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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting Organized with Family History in 52 weeks Week 5

This is a little late but I have some kind of cold that will not go away. I call it the Texas Crud. All it is doing here is raining. Day after day of rain. At least it is not snow but I am sick of it and wondering why I left sunny southern California for this.
Oh well enough of my grumblings.
Week 5 of getting organized is to find a genealogy management program. I have had family tree for years and recently got an updated copy of it. Not sure if I like it still trying to get use to it and put in the records I lost from computer crashes. I had saved on a disk but of course old fashioned disk. Now it is good for a small Frisbee.
Next week we will start putting our information into our family program. I still need to finish organizing my family books with new dividers to separate my families and generations. What I have done sure looks nice.
So for now keep up with your family reasearch books and getting them organized. If you do not have a genealogy program check them out on the Internet or go to Office Depot or Office Max.
Have a great week ... Grace

Sentimental Sunday Grandpa Bill and Grandma Grace Day

This picture is of grandpa and grandma Day with us girls left to right is me (Grace) , my cousin Bonnie next to me and the little one is my cousin Cheryl, next to them is my sister Mary. It was taken January 12th 1959 for their 48TH wedding anniversary. No smile on my face, I must of been going through a serious phase.

Today I am sharing a story of my grandparents on my mother's side. William H and Grace ( Esler) Day.

I grew up with them being only 2 blocks from where we lived . Every Sunday I would walk to their house and from there walk to church with them.

Sundays were spent at their house after church. Noon time dinner was usually a roast beef and was fantastic. The adults would sit in the dining room, my sister Mary and cousins Bonnie and Cheryl and myself sitting in the kitchen at the smaller table.

The dining room table always had a white table cloth and white cloth napkins. The best china was used and the coffee cups were decorative china cups. I have several now and remember watching them sip their coffee from these dainty cups

This picture was probably taken for another celebration of my grandparents anniversary. Front row is my Aunt Daisy, Grandpa Bill and Grandma Grace. Back row from left to right is my father, my mother, Aunt Lil and Uncle Don.
Sundays were always church and then family time at the dinner table. After dinner my father and my grandfather would go into to the living room to watch a baseball game. My grandfather loved the New York Yankees. My father would be for what ever team my grandfather was not for so they could have a little fun teasing each other.

While the men watched TV the other adults would sit at the dining room table and drink coffee and visit.

My grandparents were always so loving, and I miss them terribly even now. This picture is how they looked at that time. They always dressed up to go to church. This picture was taken for their for their 50Th anniversary.

Sentimental Sunday is a time to share some of those stories of our family. As I post about my family members, I print out my postings and put in my family book so that years from now family members will not only have the stories but maybe some of my thoughts.