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Monday, June 20, 2016

Who Is My Strongest Ancestor i Vote For Mama Living With Polio

Little Bytes of Life

Which of your ancestors deserves to sit on the Iron Throne?

The strong will survive!
War, famine, poverty, disease, harsh weather: these are just a few of the difficult situations that may have been endured by our ancestors.
Most of us have encountered one special ancestor who survived a particularly difficult situation, and is someone we think of as “strong.” An ancestor could be considered “strong” for a variety of reasons:
  • Military prowess;
  • Emotional strength;
  • Intelligence;
  • Cunning;
  • Courage;
  • Survived a situation that others did not;
  • And many others.
The ancestor I am choosing to sit on the throne is my mama.

This picture is my mama a couple years before she contacted polio while living in Texas. 
She survived polio and spending months in an iron lung.  Came out of the iron lung wearing a brace and using crutches the rest of her life
She raised  three children and participated in school functions and church functions. 

She did not let being handicapped determine who she was.  My father was busy selling to support the family and mom who hire a cab to take us to our elementary school for Halloween functions or any other activity.  We would take a taxi down town to go school shopping and to lunch.

I admire my father for all he did to take care of his family but my mother faced many challenges on a daily basis. 

You can read more about my mama here
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  1. No wonder you chose your mama!!! She sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing her story :)

  2. From the iron lung to the Iron Throne. Your mama sounds like an awesome woman, worthy of the throne! Thank you for sharing your story in the Genealogy Blog Party!

  3. Growing up in the era when the polio vaccine became available, I remember hearing about "people" who needed an iron lung to survive and the thought of living in one was scary to us kids. What a difficult life! Your mom was, indeed, a very strong woman.

  4. A very courageous woman! I can't imagine having to be in an iron lung for months and then to be a mom and doing all that involves while struggling physically!