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Friday, November 30, 2012

Climbing My Family Tree One Limb At A Time ~ Coleman, Cheuvront and Rouse limbs

I recently shared a picture of my great grandma Mabel Coleman Hall here on my blog and on my personal facebook page. I wonder some times how I can get my sons and grandchildren as interested in our family history as I am.
I look at their pictures and census reports and wonder about their lives. All we have are dates and maybe a story here or there but so much is missing.
At least we do have pictures sometimes that are passed on by others.
This picture is of my great grandma Mabel Coleman's motherj Alta. She is standing in the back row on the right hand side. Her name is Alta Cheauvront Coleman. She married John Henry Coleman and together they had five children. Elic, Mabel, Elmer, Myrtle and Mary with Mabel being my ancestor.
Sitting in the front row is Lemuel G Cheuvront and Mary Polly Rouse Cheuvront.
If you search back far enough in their trees you will find that their descendants fought in the American Revolutionary War.
The other two family members are Thomas J Cheuvront and Sarah Cheuvront Metheny. There was another sister Lourinda Cheuvront Chapin but she passed away in 1869.
These tree limbs are of my great great grandmother Alta who I am named after and my great great great grandparents.

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