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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who Were My Great Grand Parents Part 4 Katherine Gallaher

Today is about my great grandmother Katherine Gallaher. Katherine was born May 10, 1873 to Patrick and Johanna ( Riordan ) Gallaher. She was born in Hamburg, Vernon Wisconsin. In 1893 she was married to Appleton Esler December 12, 1893 at the Methodist parsonage in La Crosse Wisconsin. She spent most of her life in the Mora, Minnesota area. She had a total of three children by birth, Grace, Merle and Jesse Wayne. Appleton had two children with his previous wife. They were Tillie and Russell. Katherine helped to raise them. I know very little of her life which is a real shame. She had my grandmother Grace in 1892 out of wedlock. At that time this was a great shame and I am told her parents turned her picture to the wall. She was raised Catholic and left that faith and became Methodist which also I would think strained the relationship with her parents.

Katherine died March 19, 1940 in Ogilive, Minnesota and is buried at the cemetery in Mora, Minnesota next to Appleton. Appleton died in 1938.
My picture is Katherine and Appleton in Ogilive during the 1930's

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