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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Surname Saturday Gallaher, Gallagher Family

For surname Saturday I am at my 8th name and it is the Gallaher family also found as Gallagher.Both spellings can be found and used among family members. I have very little on this name but now that I am back in Minnesota, I hope to be able to take a trip to La Crosse Wisconsin and spend a few hours there to search for more. My great great grandparents came from Ireland so my search ends with them in the United States
Here is what is known at this time
Grace Zion
Arthur Zion married Muriel Day
William Day married Grace Daly Esler daughter of Katherine Gallaher/Gallagher and Andrew Daly. Katherine was born 10 May 1874 La Crosse Wisconsin and died 19 March 1940. She married Appleton Esler of Minnesota.
Katherine had Grace Daly 1893 - 1972 , Tillie Esler 1884, Russell Esler 1886- 1944, Merle Esler 1906, Jesse Wayne Esler 1909.
Katherine Gallaher/Gallagher daughter of Patrick Gallaher/Gallagher and Joanna Riordan
Patrick Gallaher/Gallagher born about 1830 Ireland. He married Joanna Riordan. Patrick passed away 3 January 1898 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Joanna Riordan Gallaher/Gallagher was born in Ireland August 1833 and passed way 12 July 1902 La Crosse Wisconsin.
Patrick and Joanna had besides Katherine, Bridget 12 March 1869 - 2 Jan 1934 , Mary April 1866 - 11 April 1934 and William 15 Dec 1869- 2 Jan 1934.

There is a lot to learn on this family and hope to meet and hook up with some distant cousins in the future.

Thanks for stopping by for Surname Saturday You can read other Gallaher/Gallagher postings by searching the right hand side bar for their name.. Grace

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Life And Times Of Mabel Jane Coleman Hall

The life and times of Mabel Jane Coleman Hall

Mabel was born 01 July 1872 to John Henry Coleman and Alta Angeline Cheuvront Coleman at Greenwood, Nebraska. Mabel was their second child, their first daughter, and one of my great grandmother on my father's side . Her brother Elic was in 13 October 1868 in Salt Creek Cass county, Nebraska. Within a few years she has a brother Elmer born 09 April 1874, sister Alta Myrtle is born 27 February 1876 and sister Mary Crystal is born 17 March 1880.
What was life like at this time frame of the early 1870's to the 1880 period. The Coleman family lived in Greenwood, Cass County Nebraska.
The following is from the Cass County historical society.
The old depot and a modern elevator tower mark the location of Greenwood, said to be named for its first resident, an Indian trapper. Greenwood is located at the west most end of Cass County, just four miles south of the Saunders County line and one mile from the Lancaster line. The first resident of this area was Silas Greenwood, an Indian trapper and hunter who lived with his white wife and family in a dugout along Salt Creek in the early 1860's. The village was named for him.
In 1869, when the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad built its line from Plattsmouth to Lincoln, a station was needed in this area. Farmers residing nearby purchased land from Smith C Bethel and donated it to the B&MR with the promise that $10,000 worth of improvement would be invested. " The land was subsequently transferred to the South Platte Land Company who ( in 1882) still held it and have not sold to individual residents. "
Bethel built a store near the rock grade and was named postmaster of " Greenwood" in 1870. With the tracks completed, the depot opened for business in July of that year. By 1880 the population had reached 200. The town was incorporated in 1883 and by 1885 the population had reached 840.
The Congregational Church organized and a church built in 1873, followed by the Christian Church in 1874.
The first school was a mile or south of town. In 1878 a school with a " seating capacity of 100" was built. The first class to graduate was in 1890, and a new schoolhouse was built in 1907.
In 1880 Greenwood had three elevators.
Mabel lost her paternal grandfather Elic Chalker Coleman 01 September 1873 at the age of 1 and her paternal grandmother Catherine Beiler Coleman 01 December 1884 in Greenwood Nebraska when she was 12 years old.
During her early years the president was Ulysses S Grant ( 1869 - 1877 ) Rutherford B Hayes who served 1877 - 1887 ).
Mabel continued to live in Nebraska with her family until she met and married Arthur R Hall in Denver Colorado 28 August 1891. Soon after the happily married couple left Nebraska to live in Chicago for four years. This was during the period of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and Arthur was a carpenter and probably worked on the building of the fair. Mabel and Arthur then returned to Nebraska settling on a farm in Geneva. Arthur and Mabel had three daughters Alta Louise born 26 June 1892 in Evansville Wisconsin , May Belle 25 July 1895 in Chicago, Illinois and Pearl 11 April 1901 in Geneva, Nebraska. The family continue to make Nebraska their home until Arthur passed away 19 September 1919. Mabel remained in Nebraska for awhile. The 1920 census has her living with her parents in Taylor Loop Nebraska. Mabel's father John Henry passes away 20 September 1922. Sometime around 1930 Mabel moves to Custer South Dakota to be near two of her daughters. This is where she is found in the 1930 census. Mabel's mother Alta passes away 28 September 1937, sister Myrtle Alta on 11 December 1939 and her daughter Alta on 21 February 1944. Mabel lives to be 73 years old and dies 14 March 1946. There is a bit of confusion to where Mabel died. My aunt Alice the genealogist wrote that she died in Arkansas and Ancestry has a death certificate for Mabel J Hall dying in South Dakota the same date. Either Aunt Alice miss wrote the place of death or the death certificate was for a different Mabel. This is one mystery to further search. I know little about Mabel other than the details from census and other family notes with birth dates and death dates. I wish I had some letters or stories about her. Will continue to do my searches and hopefully will find something someday.
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