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Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Were My Great Grandparents Part 6

This is number six of my great grandparents. Rachel Millsap who married my great grandparent Adam Zion ( great grandparent number five).
Rachel was the daughter of Flavious and Anna (Woodmansee) Millsap who was born April 19, 1862 in Mount Ayr Ringgold, Iowa. She was the oldest of 1o children.
By reading my great grandfather Adam's information all the marriage and children information can be found.
She out lived her husband 18 years living her last years in Washington state with her children.
The following story is from the Zion family cookbook from a family reunion. It was told by my dad's cousin Ray. ( He was named after her)
" Grandma Zion ( Rachel Millsap) she lived in the converted chicken house in Craig, Colorado. She would have a nice hot meal for me, and ply me with Saveway gingersnaps. We would play dominos or checkers or chinese checkers until bedtime. She had a little gas heater in the front room but the bedrooms were unheated. The house had four rooms , a kitchen, a front room and two bedrooms. Grandma always had a bottle of hot water or heated bricks wrapped in a towel to place at my feet in the bed, and lots of beautiful hand quilted comforters to keep me snug and warm through the night. She was a wonderful grandmother.
Her recipe for love .. to treat me as her equal and always do a few little extra things to make me feel wanted or welcome.
I remember the hand made soap she used to do her dishes and clothes. I remember her long white hair that she always wound up in a top knot. I remember her deep blue eyes. I remember I only heard her use one swear word. I did here her use it three or four times when she had cause to be disturbed. It was especially effective because of her rarity of use of such words around me. ( It was a four letter world meaning manure). I remember the winter she fell and fractured her skull, and her almost miraculous recovery.
For some reason she would not eat fish. Near the end of World War two she came to Washington to spend the rest of her days. On one occasion there were quite a few people at the kitchen table for dinner. Salmon patties had been prepared. Grandma Rachel had never eaten Salmon patties before and no one informed her of their content. She was on her third helping when someone asked her if she knew what she was eating. When they told her she said " OMPHH , pushed back the plate with the remaining fish and would eat no more.
She passed away on mother's day May 15, 1945 while visiting one of her sons of a heart attack.
She was brought back to Colorado to be buried next to her husband Adam.
Sounds like she was a warm loving woman. Of course I am to young to have know her but how I wish I could of met her.

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