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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Who Were Their Neighbors Series Gallagher Gallaher Family Episode 1

Smoky Mountain Family Historian posted yesterday that she is starting a new series of looking

at her ancestors neighbors in the census.

Many genealogy speakers suggest to look at neighbors in a census 10 before and 10 after.

Others suggest to go 20 each side.

I will work on this same project but where to start.  I have three sets of ancestors that I know so little

about.  My maternal grandmother's mother and father.

All I know about grandmother's  father is his name.  I have searched his name in the census and may

 have an idea of who he is but not is parents or siblings at this time.  Once I find out who he may be a

DNA would be the next step if I found a descendant of his.

My grandmother's mother's family came from Ireland and do not know their siblings.

What I do have is family photo albums with some names.  Maybe I can link these names to my great

great grandmother Johanna Riordan and great great grandfather Patrick Gallagher.

I am starting with the Gallagher and the Riordan Family.  I plan to start 1870 census.

I checked the census 20 families either side and no one from Ireland. Majority were from Prussia.

No one with the name Gallagher, Riordan or Daly which are my names to search.

Next I went to family album and found photos Daniel Riordan and family,  Ann Riordan

and ? Perry Riordan.. Not sure what the first name is at this time.

I will spend more time searching these names in future census plus seeing if I can find any other

names in photo albums.


  1. Good luck with your neighbors. I happen to know just from looking at mine that a lot of the ones hear my Dock Hester are very connected with the family.

  2. Mine in this census are not even from the same country of arrival.