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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday Sally Grimes Hall of Wisconsin

This Tombstone Tuesday I am featuring Sally Grimes Hall my great great great grandmother. Sally was the daughter of Nathan and Hephizibah ( Lovejoy) Grimes. She was born 18 November1800. She was born in New Hampshire.
She married John Hall Jr 10 May 1825 and passed away 17 January 1873 age 72 years old at Evansville, Wisconsin. She is buried in the Mapel Hill Cemetery. She shares a gravestone with son= George W and daughter in law Louisa.
John and Sally had seven children. They were the following.
Hephizibah Marie 10 May 1826 who married Stephen Fairbanks, Hephizibah passed away 18 July 1858 age 32 years
Caroline Augusta born 9 May 1830 who married a Mr. Jones, Caroline passed away 10 August 1865 age 35 years
George Wilbur Hall born 13 June 1832 and married Louisa Maria Reynolds 29 November 1860 ( this is my ancestor) George passed away 27 July 1892 age 60 years
John Alonzo born 17 February 1834 and died 28 Nov 1871 age 37 years
Harriet Sophia born 20 October 1835 who died 21 September 1849 age 23 years
Mary Eliza 30 March 1837 and died 7 March 1910 age almost 73 years old
Sally Rebecca born 18 October 1838, 4 days before her father passed away. She married a Mr. Foye and passed away 16 Nov 1878.
Sally out lived her husband and four of her seven children. The 1860 census has Sally living in Madison Ward 2, Dane, Wisconsin. Living with her is daughters Mary E Hall age 23 , Sally R Hall age 21 and Judora M Fairbanks. I would guess that Judora is the grandson of Sally. Her daugher Hephizibah Fairbanks died in 1858. Judora was 9 years old at this time.
The 1870 census has her living with George W and his family. Listed is I M Fairbank age 19, this is probably Judora listed in the 1860 census.
There is more to learn about this ancestor and her family in the future.