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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lesson from a 62 year old lady.. Listen to body and go to doctor

Lesson from a 62 year old lady.. Listen to body and go to doctor
My voice has been quite the last couple of weeks. Reason is I was very sick. Started on the 13th my 62nd birthday ( happy birthday to me ) . Started to have pain in my groin area. I am a stubborn lady and thought I had pulled a muscle. I am not very active so not sure how I could of done this. I laid in bed taking Tylenol for 1 week with ice packs.Finally got some sense and got out of bed. Went to urgent care, emergency room next and into the hospital. Next day I was in surgery and found I had an infection. Just the luck of the universe I guess. I spent 11 days in the hospital on pain pills and antibiotics. I am now home with a wound vac and will be like this for 2 to 3 weeks with going to out patient for wound changes three times a week.I am sharing this adventure to hopefully be a lesson to others. I hope that you are not as stubborn as I am and if not feeling well do not wait a week thinking all will be better. I was very ill with infection going down my leg. I am glad I went in when I did and had the brilliant young doctor's I had.So dear friends in blog land and face book. Listen to your body and go to doctor if not feeling perfect.And thank you to my family for visiting and for the little voices of my grandchildren who could not visit telling me " I love you grandma, get well" Nothing better than hearing those words.I am glad to be home. Grace

Friday, October 1, 2010

Surname Saturday My Anderson Family

Today for Surname Saturday I am sharing my Anderson line using Ahnentafel Report

(25) Betsy Ann Anderson married Dwight H Day in 1856. She was born September 16th 1838 in Rome New York and died December 02 1938 at 100 years old. Dwight and Betsy had 9 children with three of them dying March of 1877 probably of Scarlett Fever

(50) Levi Anderson born 1810 in New York. Levi married Harriet Carpenter about 1837. Levi died about 1858 in New York. Levi was Harriet's second husband. They had six children together. Betsy Ann, Abram, Phoebe,William H, George, and Fairfax. ( Harriet had a daughter Monica with first husband. In 1850 David and Monica move in with Harriet's parents with her father raising David as his.

(100) David Anderson born April 26, 1769 in Pan bride Parish Angus Scotland son of James and Agnes Robertson and dies August 24 1849 in New York. David married Elfrieda last name unknown. Elfrieda was born in Scotland about 1772 and died August 02, 1848 Rome New York. David and Elfrieda had four children Susan, William, Charles and Levi.

(200) James son of John and Isobel Tyrie born 1741 Scotland. James married Agnes Robertson . Two children are known David and James.

(400) John Anderson born Scotland and married Isobel Tyrie. James is only child known at this time.

Some information known on this family and more to learn. Have a great Saturday .. Grace

Letter To My Grandpa Day October 1952 Age 4 Years

I am so glad my family kept little treasures of my past. Here is a letter I wrote to my grandpa Day in October 1952.

My mother had come down with Polio and my grandma Grace was visiting us in Texas.

Grandma writes

Dear Daddy ( what my grandma called my grandpa)

I know you can't read her little letter but she will be broken hearted if I don't let her send it she has begged so much to write a letter to Dampa. She wants you to kow she is glad I am here and she wants you to come to. She says she is coming home with me some day when mama gets better. She wants you to know mama can ride sitting up now and that mama lets her ride in her wheel chair. She prays for you every night too. Bye now love Grace

Sadly today is so much emails, text messages that generations from now may not have these long ago treasures.
Thanks for stopping by.. Grace