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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Time Line Thursday Patrick Gallagher Gallaher Update


Time line on PATRICK GALLAHER / GALLAGHER what do I know so far?

I also at this time looking at Patrick's neighbors on the census.  Click here to see the first posting on that challenge. 

I first posted this in 2012.  This is a hard ancestor for me to find information on.  Below you can see what I posted 4 years ago

Today Time Line for Patrick Gallagher

born about 1830 County Cork Ireland
1850 census has a Patrick Gallagher still do not know if my ancestor
14 November 1851 has a Patrick Gallagher arriving so are either one of these my Patrick
1860 census has a Patrick living in New York He is living with a Joanna so I feel he is my ancestor.
15 April 1866 daughter Mary e born Hamburg, Vernon Wisconsin
12 Mar 1868 daughter Bridget is born Hamburg, Vernon Wisconsin
15 December 1869 son William is born Chipmunk Coulee, Vernon Wisconsin
1870 census has Patrick 40 years living with wife , daughter Mary 4, Bridget age 2 and son William 7 months. Real Estate value $1100 and personal property $600 . Patrick is a farmer
10 May 1874 daughter Catherine ( my great grandmother) born La Crosse County , Wisconsin
1880 census Hamburgh , Vernon county, Wisconsin living with wife and children. Census states both he and Catherine can not read or write
1895 Bergen, Vernon, Wisconsin living with wife Joanna , daughter Mary and son Patrick
03 Jan 1898 Death La Crosse Wisconsin 
buried in LaCrosse Wisconsin Catholic cemetery 
Probate 2 May 1899 Vernon, Wisconsin 

Posted in 2012
Between 1830 and 1838 born in Ireland parents unknown at this time. 
The 1870 census has him 32 years old while the 1880 census has him at 50 years old. 
Same family members listed so is the same family.
abt 1850 or so arrived in the United States. Would think he arrived through New York. Would be about 20 years when he arrived if this is true. This is when most of the Irish came to the United States. Most arrived between 1849 and 1851.
1866 April daughter Mary born
abt 1868 12 of March daughter Bridget born. Do not have exact dates of birth
abt 1869 December 15th son William born. Do not have exact dates of birth
1870 living in Hamburg, Vernon county, Wisconsin with wife Joanna and daughter Mary age 4, daughter Bridget age 2 and son William age 7 months. Census reports that all children were born in Wisconsin. Mary was born April of 1866 so were in Wisconsin as of this time. Real Estate property is listed at value of $1100 and personal property at $600. Patrick is listed as a farmer. 
1880 living in Hamburg still living in the home is daughter Mary age 14, daughter Bridget age 12, son William age 10 and Kathreen age 7. This is my great grandmother. Patrick is listed as a farmer. 
1895 living in Bergen, Vernon, Wisconsin. Living in the home is 2 males and 2 females. 2 are foreign born and 2 are US born. This would be Patrick, wife Joanna, daughter Mary who would be about 29 years old and son William who would be about 26 years old. Neither ever married.
1898 3rd of January Patrick passed away in LaCrosse County Wisconsin about 60 years old. Wife Joanna lived until 12 of July 1902

the 1870 census has her at 30 years old and born about 1840 while the 1880 census has her at 47 years and born about 1833. The 1900 census has her born Aug 1833 and age 66. She is widowed and mother of 5 children with 4 children living. Living with her is Mary and William. All 5 children are living at this time so not sure why it says only 4 are living. Is this an error or does this mean she has disowned one of the children. If she did consider one of her children dead it would of been my great grandmother Katherine. 
Son William does not pass away till 1912 and Joanna dies on the 12 of July 1902. This is a mystery to me. 

To do list on both Patrick and Joanna
death certificate for Patrick 
death certificate for wife Joanna
Where are Patrick and Joanna buried?
 I know that son William buried the Catholic Cemetery in LaCrosse Wisconsin. Daughter Bridget and Bridget's husband buried there also. Location of Cemetery is 519 Losey Blvd South LaCrosse Wisconsin
When did Patrick come to the US and who with
When did Joanna come to the US and who with

Not proven as of yet
1860 census Annsville, Oneida, New York there is listed 
Patrick Gallagher 30 years old making his year of birth about 1830
Joanna Gallagher 26 years old making her year of birth about 1834
this very well could be my great great grandparents. 

There was a Joanna Riordan who arrived New York 15th of October 1851 on the ship Lockwood. They have her age 18 coming from Cork. This would be about the right age for my Joanna.  Also listed is a Marlin Riordan age 35 years old. Very well and probably is a relative

I know more than I did in 2012 but still have lots of questions.  Still have not traveled to La Crosse Wisconsin.

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