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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday Birth Date Of Great Grandparents William McCormack and Rebecca

Name:William Mccormack
Birth Year:1710
Spouse Name:Rebecca
Spouse Birth Year:1714
Number Pages:

Last night while doing a little research as I am updating my pedigree charts I found the record

of William McCormack and his wife Rebecca last name unknown marriage.

This record gives me their birth date.  Sadly no last name for Rebecca given.

They are my 6th great grandparents on my father's side. 

Arthur Zion  1921 - 2008
Perry Zion 1886- 1958
Jonathan Adam Zion 1861- 1927
John H Zion  1831 - 1920
McCormack Zion  1795 - 1863
Lucy McCormack 1772- 1854
William McCormack 1745- 1775
William McCormack  1910 -1775

Wonderful found treasure now back to redoing my pedigree charts and building my files for documenting my work
Thanks for stopping by happy hunting

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