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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Friday, April 8, 2011


I have been researching my family tree but have never become involved in a genealogical society. Last Tuesday they had their April meeting at the LDS Family History City. Off I went with hubby in tow. He is not real interested in genealogy but likes to be with me.

I met a nice group of people pretty much my age group or a couple of years younger. They shared what what was available at the history center. There is a lot of information to research out side of the United States. This is where I have not gone as of yet.

After the meeting they opened up this area for family research time. I had not brought my information with me and did not really plan to spend time researching. What I did do is spot some Polk City Directories on a shelf.

There were not a lot of older ones but I did find some from the early 1950's. My personal family was living in Texas at this period of time but my grandparents, Aunt Daisy and Uncle Don and Aunt Lil were in Duluth.

It was fun to find their names, addresses and where they were working in 1950, 1952 and 1954.

What I learned was that my Uncle Don worked at Glass Block a Duluth Department store this was in 1952. By 1954 he was working at Western Electric as a inspector.

I am sure I will return and join. I am hoping to get my husband a little more interested.

thanks for stopping by... Grace

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