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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cancer Relay for the Cure Duluth Minnesota Bayfest Park

Cancer runs in my family. I am almost 8 years free of cancer I am happy to report. Every day I thank God for this fact.  My grandma Alta died back in the 1940s and my aunt Juanita died years later.
Cancer can be a scary thing to go through or watch a family member deal with.  I have had other relatives struggle with cancer or die from it. 

Last night was spend in what is called Bayfront park here in Duluth. Cancer fund raiser with music, food, laps around the park and lots of thoughts going through my head.
My darling hubby was with me and one of my sons and his family came for awhile. I was with my church group so that was enjoyable.

Here are a few pictures from last nights event.

 Last night was a beautiful evening and a memory that will stay with me. This is just a peek into my life. Grace

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