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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Sometimes it is hard to think of your grandparents as sweethearts as lovers. They are your grandparents, but when you get a chance to own early postcards or letters they wrote before or even after married to get a peek into the romance part of their life.

Here is a post card that my grandpa Bill sent to grandma Grace before they married. The front may not be fancy and romantic but the back tells the story.

December 2nd 1909
My dear sweetheart
     I have waited all my life just for you.  Now  I know since I met you and looked into your beautiful eyes, and read there my answers.  It is the happiest moment of  a man's life when he meets the girl he loves and his love is returned.  Your devoted  W H Day

They married January 12th 1911 in Mora Minnesota and had five children between 1913 and 1922 with the youngest being my mama.
I wish I knew how they met, but I never asked.
Happy Valentines  Day to all of you.  Grace

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