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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who Were My Great Grandparents Part 5

This is the fifth of my great grandparents. My first four great grandparents were from my mother's side of the family. Now I am sharing from my dad's side of the family.

This is Jonathan Adam Zion my dad's grandfather. His son Perry was my father's father.

Jonathan was born September 29, 1861 in Decatur county Iowa to John Henderson and Mary Margaret (Cossill ) Zion. He was called Adam most of the time.

When he was sixteen years old he left home to learn the blacksmith trade. After spending four years as an apprentice he followed his trade for 20 years.

He married Rachel Millsap February 11, 1886 near Lamoni Iowa and soon moved to Kendal Kansas.

Their first child was Perry who was born December 12, 1886. In the winter of 1888 / 89 they moved to Tuskgee Iowa where their second child Norton was born. They moved back Decatur Co where their two daughters Etta and Gertrude were born during that time. They moved to Diagonal Iowa around 1894 where the youngest daughter Bessie was born.In 1900 they moved to Hope Idaho. After this they resided in Minnesota before moving by wagon to Nebraska in 1909. In 1916 they went with many other homesteaders by train to Moffat County Colorado arriving March 22, 1916.

Family memories tell that he like to chew tobacco and raised sheep. One time he turned his back on the big Ram and got butted. He was a large man around the waist. My uncle Joe tells of trying on his pants and he could of gotten them around him twice. Uncle Joe was no small man. Grandma Rachel was probably a great cook.

Adam's health began to deteriorate due to the hard work of being a blacksmith and he retired to the farm.

He developed the family brand in 1907 and this branding iron is still used today by my cousins on their cattle. It is a Z with quarter circle under the Z.

My grandpa Perry is the handsome man on the left

In about 1926 he went to Denver to see the doctors about the cancer he had. He was unable to work after this and spent time with his grandchildren giving them memories that they have passed on to the family.

Adam passed away April 07 1927 and is buried in the Craig Cemetery in Craig Colorado.

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