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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who Are My Great Grandparents

Recently I was talking with a woman in Texas about my age ( early 60's). For some reason I asked her what her grandmother's maiden name was. She surprised me by not knowing what it was. I do not think she was even interested in knowing the information.
I sometimes forget there are two different people. Us who live family history, always thirsting for more information and those who have no interest at all.
How many of your great grandparents can you name?
Here are mine
1. Jonathan Adam Zion b 29 Sept 1861 Decatur County Iowa d 07 April 1927 Craig Colorado
2. Rachel Ann Millsap b 19 April 1862 Mount Ayr Colorado d 13 May 1945
3. Arthur Reynolds Hall b 19 Sept 1863 d 08 July 1919 Colorado
4. Mabel Jane Coleman b 01 July 1872 Greenwood Nebraska d 14 March 1947 Arkansas while visiting family.
5.William Albert Day b 15 Oct 1867Rome New York d Feb 1920 Sacred Heart Minnesota
6. Carrie B Lockwood b 07 October 1870 d April 1946 Minnesota
7. Andrew Daly information unknown at this time b abt 1870's death unknown would think he was born in the LaCrosse Wisconsin area and probably lived and died that. I have hints of who he may have been as a teen but need to work on this in the future
8. Katherine Ellen Gallaher/ Gallagher 10 May 1874 LaCrosse Wisconsin d 19 March 1940 Mora Minnesota

Recently I was reading a post by Randy Seaver and he listed the occupation of his male ancestors back six generations. That would be interesting. I am sure most of mine were farmers. Will have to work on that information in the future.

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Treasure Chest Thursday My Grandmother Alta Zion's Letters

I never knew my Grandmother Alta Louise Zion, my father's mother. She was born to Arthur Hall and Mabel Jane (Coleman) Hall on June 26, 1892 in Evansville, Wisconsin.
She married Perry Zion on February 21, 1944 and had five children John, George, Arthur ( my dad) and his twin sister Alice and Joe. She died from cancer 1944 and I was not born till September 1948.
I have very little of what she owned. I have a few pieces of china, an autograph book that is priceless to me ( my grandfather wrote in it ), a souvenir that her mother received from her father from the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 and I have a few letters she wrote to my father and mother.
Tonight for Treasure Chest Thursday I am scanning and sharing one of them.
Winlock Washington Nov 22, 1943
Dear Art and Muriel
Thanks alot for you pictures, I know you would be happy by the pictures. I love my daughter in law and God Bless you both.
Mrs. Day ( my mom's mother) I thank you for writing me a card telling me the word, I had been worried about him, although I never should of have worried , I trust the Lord. I looked them up Fort William and Sue Canal. We have found them. It was something to see them.
Leona Francy had the appendix operation on Sat. She came thru. Cecil was going to see her Sun.
My cousin Grace Brunsell is living at Evansville Wisc ???? but I don't know the number.
Dad had lived at Bemidji the county seat. He was at Wilton the p office at Minnesota.
Grandma is staying with me as Etta is going to Tacoma. She just phone to Winlock that she was at the Depot.
She stayed about 2 weeks.
The weather is warm and foggy till noon. It is about usual weather. The sun shone at two or three. And be foggy about dark.
Joe had his birthday he was 21. Lola Allen had a birthday the same day only she was a year younger. She was 20.
Alice and John gave the supper. Joe said his thank you for your pretty birthday card.
I've got a bad cold and I can think of any thing to write.
Lot of love Mom
They are just short and newsy but I love to see her hand writing. They are real treasures to me.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Almost Linnie Olson Lockwood

I can never be totally Wordless. Today's posting is of Linnie Olson Lockwood. She was the first wife of John Lockwood. John Lockwood was the brother of my great grandmother Carrie Lockwood Day. This would make her my great aunt in law.
Linnie and John had three children Pearl, Ruby and Irving. They divorced sometime 1919 or 1920. The 1920 census has them still living together though they are divorced in marital status. She remarried and so did John . As of now I do not have a death date for her.
Looking at the 1920 census for John's second wife strangely has her divorced but still living with her ex husband and his family. John and second wife did not marry till 1925.
I was able to add this picture to the listing for Linnie at http://www.ancestry.com/. Now other members of her family can see what she looked like. I luckily also had pictures for her son Irving and daughter Pearl. Sadly so many of my pictures are not identified and now all that could of identified them are gone.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday George W Hall & Louisa Marie Reynolds

For Tombstone Tuesday I am remembering George W Hall and Louisa Reynolds Hall. George is my great great grandfather. He was born to John Hall Jr and Sally Grimes. He married Louisa Marie Reynolds.
George was born 13 June 1832 in Vermont and died 27 July 1892 in Wisconsin.
He and Louisa had six children. Charles, Arthur ( my great grandfather), Florence, Mark, George and Agnes.
The 1870 and 1880 census has him living in Wisconsin with an occupation of a farmer.
Agnes was born 1832 in New York to John Gilbert Reynolds and Mandania Grover. She passed away in 1899. This is a nice large stone that not only names George but also his wife and mother Sally.
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