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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time Line # 1 In Search of My Great + 2 Grandfather Levi

This is a picture of Harriet Carpenter Anderson with my grandmother Betsey Anderson Day.

This week my quest has been to find more information on my Anderson family line. Betsey Anderson was my Great Great Grandmother. Finding more information on her father Levi Anderson is difficult.

This is the timeline for Levi as of now.
abt 1810 Levi was born in New York
parents unknown at this time.
1837 He married Harriet Carpenter, he being her 2nd of 3 husbands.
September 16,1838, Their first child my grandmother Betsey was born
October 9, 1839 Abram was born .
In 1840 the census, Rome Township, Onieda County, New York has 6 people in household which is probably Levi, Harriet, Betsey , Abram and Harriet's two children from first marriage, Monica and David Chrisman. Listed as 1 male under 5, 1 male 10 to 15, 1 male 20 to 30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5 to 10, 1 female 20 to 30.
1840 their third child Phoebe is born
1846 William the fourth child is born.
1848 George is born , probably died in infancy since no record is found of him in 1850.
1850 their sixth child Fairfax was born.
1850 census, Rome , Oneida county, New York, has Levi ( 40) listed as a farmer and living on his father in law Harmon's land. Living with him Harriet (36), Abraham ( 13) Betsey (11), Phebe ( 9 ) William (5) and Farfax (1)
In 1850 Harriet's two older children David and Monica Chrisman move in with their grandparents Harmon and Phebe Carpenter, Harriet's parents.
1856 My Great Great Grandmother Betsey marries Dwight Henry Day.
1857 Harmon writes his will and leaves Betsey $10.00 to be paid by her son David Carpenter ( name changed from Chrisman to Carpenter. It is believed Harmon and Phebe adopted him.
In Harmon's will he names Betsey as Betsey "Carpenter " rather than Anderson .
Harmon also leaves David 2 parcels of land the one Harmon was living on and the one being know as Levi Anderson place, now occupied by Harriet.
Where is Levi, did he and Harriet separate or divorce. We do not know yet.
Phoebe dies 1857 August 1st
1858 Supposedly Levi dies I have not found any death record yet. This information is listed in the Biography: history of Wabasha county, Minnesota for William H Anderson. From the history it says about William .. " His father dying when he was 12 years old, leaving a large family, young William went to work when he was 14 and contributed his earnings toward the family support.
My plan is to work on the siblings of Harriet to see if I can eventually link up with family members who may have a picture of Levi. I also would love to find pictures of the siblings of Betsey.
1861 June 10th Harmon Dies
Next project is to put together and post a time line of Betsy Carpenter Anderson
Then to work on her siblings.
I will started with Abram and then will move on to the others. Most of them moved to the Zumbro, Minnesota area and are buried there in the Dale Pleasant Prairie Cemetery.

I have made two copies of this time line of Levi Anderson. One will go in my family research book nice and neat in mylar page, the other will be there also right in front, but is the one I will write notes on for what I want to search for.

One cousin has noted that in the 1860's census there is a Catherine Anderson living next door to Harmon and this is Levi's mother. I want to find out more about this and search Catherine to see if I find a Levi living with her in the past census reports
Till later.. have a great day

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