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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who Were My Great Grand Parents Part 2 Carrie Lockwood Day

This a tin type picture of Carrie Lockwood Day Warner and her sister Mae Lockwood taken about 1875

I want to tell you about my great grandmother Carrie Lockwood Day. Sadly I do not have as much information on her as her husband William Albert. My Uncle Don told me that everyone adored her.

Carrie was born to John Lockwood and Betsy Jane Eddington on October 07 1870 in Blue Earth Minnesota.

Carrie married William Albert Day January 09 1889. Nine months and 22 days later my grandfather was born. Seven more children were born over the next years.

Here she is pictured with her husband William A. Day and my grandfather William H. Day. I love this picture so much. How cute is my grandpa Willie?

If you read her husbands history you see he was an entrepreneur. She was not in the lime light, he was. I would guess she held this family together taking care of the children and the home.

This picture was taken probably in late 1913 or early 1914. Pictured is my grandfather William holding his first child my Aunt Daisy who was born January 26, 1913. My great grandma Carrie is sitting on the left and her mother Betsy (Eddington) Lockwood on the right. This was taken some where in Minnesota. I have this picture in a large size framed in an antique gold frame. It hung in my grandparents home and was passed on to me and now hangs in my home in my bedroom.

This is the family about 1917.

My grandfather is pictured 4 from the left back row.

Above grandma Carrie is pictured with her son Fairfax Day in McGregor July 3, 1942, taken at a lake in McGregor.
She remarried some time after William A Day died to George Warner. She lived in McGregor Minnesota till her death on April 2, 1946.
She is buried at a cemetery outside of Sacred Heart Minnesota next to William A Day.

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