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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Wonders That Come In The Mail From Distant Cousins

What a wonderful package I received recently in the mail. It was from the distant cousin that found me because of this blog.

It was a copies of information his father had found before his death. This traces this line back to the Mayflower. His father was approved to join the Mayflower society and this cousin as since down the same. How exciting history is and that we are all part of some history somewhere is even more exciting.
That is what is so wonderful about genealogy. It connects us to the past.

At this time we are busy packing to move back to Minnesota from Texas so I have packed up this information for now. Will share more about this line when I get to my new home. Actually I am moving back to my home town. The city ( Duluth ) I grew up in until marrying my hubby #2 and moving to the big city of St. Paul Minnesota.
I am going back to the shores of Lake Superior and am so excited. We are renting a small duplex steps from the beach.

Hope that all of you find distant cousins through your blogs. I just had a distant cousin find me from face book. I have thought of her often over the last 40 years and hope to get an email from her soon.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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