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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Thriller Thursday is posting where we can sharing something thrilling within our family history story. A sudden death, an unexplained death. These are always the saddest of stories I think. It is sad when a relative dies, but when the death is sudden, unexpected or violent that is when it is the hardest to add to the family story.
One of these deaths is the death of my great great uncle George Day. The story of his death took place here in the city where I live. When we drive near where he died and I can not help but think of this man I never knew.
George was the brother of my great grandpa William Albert Day. I know where he worked during his life. I have pictures of him and I have visited his grave site.
I have searched newspaper articles of his shooting and death at the library. I have searched later newspapers trying to find out more but have found nothing more than I know. I maybe know more than I really wanted to know.
I have shared uncle George before on Thriller Thursday but he is on my mind so I am bringing his story back to my blog.
While at the library recently I have searched more articles of his death and the last article suggested he may of taken his own life.  I will continue to search for newspaper articles and will go down to the twin cities to check there papers. There had been other robberies in the area where he died and I want to believe that he did not take his own life.
The last article I read had the detective going to the twin cities to get more information. I am hoping that he found something and that some day I find it.
Thanks for stopping by for Thriller Thursday and my story of my uncle George.

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