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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting Organized with Family History in 52 weeks Week 5

This is a little late but I have some kind of cold that will not go away. I call it the Texas Crud. All it is doing here is raining. Day after day of rain. At least it is not snow but I am sick of it and wondering why I left sunny southern California for this.
Oh well enough of my grumblings.
Week 5 of getting organized is to find a genealogy management program. I have had family tree for years and recently got an updated copy of it. Not sure if I like it still trying to get use to it and put in the records I lost from computer crashes. I had saved on a disk but of course old fashioned disk. Now it is good for a small Frisbee.
Next week we will start putting our information into our family program. I still need to finish organizing my family books with new dividers to separate my families and generations. What I have done sure looks nice.
So for now keep up with your family reasearch books and getting them organized. If you do not have a genealogy program check them out on the Internet or go to Office Depot or Office Max.
Have a great week ... Grace

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