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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Surname Saturday Hall Family

I'm following my ahnentafel report for my Surname Saturday posts. My third surname is Hall

1. Grace Zion
2. Dad Zion
3. Mom ( Day)
4. Grandpa Perry Zion
5. Grandma Alta Hall born June 26, 1892 Evansville Wisconsin to Arthur R and Mabel (Coleman) Hall. Alta married Perry June 11, 1913 in Taylor, Nebraska. They had 5 children, John, George, Alice , Arthur ( my dad) and Joe . Grandma Alta died February 21, 1944 in Winlock Wisconsin.
10. Arthur Reynolds Hall was born September 19,1863 in Evansville, Wisconsin to George W and Louisa Maria Reynolds. Arthur married Married Mabel Jane Coleman August 28, 1891. They had 3 children Alta my grandma, Mae Bell, and Pearl Myrtle. Arthur died July 08,1919 in Craig Colorado. He is buried Crawford Nebraska.
20. George Wilbur Hall born June 13, 1832 in Hardwick, Vermont to John Hall Jr. and Sally Grimes. George married Louisa Maria Reynolds November 29, 1860. They had 6 children, Arthur, Charles Norton, Florence , Mark Alonzo, George Ephriam and Agnes Maria. George died July 27, 1892.
40. John Hall Jr. was born February 4, 1802 to John and Elizabeth (?) Hall. He married Sally Grimes May 10, 1825. They had 7 children Hepizbah Maria, Caroline Augusta, George Wilbur, John Alonzo, Harriet Sophia, Mary Elizabeth and Sally Rebecca. John died October 22, 1838.
80. John Hall born July 25, 1767 in New Hampshire. Married Elizabeth?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday Remembering My Great Great Great Grandmother Carpenter Chrisman Anderson Cocagne

In Minnesota several of my ancestors are buried. Life is done for them, they have loved and lived their lives caring for those around them. Their stories are hard to find and I am in constant search to find out about them. Today for Tombstone Tuesday I am featuring my Great Great Great Grandma Harriet Carpenter Chrisman Anderson Cocagne.

Harriet was born December 13 1814 in Rome New York to Harmon and Phoebe Christman Carpenter and died December 5th 1908 in Wabasha Minnesota. She was married a total of three times.
First husband David Chrisman ( may of been a first cousin) married when Harriet was 19 years old. Harriet had two children by him, David Chauncey and Monica. David Chrisman dies in 1836.
In 1837 Harriet marries Levi Anderson, they have 6 children together. The first being Betsey my great great grandmother. Other children are Abram, Phoebe, William , George and then Fairfax. In 1858 Levi supposidly dies, we have not found his obit or grave. There was a Levi Anderson who died 1860 found frozen to death, alcohol being the cause. We do not know if this is the same Levi Anderson of New York.
Third husband Charles marries Harriet in 1872 and dies in 1900. Harriet dies in 1908 and is buried in the Pleasant Prairie Cemetery in Zumbro, Minnesota. Harriet lived to almost be 94 years old , she out lived 3 husbands and 5 children.
I am sure there is a lot to learn about Harriet and I have just started my search for her. I am pleased I was able to find her grave in 1999 and was able to leave her a flower at that time.
Harriet did not live to know that two of her grandsons would be murdered. In 1927 her first son David's son George is murdered in a neighbor dispute and in 1929 daughter Betsey's son George is murdered while doing his job as a guard at the docks in Duluth, Minnesota. This crime was never solved.

These pictures are Harriet and her third husbands tombstones. I was able to take these pictures in 1999.
The picture above is of Harriet, daughter Betsey Day ( my great great grandmother ) and Phoebe Harrison ( I believe that this Monica's daughter)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Family Events February 21st ot 27th

Today I am remembering some of my family that has passed on.

First is my mama. Tomorrow February 23 would of been her birthday. She was born in 1922. Sure do miss her. She left us February 28, 1998. She was the best. Loving and caring to her family and friends.

Second is my grandfather William Day. He was my mama's father and passed away February 21, 1964. Sadly his funeral was on her birthday. He was a sweet gentle man who loved his family and the Lord. I surely loved and miss him every day