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Friday, December 7, 2012

BEST FRIEND FRIDAY ~ Trust some and laugh with all

We have friends through out our life. They come and go as we grow older, or move to another state or maybe they move away but they are our best friends for a time and stay in our memory for ever.
In grade school my best friend was Patty D. We played together and had lunch at each others houses. We lived just feet away from each other. Then she and her family moved away to Arizona. That was the end of that friendship.
In high school my best friend was Audrey. We were best friends through 9th grade to our early twenties. Shared secrets and great times. Were in each others weddings and our babies played together. She moved to Illiois and then moved back. We spent some more time together and then she moved again. She moved and traveled all over. Wonderful adventures and even thought we did not see each other she still was my best friend and always will be. We can meet and within minutes the connection is back. Today she is going through treatment for cancer, please say a prayer for my friend.
In my forties I had several girlfriends and we had some good times working, having lunch or going out to dance. Twenties have passed and lives change. I remarried and moved a hundred plus days away. Of the five of us one died in 2000 with her funeral on my birthday. Not the way I want to spend a birthday but I was there with these girlfriends to mourn our friend. I still see one of the girls and consider her a close friend. We see each other several times a year.
Right now I consider my husband my best friend , we have been married going on 23 years and I can share with him my dreams and fears. This picture was taken several years ago when we were out celebrating our wedding Anniversay. Dinner theater, saw Oklahoma.

 I consider my sister my best friend, I know I can go to her with anything. This is my sister and me about 1954.
Friends are important but their is different levels of friendship. It is important to me to share with my closest of friends and laugh often with all levels of my friends.

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