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Monday, August 10, 2009

Who Were My Great Grand Parents Part 3 Andrew Daly

For part 3 to this series I am reposting my brick wall post. This is Andrew Daly he was my grandmother's father. This is all I know for now.

This is my super brick wall. My grandmother Grace was born in July of 1892 in Minnesota, but her mother never married her father. Great grandmother did marry in December of 1893, to a wonderful man who raised my grandmother as his own.
I was never really told much about my grandmother's birth father while growing up.They did tell me his name. We were led to believe that he was a no good scoundrel who took off for Chicago. I wish my grandmother would have talked about him, but she was of another generation. That is all we got, he was no good and went to Chicago.It was not until my mother and uncle were getting older that they finally pulled out a picture of him some time in 2000. My darling uncle even whispered "Our little mama was illegitimate."At least we have a name and a picture. This is one of my great grandfather's. His name is Andrew. I really doubt he went to Chicago.I tried to get my grandmother's birth certificate but no luck as there is none available to the public. I have searched the census in the area where I think he may have lived and may have found him. I even found a cemetery in the area with a grave with the same name as his.But until I find some one with the same photo on the Internet I will really never know that I have found him. All I have is this photo of a handsome young man. His name is Andrew and he is one of my grandfathers. For what ever reason they never married. He probably was a good man who moved on after he and my great grandma never got together. He probably married , had children and died.I do know he saw my grandma Grace at least once. My great grandma's brother had died in an accident in 1911. Andrew came to the funeral. My great grandma said " Andrew this is our Grace"How I wish my grandma Grace had talked about him and anything else she may have known about him and his family. She never did and this one photo is all I have .

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