteer trees. Recently, a farmer who owns land next to the cemetery, decided to clean it up as he had good equipment. Hiram's stone is tall and visible, but Emma's stone is probably buried( a lot of dirt blew around in the 30's). I have the deed for Emma's plot( my Dad had in his papers). It appears from information available at the Big stone county museum that very few of the 95 plots(probably 8 to 10) were ever used. With this new interest in Hiram and Emma, my wife put "Hiram Lockwood" in google and found your wonderful blogs. So here we are. I have a lot of documentation that my Dad compiled and would be happy to share it with you.

So you can imagine how excited I am. I will get more information on the Lockwood's. I know that Hiram has a gravestone I can visit some day. My ancestors came from off the Mayflower.. How cool is that. I have a distant cousin to meet and hug some day.
I am so excited I can hardly stand it.
His great grandfather George and my great great grandfather John were brothers.
So keep blogging away Gracie more good thinks are to come

thanks for visiting my family blog, and Hey to Fred and his wife Nola. Thanks for finding me. Grace


  1. Enjoyed reading this because my experience with blogging has been similar - contacting near and distant relatives and having the blog exceed my expectations for what I was able to learn through it. It's so much fun!

  2. I love your blog too. I am hoping to have those wonderful "cousin" contacts, but not yet. You give me hope.