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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Night Genea - Musings " My Gravestone"

Well it is Saturday night.. we are now living in Duluth Minnesota.. home for me. We left the Houston area a week ago today and arrived last Wednesday. We are living in a TINY little place on the shores of Lake Superior. There is a private path to the beach. I am glad to be back in Duluth. Not looking forward to the winter but my children and grandchildren are here. I am in a little home, along with sweet hubby and Spooky the Cat. Tonight it is raining and sounds wonderful.
I took a moment to go to Randy Seaver's blog and see what he had planned for all Genea-Musings readers. The following is copied from his post so if you want to join in, you know what is the plan for tonight...

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, and I hope that you do, is to:

1) Think about how you want your gravestone to look. What do you want on it as a genealogist? As a child, sibling, parent, spouse, friend? Maybe some sort of witty saying?

2) Tell us about it in text, or create your own gravestone using the online services of companies like Headstones and Memorials. Remember that you have only a limited space to work with and that the bigger they are, the more costly they are.

3) Show us your stone, or what you would put on the stone, in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook status or comment.
Well my stone will be in a Duluth cemetery next to my mother and father. My baby brother is buried between them. Next to my mother is her sister, brother and sister in law. A few rows above them are their parents, my grandparents.
My husband wants to be cremated and his ashes spread in the waters of a lake but I will have some put with me.
I do not know if I want to be buried or cremated. I do not really care, I just do not want much money spent.
I want the stone to be simple and to have my name and my husband's name with out birth dates and death dates. I do want my maiden name added to the stone.
On the bottom I want the parting comment of " Love You, Bye "
This is what I try to say always when leaving my family now.
So that is my thoughts on the subject of my gravestone. Not a fun thought, but something that needs to be shared with our family.
Till later.. Grace

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