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Friday, April 8, 2011

On Or About This Day ROBERT MILLSAP Died On April 4th 1842 in Brown Indiana

On April 04, 1842 my 4th great grandfather Robert Millsap passed away in Brown Indiania.

Robert was born the 28th of February, 1773 in Rowan, North Carolinia to Robert Millsaps (1719-1793) and Ellender King (1733 - 1796).

 Robert had ten siblings and was the youngest child. His brothers and sisters were Ellen, William, Thomas, James, Jane, Edward, Joseph , Moses and Mary.

Robert married Marcia Lacy in 1796 at Green Tennesee. They had seven children with my 3rd great grandfather Bella ( 1797- 1885) being the oldest. The other children were James (1798 - 1860), Gabriel(1801 - ?), Anna ( 1803 -?), John (1805- 1892), Marcy (1805-?), and Gamatiel (1824 - 1908).

In the 1780 census there is a Robert Millsaps. This is probably my 5th great grandfather. The only information that it tells me is they were in Rowan county of North Carolina in the Captain Cox district.

Robert can be found with his parents in the 1790 census of Randolph County, North Carolina. There are eight people living in the house. 4 males over 16, 1 male under 16 and 3 females. Robert would of been 16 or 17 years old at this time.
Living two houses away is a Thomas Millsaps which may of been his brother. Living in this house was 5 family members.

I find a Robert Millsap in the 1820 census Jackson County, Indiana. Living in the home is a total of 7 family members. There is a male over 45 years old and a female over 45 years old. Also in the home are 1 male 10 to 15 years old, 3 males 16 to 25 years old and 1 female 16 to 25 years old. This could be my Robert Millsaps.
Note that in this census the s is missing at end of name. Later generations do drop this s.

In the 1840 census I find Robert and his wife Marcia living in Hamblin, Brown county, Indiana. Census reports both are 60 to 69 years old. No one else is living in their home.

I found on http://www.ancestry.com/ the tombstone of my Robert Millsaps. It was originally added by J. Bradshaw. The tombstone is in Taggart Cemetery in Brown County, Indiana. Written on is In memory of Robert Millsaps born Feb 28, 1773 died April 4, 1842.

I am curious about the 1780 census and finding out more about what it means to be in Captain Cox's district and who he was.
I have not found Robert in the 1810 or the 1830 census yet. There are two Robert Milsaps but ages do not match so need to look at family around them to see if one could just have wrong age.
In the 1820 census there is a Jehemiah Lacey living near by. Is this a relative of Marcia Lacy?

Just for today I am searching one of my ancestors. Today it was Robert Millsaps my 4th great grandfather. Rest in peace grandpa.. Grace

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