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Friday, October 14, 2016

So many Ancestors So Little Time To Research Tonight The Coleman Family

I find my days filled with every day chores, appointments and time with family and friends.

But on mind during the day at least time is a deceased ancestor and wanting to learn

more about them and their time on earth.

Tonight I decided  to pull out my Coleman family note book to see what I have and what is missing.

So much is missing is information on the siblings of my family line.

Tonight I searched ancestry for hints on Elic Chalker Jr Coleman 1843 -1924 my 3rd great uncle.

I checked and approved the hints, then printed out Life Story summary and fact sheet.

On my to do list is to go to office store and buy more ink and dividers for my notebooks.

One thing I knew but was reminded of tonight is that my Elic Jr was in the Civil War.

Many of my ancestors fought in all wars including that war.

On my to do list is to note each of my ancestors who fought in the Civil War and

 what division they were in.

I will probably find that some fought on both sides of the war.

So many questions so little time.

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