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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Thrill Of Coming Home After 20 years

This is my darling husband and grand son Jake enjoying the beach. Granddaughters have visited the beach, but I forgot my camera that day.

We have recently moved back to Minnesota and to my home town of Duluth. I have not lived in Duluth for over 20 years. Finally my sons are near me and I am thrilled. My grandchildren are closer and I look forward to spending more time with them and getting to know them better.
We are slowly getting settled into a tiny place but most important is location. We are on the shores of Lake Superior and this is what I can see daily with a short walk down a sandy path.
As I unpack, out comes my genealogy books and family research notebooks. I look forward to having more time to work on my family research in the future.

For now I am reconnecting with family, unpacking and trying to rid myself of so much of the material clutter in my life.
Till later.. thanks for stopping by and enjoy some of my pictures of Lake Superior. Grace


  1. Ahhh, so you can go home again! Congratulations.

  2. yes you really can.. thanks for stopping by