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Friday, April 1, 2011

Genealogist Or Family Historian Striving To Be Both

This last week I read a wonderful post on whether we are a genealogist or family historian or both.
Sadly at this moment I can not find her blog and posting, but if I come across her in my travels this weekend I will link her article to this posting.

I strive to be both. I love looking for the dates and all the charts but then I want to put myself into their lives. What was happening around them.  What was life like for my ancestors during the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, My own parents with World War 2 going on and their meeting and marrying. Where did they live, what did they love to eat or hate to eat. So much of these things we will never really know but some we can learn about by just studying the history locally around where they lived. What was happening in the United States and the world. How did this affect them and their lives.
By finding a cook book from or about the time period they lived can help us see what was being prepared in their kitchens.

Recently I found a cook book called " The Old Farmer's Almanac Colonial CookBook " editor Clarissa Silitch. We can find recipes and how the colonial housewife cooked.

By reading on home making in the 1800's we can picture our great great grandmothers in their homes and picture what life was like. 

I desire to combine not only the records, charts but a look into the lives of my ancestors. Some days I can not get someone out of my head. I read my great grandpa John Lockwoods records on trying to get a pension after being in the Civil War and all I can say is " Poor Grandpa" . I read about the pain he was in and I am with him wishing I could comfort him. That I could be with Betsy his wife as she struggled after he passed on.  

At this time I have started to read Rebels and RedcoatsThe American Revolution Through the Eyes of Those Who fought and Lived It " by George Scheer and Hugh Rankin. It will probably take me a while to read this since it is not easy reading like my prefered mysteries. I have at least three great grandfather's who fought in the Revolutionary War.

There is so much more to our ancestors than their census reports. By searching further I will be able to add depth to my family research.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you visit again real soon. Grace

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  1. i've always loved history and everyone at work knew me as the history geek. what genealogy has done is to make history much more interesting to me. when i am reading a history book i can picture my ancestors much more clearly.