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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Female Ancestors Age at Death

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun put on by Randy Seaver  -- Female Ancestors Age at Death

Here's mine (I'm going to use ahnentafel numbers here):

3.  Muriel Joyce (Day) Zion (1922-1998) - 76 years

5.  Alta Louise (Hall Zion (1892-1944) - 51 years
7.  Grace Celeste (Daly Esler)  Day  (1893-1972) - 79 years.

9.  Rachel Ann (Millsap) Zion (1862-1945) - 83 years
11. Mabel Jane. (Coleman ) Hall (1872 -1946) - 73 years
13. Carrie B (Lockwood) Day  (1870-1946) – 75 years
15. Catherine Ellen (Gallagher) Esler (1874-1940) - 65 years

2nd Great-Grandmothers:
17.  Mary (Cassell) Zion (1834-1919) - 85 years
19.  Anna (Woodmansee) Millsap (1841-1904) - 62 years
21.  Louisa Marie (Reynolds) Hall  (1832-1899) - 66 years
23.  Alta Angeline (Cheuvront) Coleman (1848-1937) - 89 years
25.  Betsy Ann (Anderson) Day (1838-1938) - 100 years
27.  Betsy Jane (Eddington) Lockwood (1842-1924) - 81 years
29.  Unknown
31.  Johanna  (Riordan) Gallagher (1833-1902) - 68 years

3rd Great-Grandmothers:
33.  Mary  (Gobble) Zion  (1796-1835) - 39 years
35.  Elizabeth (Carmichal) Cassell (1812-1899) - 87 years
37.  Elizabeth (McGuire) Millsap (1805 -1835) - 29 years
39.  Rachel Burrell ( Hanner) Woodmansee (1819-1889) - 70 years
41.  Sally  (Grimes) Hall (1800-1873) - 72 years
43.  Mandania S (Grover) Reynolds (1815-1855) - 40 years
45.  Catherine (Beiler) Coleman (1806-1884) - 78 years
47.  Mary (Rouse) Cheuvront (1713-1904) - 90 years
49.  Anna (Smith Day (1835 - ?) - ? years
51.  Harriet (Carpenter) Anderson (1811-1905) - 93 years
53.  Emma (Moiser) Lockwood (1820-1900) - 80 years
55.  Henrietta  (Curtis) Eddington (1818-1882) - 64 years
57.  Unknown
59.  Unknown
61.  Unknown
63. Unknown

So in those five generations, the longest lived was Betsy Anderson wife of Dwight Henry Day, of  Minnesota at 100 years.  The shortest lived was Elizabeth (McGuire) Millsap, wife of William Bella Millsap of Indiana, at 29 years.

The age ranges are:

*  Generation 1 (mother) - 76 years
*  Generation 2 (grandmothers) -  (range 51 to 79)
*  Generation 3 (great-grandmothers) -  (range 65 to 83)
*  Generation 4 (2nd great-grandmothers) - (range 62 to 100)
*  Generation 5 (3rd great-grandmothers) - (range 29 to 93)

Surname Saturday Agnes Hammer Family 4th great grandparent

1. Grace Zion

2. Arthur Zion ( 1921 - 2008 )
3. Muriel Day ( 1922 - 1998 )

4. Perry Zion ( 1886 - 1958 )
5. Alta Hall ( 1892 - 1944 )

8. Jonathan Zion ( 1861 - 1927 )
9. Rachel Millsap (1862 - 1945 )

18. Flavious Millsap  ( 1832 - 1910 )
19. Anna Woodmansee ( 1841 - 1904 )

38. James White Woodmansee (1816 – 1898 )
39. Rachel Burrell Hammer  ( 1819-1889)

76. James Woodmansee (1766- 1847)
77. Agnes Hammer ( 1794 or 1786 - 1829 ( birth date on ancestry is 1794 and find a grave as 1786)
need to see if I can read the tombstone better.

John Shepard (1810 – 1886)
Elizabeth (1812 – 1895)
Daniel (1814 – 1892)
James White (1816- 1898)

I have not spent any time with this family as of yet.  I found Elizabeth and Daniel tonight when I went to find a grave to find head stones for James Woodmansee and Agnes Hammer
Both are my 4th great grandparents. I am not sure where James was born as of yet. Ancestry has birth place as New Jersey and find a grave has Pennsylvania.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Found On The Internet Etta Zion Pall Bearer of Malissa McLaughlin Ryan 1885

Found at newpapers for Decatur County, Iowa

Decatur County Journal
April l, l885

DIED--At her home near Tuskeego, March 29th, l885, MRS. ELIJAH [Malissa E. (McLaughlin)] RYAN,
aged l9 years, 2 months and 25 days, oldest daughter of AMOS and MARY
The deceased was born in Decatur County, Iowa, January 2nd, l867.  At
the age of l7, she united with the Baptist Church, of which she was a
devoted member till her death.  On January lst, l885, she married ELIJA
The funeral services were conducted by the REV. AUXIER--the text chosen
was the thirty-fifth verse of the eleventh chapter of St. John.
Her father died in l876, but this is the second death in her mother's
family, consisting of two daughters and three sons.  Those surviving her
are two brothers and one sister, MRS. C. CASH.  The entire community
extends to the bereaved husband, mother, brother and sister their most
heartfelt sympathy, as no death ever occurred in the history of our
vicinity that seemed to effect every one so generally as this one.  In
the life of MRS. RYAN can be seen the true woman as daughter, wife and
sister.  Her very presence was a sure indication of pleasure to every
one, always seeking for the comfort and enjoyment of others and never
losing an opportunity to do a kind act.  Her life has passed away, but
the good deeds that she has done yet live and will continue to live in
the hearts of those that knew her.
The exclamation of all as they gazed on her peaceful countenance was,
how beautiful, and we could not help exclaiming:
          How calm and peaceful is thy brow,
          No sorrow e're can touch thee now;
          Life's thorny path has all been trod,
          And thou hast gained the blest abode.
The remains were interred in the Elk Cemetery to rest peacefully till
          Farewell, thou loved one gone,
           From this cold stormy shore;
          O, may we meet when life is done,
           Where partings are no more.
                                 NAOMI C. CASH; April lst, l885
Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
(this was very hard to read, but hopefully
all the dates and information are correct.)

 Sad note is that Etta Zion who was a pall bearer died herself on December 31st 1890 at the age of 22 years old of tuberculous . She also had married recently before her death.
You can read more about Etta here

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Obituary Etta Zion Piercy Daughter of John and Mary Cassell Zion Wife of Maley Piercy

Decatur County Journal
January l5, l89l
Died, of consumption, at her home near Lamoni, Iowa, after a lingering
illness, December 3l, l890, at 8:l5 p.m., MRS. ETTA GERTRUDE, wife of
MALEY PIERCY, and daughter of JOHN and MARY ZION; aged 23 years, 3
months and l0 days.
She was born near Decatur City, September 2l, l868, and when but a child
removed with her parents to Bloomington Township, where she has ever
since resided.  When l5 years old, she was converted and soon after
united with the Baptist Church, of which she has been a faithful member.
In August, l890, she was united in marriage to MALEY PIERCY of Tuskeego.
Thus a loving companion, dutiful daughter, kind sister, has been taken
from our midst.  She will also be missed from the ranks of teachers, as
she had followed that profession successfully for three years.  Wherever
she went she made friends and left a good impression in the hearts of
all she met.  But nowhere will she be missed as in the home circle, that
has for the first time been broken.  The sympathy of the entire
community is extended to the heart-broken young husband in this his
first deep affliction.
During her late illness he was constantly at her bedside, doing all that
human kindness could do but of no avail; and for the bereaved parents,
what a sad homecoming, after she had been laid to her long and final
rest.  Funeral services were conducted by the REV. DRAKE, of Ringgold
                                 A FRIEND.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

Tombstone Tuesday Etta Anna Gertrude Zion Daughter of John and Mary

Today I am sharing a little bit on my 2nd great aunt Etta Anna Gertrude Zion daughter of

John and Mary Cassell Zion.

Etta story is sad being that she died only  a couple of months after marrying Maley Piercy

on the 20th of August 1890.  This picture has the groom cut away.

Etta was born the 21st of September 1868 in Decatuer County Iowa and passed away on

 December 31st 1890.

She is buried in Lilly Cemetery in Lamoni next to her parents.

 I have put a request for a photo of her tombstone with find a grave.

Cemetery posting says that the inscription is daughter of JH and MM

 Obituary click here ... read more about Etta here.