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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Fun of the Hunt for Family

Tonight I planned to spend some time at Ancestry.com and search for more information on one line of my family. I keep hoping to hook up with some one who shares the same John Lockwood that I do. He was my great great grandfather and served in the Civil War, Calvary from Wisconsin. I have a picture of his wife with my great grandmother but none of him. He haunts my thoughts and I am continuing to search hoping to make a link with someone else who knows him. \
Well tonight still nothing new on him. Instead worked on his wife Betsy's parents , Augustus and Henrietta Eddington. I started to down loading census reports and printing for my family note book and now we have a new mystery. There are two children listed with another last name. First thought is of course great great great grandma Henrietta may of been married before. The fun of a new mystery. The search goes on. That is the fun of genealogy. The mysteries never end.

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