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Monday, December 14, 2009

Create A Personal Timeline For My Ancestors

I have started to work on getting a time line for my ancestors. I am hoping by doing time lines of what was happening in their personal life and historically I will get to know them better. I also will be able to see what information I am missing.
I have decided to go back as far as I can on each of my lines of grandparents and do the time line on each of them. I will then work forward on each generation.
Important information will be date in chronological order
age as close as possible to the event
What the event was and location to where it happened
and any documentation I have.
I started with a great x 4 grandfather John W Zion. I have not visited him in a long time so have lots to add since I just joined http://www.ancestry.com/
I have started this first time line in my word program I can then easily change and then print out.
Thanks For Stopping By
please stop by again as I post in the future his time line and additional time lines for my ancestors.

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