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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Surname Saturday the Coleman Family of England

I'm following my ahnentafel report for my Surname Saturday posts. Tonight I am doing the Coleman family line.
11. Mabel Jane Coleman born July 01, 1872 in Greenwood, Nebraska married Arthur Reynolds Hall August 28, 1891. Arthur and Mabel had three children Alta ( my grandmother, Mae Bell and Pearl. Mabel died March 14, 1946 in Arkansas

22. John Henry Coleman born June 16, 1839. John married Alta Angeline Cheuvront July 1, 1866 Greenwood, Cass County, Nebraska. John and Alta were married July 1, 1866 and had five children. Elic Lemuel born 1868, Mabel Jane (my great great grandmother) born 1872, Elmer Henry born 1874, Alta Myrtle born 1876 and Mary Crystal born 1880. John Henry died September 20,1922.

44.Elic Chalker Senior born January 10, 1805. Elic Chalker married Catherine Beiler September 1, 1825. Elic and Catherine had eleven children. Jane born December 06, 1826, Matilda born October 11, 1829, Ebenezer born November 13, 1831, Mary Catherine born November 16, 1833, Lucy born August 06, 1835, William born July 12, 1837, John Henry ( my ancestor)born June 16, 1839, Amy born January 13, 1841, Elic Chalker Jr born April 23, 1843, Amanda born April 25, 1846 and Martin Luther born June 12,1848. Elic died September 1 1873

88.Ebenezer Jr. born November 5, 1781. Ebenezer married Lucy Hildreth. Ebenezer and Lucy had 8 children. Elic ( my ancestor), Elisha, Chester, John, Hiram, James, Erastus and Annie. Ebenezer died March 08, 1873.

176.Enezer Sr born October 29, 1731. Ebenezer married Rachel Wright May 2, 1771. 11Ebenezer and Rachel had four children. Fredrick, Ebenezer (my ancestor), Rachel and Niles. Died 1824.

352.Niles born February 20, 1707. Niles married Elizabeth Strong May 9, 1731. Niles and Elizabeth had three children. Ebenezer (my ancestor), Josiah and Niles. Died ?.

704.Ebenezer born August 29, 1680. Ebenezer married Ruth Niles March 11, 1705. Ebenezer and Ruth had four children. Ebenezer and Ruth had four children, Niles (my ancestor), Ruth, Mahittabel and Mary. Ebenezer died November 30, 1740.

1408.John Coleman born 1635. Married Mary Day, Mehitable Johnson Hannah Porter. Mehitable and John had 3 children Elizabeth, Ebenezer (my ancestor) and Nathanial. John died January 21, 1711.

2816. Thomas born 1598 England Thomas married Katherine Higginson, Frances Albright and Frances Belcher. Thomas and Katherine had one child that I know of my ancestor John. And three children with Frances Belcher. Thomas died October 1, 1674.

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